How to Export G Suite / Gmail to Maildir Format?

Mark Regan | September 22nd, 2021 | Convert Your Data


Are you currently using Google Mail services like Gmail, G Suite (Google Apps), and looking for a solution to export email messages from Gmail to Maildir format. Well, this will enable you to upload them on various types of email servers that support Maildir format successfully. Converting Google mail to Gmail can be done with these steps…

  • Export emails from Gmail or G Suite accounts
  • Convert exported Gmail to Maildir format
  • Import Maildir files to various email servers

How to Export Emails from Gmail or G Suite Accounts?

Use Google Takeout which is also known as Google Takeaway, it is the project of Google Data Liberation Front that allows to backup Gmail data to a downloadable Zip file. After downloading the Zip file to your computer, extract it after that you will see Inbox.mbox file, it is the actual Gmail exported data file in MBOX format.

Convert Gmail to Maildir

How to Convert Gmail to Maildir Format?

Use MBOX to Maildir Converter which permits to convert Gmail exported MBOX file to Maildir format.

Just download this software to convert Gmail data to Maildir, G Suite to Maildir (Google Apps to Maildir) format in the easiest way. The Gmail to Maildir converter tool is available at a pocket-friendly price with lifetime validity.

One of the most important features of this software is that it supports bulk conversion of Gmail emails to Maildir format.

Download for Windows

  • After running the software, choose the Gmail exported MBOX files ( either files/ folders).
    choose the Gmail exported MBOX
  • Select required files from the software panel.
    required files
  • Then, Select Maildir as saving option from the tool.
    Select Maildir
  • Enter a destination path and a file naming option.
    file naming option
  • Press on the Convert tab to start Gmail to Maildir conversion.
    Gmail to Maildir conversion

Export Gmail Emails to Maildir – Features

Dual File Selection Options- Gmail to Maildir converter comes with dual options to choose Google Mail exported files i.e. Add Files or Add Folders.

Export any Number of Files- The tool is capable to convert Gmail to Maildir or G Suite to Maildir (Google Apps to Maildir) format without any limitations.

Preserves Data Integrity- G Suite to Maildir converter preserves all email items, attachments during exporting Google Apps to Maildir format.

Free Demo Edition- This application comes with a free demo edition which is beneficial for users to evaluate the tool before investing money.

Windows OS Support- The tool supports all latest and previous Windows OS including Windows Server editions- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


Import Maildir Files to Various Email Servers

Most of the technical users already know that Maildir is a directory structure for incoming email messages. In Maildir format, the main directory file contains three subdirectories like cur, new and temp. In Maildir format, each message saves in a separate file with a unique name.

A lot of email servers and email clients support Maildir files directly for example Dovecot, Courier Mail Server, Qmail, Postfix, Procmail, Maildrop, Getmail, Evolution, GNU Mail, KMail, Mutt, etc.


There are two simple steps to convert Gmail messages to Maildir format like first export Gmail message using Google Takeout. After that convert exported file to Maildir format. So, now one can easily export Gmail to Maildir or G Suite to Maildir (Google Apps to Maildir) formats. The output will include all components including attachments, to, cc, bcc, date, signature, subject, internet header, text formatting, etc.