Guideline to Import OST to Apple Mail with Complete Details

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Table of Content

  • What is an OST file?
  • What is Apple Mail?
  • Reasons to import OST file into Mac Mail (Apple Mail).
  • Solution to convert OST to Apple Mail format.
  • How to import converted file to Apple Mail?
  • Features of OST to Apple Mail Wizard.
  • FAQ’s about OST to Apple Mail software.

What is An OST File?

An OST file is associated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server, OST file is known as Offline Storage Table, which enables users to work with MS Outlook in offline mode when internet connectivity is not available, OST file is automatically synchronized with Exchange server when internet connectivity is available. An OST file can store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. in its database. Microsoft provides high-level security to OST files and an OST file cannot be imported to any email client or email service.

What is Apple Mail?

Apple Mail (Mac Mail) is a default email client, which comes with Mac OS based computers. Users can configure their email id like Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, etc. using POP3 or IMAP with Apple Mail to send and receive email messages

Reasons to Import OST File into Mac Mail (Apple Mail)

There are a lot of possible reasons available to import OST to Mac Mail according to user’s situation but the basic reason to import OST to Apple Mail is that users want to transfer their previous email messages which are saved in OST format to Apple Mail. After import OST file into Apple Mail, users can read OST emails in Apple Mail.

Suppose a user is using MS Outlook with Exchange server connectivity on Windows computer but now he wants to switch the email client without loss of previous data from Outlook to Apple Mail (Mac Mail), then he will search a solution to import OST file into Mac Mail.

Suppose an organization uses Windows computers with MS Outlook or Exchange Server but suddenly the management decided to switch the Windows computer to Mac computers and the management also wants to use Apple Mail email client on Mac machines. In this situation, the management requires a solution to import Outlook OST to Apple Mail.

Solution to Convert OST to Apple Mail Format

Follow given steps to import OST files into Apple Mail (Mac Mail) freeware email client.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  1. Start OST to Apple Mail Converter and insert Offline Storage Table files in software UI by clicking on Select Files or Select Folders button.
  2. Check OST folders from software interface and click on the Next button to continue.
  3. Select MBOX mailbox from multiple saving formats as it is compatible with Mac Mail email client.
  4. Pick destination path according to your choice and press Convert button to start OST file to MBOX conversion.
  5. After completion copy resultant MBOX file from Windows PC to Mac PC using pen drive or external hard drive.
  6. At last run Apple Mail (Mac Mail) email application and import converted MBOX file.Convert OST to Mac Mail format

How to Import Converted File to Apple Mail?

After convert OST file to Apple Mail format, copy the converted file from Windows computer to Mac OS based computer via using the pen drive or external hard disk and follow given steps.

  1. Run Apple Mail email client and choose Import Mailboxes… option as shown in the screenshot.Import Mailboxes
  2. Showing multiple options to import data from like Microsoft Entourage, Outlook Express, Claris Emailer, Netscape, Eudora, Mail for Mac OS X, Other, etc. from here select Other and continue.Select Other
  3. This screenshot is showing an option to import data from Files in MBOX format so just select the right option and click on Continue button to go to the next step.Continue
  4. Now select the converted MBOX files, click on Continue and complete the process. After completing the import process, users can access imported MBOX email in Apple Mail.Select files

Features of OST to Apple Mail Wizard

  • Convert MS Outlook or Exchange OST files to Apple Mail format
  • Migrate OST into Mac Mail format including attachments
  • The tool preserves all email items and components while migration
  • It allows to convert large-sized OST files to Apple Mail format
  • Offers facility to save converted files at the desired storage location
  • Freedom to convert selective folder from OST to Mac Mail
  • The tool allows to convert encrypted OST files to Apple Mail format

FAQ’s about OST to Apple Mail software

Que 1 – Can I download and install this software on my Mac machine?

Ans – No, the tool is compatible with only Windows OS based computer so it cannot be installed on Mac machine.

Que 2 – Does it maintain email attachments while import OST to Apple Mail?

Ans – Yes, this software maintains all email attachments as well as email components, attributes, signature, subject, etc. while converting OST file to Apple Mail.

Que 3 – Can I test OST to Apple Mail software before purchasing the license keys?

Ans – Yes, the tool comes with free demo edition, which allows to convert few emails from OST file to Apple Mail format so that you can test and evaluate it before purchasing the license keys.

Final Words

A lot of users want to know the right solution for solving how to import OST to Apple Mail or how to import OST to Mac Mail related queries. After reading the above procedure, they can easily transfer their mailboxes from Outlook or Exchange OST file to Apple Mail including attachment, subject, signature, send and receive information.