How to Import VCF to Outlook? Get the Complete Guidance

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 18th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary:- If you find an issue to import VCF to Outlook? Well, you’re not the one. Many professionals face the same problem while sharing and restoring the file, as they need to first import the VCF file. Therefore, if you don’t know the methods, then, in this article, we will talk about both manual and professional suggested methods to quickly navigate from .vcf file format to Outlook. Before heading to the solution, let’s first uncover an interesting query from one of the Outlook users.

vCard (VCF) File and MS Outlook

VCF or vCard file format, short for Virtual Contact File; is one of the most popular and highly utilized solutions to store bulk contacts. Moreover, it is considered the most standardized or professional electronic business card that retains a diverse range of contact information, including name, address, phone number, and other essential details related to any individual. Interestingly, this file format is available on Windows or Mac devices.

Speaking, Microsoft Outlook is yet another robust desktop-based email client that enables users to use top-notch email services, including managing mailboxes, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals.

On the other hand, it is no surprise that both professionals and businesses need to share contacts in bulk. Therefore, users should have a PST file if using the Outlook application. Besides this, we will discuss the methods to import multiple VCFs to Outlook 365.

Manual Method to Import VCF to Outlook

  • To start the procedure, open your Outlook application.
  • Now, select File and then, navigate to Open & Export > Import/Export Wizard.
  • In the next pop-up window, click on import a .vCard File (.vcf) and go to the Next button.
  • With this, browse the location of the vCard file.
  • To complete the process of import VCF with multiple contacts to Outlook 365, press Next.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the aforementioned methods. Now, we will address the limitations of manual solutions quickly. So, let’s begin to know the disadvantages of manual methods.

 Limitations to Save vCard to Outlook Contacts Manually

  • The most prominent drawback of using the manual methods is the repetition in the process while importing multiple vCard files. In other words, the Outlook application offers the import of a single file. Hence, it is difficult for users to use the same method for bulk importing VCF to Outlook.
  • There is no doubt that the free methods are quite tiresome and complex for the users. Further, implementing these steps can take both effort and time. Therefore, using the professionally suggested tricks can resolve the issue and be errorless as well.
  • Often, non-technical users find difficulties while performing the steps of manual methods. In addition, it requires technical knowledge for anyone to use the aforementioned method.
  • Since there is no data integrity or security factor in the manual techniques, therefore, implementing professional solutions to merge multiple VCF files into one is considered a better approach.

Overall, there are multiple limitations to using the manual methods to bulk contacts in Outlook. To mitigate these factors, the users must seek the utmost solution that is errorless or retains fewer complexities.

Step-by-Step Guidance to Import VCF to Outlook

  1. To begin the process, download and run the aforementioned tool on your computer.
  2. In the first pop-up window, insert the VCF file using Select Files or Select Folders >> Next.
    insert the VCF file import vcf to outlook pst
  3. For now, click on Select Folder and then press Next.
  4. After implementing the above steps, select or deselect the required folders in the VCF file and move the cursor to Next.
    select or deselect checkboxes of VCF file
  5. In the next interface, choose the destination path, i.e. PST file format, and click on Convert.
    choose the destination import vcf to outlook pst
  6. With this, the software will automatically start the process of converting the file so that you can easily import VCF to Outlook. Hence, by completing the procedure, you will find the resultant PST file in the chosen destination.
    easily covert vcf to pst file

(Note: To open the .pst file in the Microsoft Outlook application, use the Import/Export Wizard to import the PST file quickly. Therefore, without any complexities, you will easily access the .pst file in your Outlook.)

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have mentioned the significance of using the VCF file. Further, there are various instances when users need to import VCF to Outlook. For the same, it is necessary to convert the vCard file to PST file format. Since the manual approach triggers errors. Therefore, using the automated one can help to mitigate the risk or even convert the file effortlessly.