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  • Dual selection options for choosing Outlook data to import PST file to IMAP Account.
  • Recovery Mode option to convert corrupted PST files and upload PST to IMAP Server.
  • PST to IMAP Converter provides Preview option to analyse the data before uploading.
  • PST to IMAP Import tool can convert PST to IMAP Server directly with complete details.
  • This software gives Use Advance Mode option to convert Outlook .pst to IMAP Account.
  • Enables to Change data in 8 languages: Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, etc.
  • Copy to default folders option allows to move POP PST to IMAP account precisely.
  • It shows a Live conversion progressive report while importing PST to IMAP Server.
  • This utility gives facility to Batch migrate PST to IMAP Server for an instant conversion.
  • Allows the users to import contacts from PST to IMAP account with all contact details.
  • No Outlook installation is required by this tool to migrate Outlook PST to IMAP Server.
  • Supports PST files of All Outlook versions : 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and prior versions.
  • Maintains the internal folder hierarchy during the process to import POP3 PST to IMAP.
  • PST to IMAP Migration tool can be installed on all Windows Operating System versions.
  • It does not saves IMAP credentials throughout the import PST to IMAP server process.

Why PST to IMAP Migration Tool ?

All-in-one BitRecover PST to IMAP Converter is a perfect utility to upload PST to IMAP Server. This PST to IMAP import tool has the ability to convert PST to IMAP directly via asking IMAP account credentials. This conversion utility is well proficient to import large sized PST files to IMAP account. It has been programmed in such a manner that any professional or non technical user can import Outlook PST to IMAP account. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) provides facility to retrieve mailboxes from cloud based server to your local computer. In the present scenario, mostly email services gives IMAP server facility to its users. Hence, with PST to IMAP Migration tool, one can migrate Outlook PST to IMAP effortlessly.



PST to IMAP Import tool provides facility to the users to upload PST to IMAP Server directly without any hassle. IMAP which is one of the most popular email protocol for accessing email messages stored on the mail server. One can easily import PST to IMAP account with this from the PST files of any Outlook versions. It supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and prior version.

Recover PST


This PST to IMAP Converter tool is highly efficient tool that can import POP3 PST to IMAP Server. With this wizard, one can easily set IMAP configuration of your source email client system. This software provides a Recover Mode option using which one can convert corrupted Outlook .pst files to IMAP Account. The tool will automatically scan the encrypted PST data and convert it into healthy formats.



One of the most useful part of using this software is that one can preview entire data before starting the conversion. Before the user import PST to IMAP account, it is possible to analyse the PST emails and its attachments for an effective conversion with this wizard. You can enable those check boxes whose data you want to copy PST to IMAP Server along with its all respective attachments.



BitRecover PST to IMAP migration is one of the high performance oriented migration. The user just need to fill the IMAP credentials such as Email Address, Password, IMAP Host, IMAP Port No. You can convert PST to IMAP on all latest and earlier Windows based platforms such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and below versions too.

Import Contacts From PST To IMAP

Contacts or Address Book is a database used to store multiple types of entries.There are multiple organizations whose business is running on emails and contact fields such as first name, last name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number, mobile phone number, contact photo and many more. If so, then this PST to IMAP Migration tool can be a fruitful choice. This multi faceted utility gives benefits to its users by allowing to import contacts from Outlook PST to IMAP Server. In this way, one can manage all the address book details and convert all those contacts from PST files to IMAP account.


Contact Photo


Telephone Number



Preserves Address Book details -

  • BitRecover PST to IMAP Migration ensures to keep intact all the crucial information of users who intend to import contacts from PST to IMAP Server.

    Preserves details

    Maintains All Contacts Data

Batch Migrate PST To IMAP Account

BitRecover PST to IMAP Migration is capable to import PST to IMAP Server with all respective attachments associated with it. This software provides facility to import data into the software in bulk so as to save valuable time and efforts of users. It allows to batch export PST to IMAP account for an instant file conversion. This can be done in two ways. The user can choose either from Select Files and Select Folder option to import PST file into IMAP Account without any file restrictions. With this wizard, one can move POP PST to IMAP server all at once without losing any information.

Batch Migrate PST to IMAP

Convert Unlimited PST files to IMAP Server

Selectively Convert PST to IMAP -

For avoiding unnecessary file selection, the user can pick this option. It will permit to selectively choose files from the database to convert PSOP PST to IMAP. This facilitates to the user for not choosing files one by one. The tool delivers a straightforward approach for PST to IMAP conversion process and is easily accessible by any technical or novice person.

Users expectation

Simple and Easy to Use GUI ( Graphical User Interface).

Import PST to IMAP Account using Batch Conversion Mode.

30-days money-back guarantee according to the policy.

Selective data conversion of Outlook Messages to IMAP.

Swiftly Migrate PST to IMAP with 100% accurate results.

Creates a log report of entire PST to IMAP converted data.

Generates a Preview of live conversion progressive report.

What PST to IMAP Migration Tool Holds

Dual options to choose multiple PST files for conversion.

Selectively Export PST to IMAP account in a single go.

Supports PST files of all Latest and earlier Outlook versions.

Freedom to browse destination path for final converted data.

Bulk convert PST to IMAP Server for instant file conversion.

Preview option to analyse PST data for an effective conversion.

Compatible with all latest and earlier versions of Windows.

Key Features of PST File to IMAP Migration Wizard
Know the software functionality to convert PST to IMAP Server.


