How to Import PST to Webmail Accounts Using IMAP Login Details?

Mark Regan | July 12th, 2021 | Import Emails

How to Import PST to Webmail Accounts

In today’s technical era, a lot of computer users are looking for a solution to import PST to Webmail. Because nowadays, cloud-based online webmail services became most suitable for the work environment. Therefore, users are preferring to use multiple webmail services according to their choice and convenience. We will later discuss more about webmail service benefits, first know about user’s queries.

Why do users want to import PST file to Webmail?

For your better understanding, we are mentioning some real-time user queries that we have received from the BitRecover support team.

Hi BitRecover, I am here because I am facing a crucial issue about email management. Actually, I am an IT professional since 2005 and during this time period. I have used Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 desktop-based editions for my personal and professional needs. I have backup Outlook emails in its default PST file extension. Now I have multiple PST files on my pc but I want to import them on webmail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo,, Microsoft 365, etc. Do you have a professional solution for solving how to import PST file to Webmail related queries?

– Gabriel, Luxembourg

I am an IT entrepreneur and here all employees are using Microsoft Outlook email client for sending and receiving email messages. But because of Covid 19 pandemic, my senior employees suggested using any webmail services instead of Outlook. Because they can easily access their webmail account from anywhere anytime as nowadays many employees are doing work from home. Finally, I have decided to import Outlook PST files to Webmail accounts such as Gmail (for junior employees) or Google Workspace (for senior employees). Please suggest an all-in-one technique to import PST file into Webmail accounts.

– David Tom, Singapore

Why you can prefer to use Webmail?

However, both desktop clients and webmail services come with some advantages as well as disadvantages. But still, here, we are describing some benefits of webmail services. It means is not that desktop Outlook is not useful.

  1. Users can access webmail services from anywhere using any computer. As these services ask only for account credentials to login after that users can proudly use them.
  2. Webmail services store its raw data on the cloud with high-level security, therefore, users can save their HDD space, and because the low amount of data, your pc will work faster.
  3. Most of the cloud-based webmail services allow to backup emails in standard file extensions free of cost so that users can store the archived data on the external hard disk as a backup.
  4. Webmail services are fully safe to use without risk of virus / malware and ransomware attacks as your data is protected with multi-layer securities.
  5. All webmail services support IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) so that users can easily configure them on desktop-based email clients for downloading, sending, and receiving emails.

Expert suggestion to import PST file to Webmail

Download PST to IMAP Migration Tool which is the most reliable and all-in-one toolkit to import PST to Webmail. The tool is compatible with all webmail services such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, OWA, Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and all.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

This application offers IMAP as a saving option and IMAP is also supported by most webmail services. Therefore, you can happily enter IMAP credentials of your any webmail service for completing the process to import PST file to Webmail.

How to import PST file into Webmail (All Webmail Accounts)

  1. Launch the suggested toolkit on your pc and read some instructions about the process.
    read some instructions
  2. The tool is capable to upload PST files from configured Outlook. It also offers dual options for inserting PST files manually i.e. Select Files or Select Folders.
    upload PST files
  3. Select all or specific PST folders and hit on the Next button to continue.
    specific PST folders
  4. Enter IMAP login details of your webmail as shown in the screenshot and press the Convert button. The tool supports all webmail services so don’t worry if you are using a different one.
    how to import pst file to webmail
  5. PST file to Webmail importing process is running, kindly wait for a while.
    how to import pst file into webmail
  6. The task has been completed successfully, see the message of completion and hit on the Ok button.
    completed successfully
  7. The tool also creates a log report file that has complete information about converted data.
    log report file
  8. At last, login to your webmail account for previewing the imported data.
    login to your webmail

Premium features of the software

  • The tool is compatible with PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, and 97 editions. It supports both ANSI & Unicode PST files.
  • This application maintains the original folders hierarchy as well as email properties, components, attachments, hyperlinks, date, time, year, subject, signature, inline images, and all data.
  • It is authorized to convert PST emails, contacts, and calendars into Webmail accounts automatically. It asks only IMAP credentials of your webmail service for finishing the task.
  • Users can check the Use Recovery Mode option to import corrupt *.pst files into all webmail accounts with 100% healthy and accurate results.
  • After uploading Microsoft Outlook PST files in the software interface, users can easily check or uncheck only required folders to migrate them on webmail accounts.
  • The tool also provides a separate option to import PST data into default webmail folders by checking the Copy to default folders option from software GUI.
  • This software generates log report like SavingLog.txt file which has complete information about converted data.

Just test it free of cost

The tool comes with a free trial version which is capable to import maximum of 25 emails from each PST folder to a Webmail account. Using demo edition, users can test the software working process and it is also helpful to make the decision about it is useful or not for them. After getting overall satisfaction, users can upgrade it to a professional edition and avoid all limitations.