Import PST To IMAP Server For Outlook 2019

BitRecover PST to IMAP Migration tool allows to convert PST to IMAP Account for almost all MS Outlook versions. This utility is compatible for all the latest and earlier versions of Outlook for conversion. It supports Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, etc to import PST to IMAP Server. There are no file size restrictions that this tool imposes to convert Outlook .pst to IMAP Server.

convert PST to IMAP in batch

Batch Upload PST to IMAP Server

PST to IMAP import tool has been designed keeping in mind all user's expectations. This multi purpose utility provides facility to the users to upload PST files to IMAP account in batch mode. With the Select Files option, the tool will convert single or multiple PST files to IMAP account. Another Select Folder enables to convert a complete folder comprising of multiple PST emails to be converted into IMAP account.

Export PST to IMAP with Attachments

Convert PST to IMAP Account With Attachments

BitRecover PST to IMAP Converter is proficient enough to migrate PST to IMAP with respective attachments. While converting emails from PST to IMAP account, this wizard will only ask IMAP Credentials such as Email ID, password, IMAP Port No., IMAP Host, etc. All you have to do is to enter your server details in the tool and it will automatically import PST to IMAP server with attachments without losing single bit of data.

Note : Download IMAP Attachment Extractor and save all attachments on local pc.

Selective PST to IMAP

Selectively Migrate PST to IMAP Account

In order to convert multiple folders having PST files in a single processing, this option is the choice you have to make. This data conversion utility has the capability to convert multiple PST files to IMAP Server efficiently. If your files are present in sub folders, even then the tool will migrate Outlook PST to IMAP as you can selectively choose files as per need. The conversion takes time as per the size of files.

Desired destination storage

Freedom To Choose Destination Location

PST to IMAP import process is a simple to do task with this wizard. The user need to select IMAP as destination saving location and thereafter, you need to enter the IMAP credentials. In this way, you can export mailboxes from PST to IMAP without facing any error. After conversion, the user can select a desired destination path for saving the resultant data. Be default, it saves the final converted data at the desktop location however, you can browse the path accordingly.

Preserves Email Attributes

Retains Email Attributes of PST Emails

This trusted solution of BitRecover PST to IMAP will convert your PST emails without compromising with data security. It will upload PST to IMAP Server with all email attributes preserved. The software maintains the email properties such as Subject, CC, BCC, To, From, Name, Date, time, Hyperlinks, Embedded attachments, etc during the conversion. Throughout the user convert PST to IMAP, the software will retain the integrity of data.

User Friendly

User-Friendly GUI to Export PST to IMAP

PST to IMAP Migration tool has a quite simple and easy to understand interface. It has been designed in such a manner that the user never face hassle to understand the functions and operations of software. The instructions provided in the tool are easy to understood and the user can use it effortlessly. Import PST file into IMAP account without seeking any technical guidance.

Windows Compatible

24*7 Technical Support Available

If you are facing any trouble or issue while migrating emails from PST folders to IMAP server, BitRecover PST to IMAP Migration wizard is available for you 24*7. Our technical support team offers assistance to customers regarding any sort of query. You can contact us any time for resolving queries like software installation, technical complications, and many more.

PST to IMAP Converter Free Download
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

BitRecover Software Box
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Trial Limitations

Trial edition of PST to IMAP conversion software's functionality is same as its full version but free PST to IMAP Migration tool permits to convert maximum 25 *.pst to IMAP account from each folder. With this helpful feature, one can evaluate the product features as well as working procedure and can easily import PST files into IMAP Server.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
20.1 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of PST to IMAP Import Tool App for PC - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Preview PST Files
Selective Conversion Option
Choose Destination Path
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Convert Batch PST Files First 25 PST Files. All Items
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $49

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to convert Outlook .pst to IMAP in batch?

Follow these simple steps to convert PST to IMAP:

  1. Launch BitRecover PST to IMAP Converter on Windows OS.
  2. Browse or search desired PST files from the database.
  3. Choose IMAP option to import multiple PST files to IMAP account.
  4. Enter a required destination path to save the resultant data.
  5. Hit on the Convert tab to start PST to IMAP conversion.

Download PST to IMAP Migration Tool and follow the above defined steps in a proper manner. With this, you can efficiently import PST file into IMAP account.

Yes, this utility has been programmed to work for all folders as well as its sub folders. You can just check or uncheck the folders that you want to import into IMAP. Thereafter, select IMAP option and you will be able to move all desired folders as well as sub folders from PST to IMAP account.

Yes, BitRecover PST to IMAP Migration tool is a one piece of software that can excellently move all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, other data from PSt folders to IMAP server.

Yes, Of course, you can view PST files before importing PST file into IMAP account.

Yes, all sort of data like contacts, calendars, emails can be moved from PST to IMAP account.

No, the software does not impose file restrictions to upload PST to IMAP Server.

Outlook represent .pst file extension. It is an open proprietary data file format commonly used for saving local copies of emails, calendar events, address books, etc.

Yes, indeed this tool runs perfectly on all versions of Windows OS. The user can upload PST to IMAP Server on all latest and prior versions of Windows platforms.

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is known to be an Internet Standard Communication Protocol which is utilized by email clients for fetching emails and messages from a mail server over a TCP/IP connectivity. IMAP Server basically listens on port number 143. Almost all email clients and servers supports IMAP along with the previous POP3 (Post Office Protocol)for retrieving emails. Various webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo supports both IMAP and POP3.

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