Learn 2 Methods to Convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 13th, 2023 • 8 Min Read

Although Windows Live Mail is a discontinued email client still some users want to convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Sometimes this task becomes unavoidable due to the urgent work requirements. Then users start searching for a solution to import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail using different search engine programs.

If you are looking for a solution to resolve the same query, then continue to learn this blog post till the end. This blog post describes 2 expert suggested techniques to migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail i.e. Manual and Professional.

Outlook is a personal information manager program to manage emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, to-do lists, journals, and other information with associated items. You can configure any web-based email account in Outlook using POP and IMAP settings. MS Outlook allows to export its whole data including all items in PST (Personal Storage Table) format.

Windows Live Mail is a desktop-based discontinued email client. WLM (Windows Live Mail) is known as a successor of the Windows Mail program. Windows Live Mail email client was compatible with Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 10 OS. WLM stores its email in EML file which is a standard file extension.

Why Choose to Import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail?

There is no doubt from a technical point of view Microsoft Outlook is a much better email client compared to Windows Live Mail. But still, in some cases, home users and working professionals prefer to use WLM. Here, we are discussing some possible reasons due to them users may prefer to choose Windows Live Mail instead of Outlook.

  • Microsoft Windows OS users opt for Windows Live Mail client 100% free of cost while Outlook is a part of the MS Office suite program. We all know that MS Office Suite is paid software.
  • Mainly if employees switch their jobs from an organization where MS Outlook is used to manage email accounts. Then employees may wish to read Outlook emails in WLM on a personal computer.
  • However, MS Outlook is one of the best email clients available in the online marketplace, but some non-technical users don’t know how to use its technical features. Therefore, they select WLM because it offers only the main necessary features.
  • Sometimes users receive PST files from different sources, but they have not Outlook installed on PC. In these types of cases, users want to convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail.
  • Several computer science students and professors want to import PST to Windows Live Mail to get practical knowledge. Recently one of our respective clients was asked to get detailed knowledge about its multiple techniques.

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How to Export Outlook to Windows Live Mail Manually?

There is no direct manual method available to import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail. However, you can complete this task by following the 3 different stages mentioned below. You can follow the step-by-step process to complete this task.

Stage-1: Download Thunderbird Client and Import PST

  1. Start Thunderbird freeware desktop client and select Tools.
  2. After that, choose the Import option from the dropdown choices.
    Tool Import option
  3. Enable the Import from Outlook option and click Continue.
    Import from Outlook
  4. Select the required items to import in Thunderbird.
    Select required items
  5. Press the Start Import button to begin the import process.
    Import PST to Windows Live Mail
  6. After importing PST file to Thunderbird, click Finish.
    Click Finish
  7. Restart your Thunderbird and view imported emails and data.

Stage-2: Extract EML Files from Thunderbird Client

  1. Run Thunderbird client and select an email folder.
  2. Press CTRL+A to select all emails within a folder.
    Select all emails
  3. Right-click and choose the Save As option to continue.
    Save As
  4. Click the Save button to export Thunderbird emails to EML.
  5. Go to the destination path and get EML files.
    Select resultant folder

Stage-3: Import EML Files to Windows Live Mail

  1. Start Window Live Mail and select the Import messages option.
    Import messages
  2. Select the program as Windows Live Mail and press the Next button.
    Select Windows Live Mail
  3. Hit on the Browse button and choose a folder that has EML files.
    Browse button
  4. After choosing the output data folder, press the Next button to continue.
    Select Output data
  5. Now emails are importing in WLM, please wait for a few seconds.
    Import complete

Unveiling the Downsides of the Manual Approach

Everyone can easily convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail by completing the above-mentioned 3 stages. However, due to 3 different phases, it seems a lengthy as well as time-consuming process.

This technique requires average technical knowledge for completion. Hence, non-technical users may face the problem while completing the task. It requires knowledge of Thunderbird installation, Thunderbird Import and Export process, and Import Messages in WLM.

You will need to repeat the same steps multiple times as Thunderbird allows you to extract emails from a single folder at once. Even MS Outlook and Thunderbird email client installation is mandatory to import PST to Windows Live Mail.

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Pro Software to Convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail

You should use the best Outlook PST Converter to export Outlook to Windows Live Mail. This PST to Windows Live Mail Converter comes with a free trial version. That permits to conversion of a maximum of 25 emails, contacts, and calendars from each PST folder to selected native file extensions. End your search if you are looking for reliable Software.

A globally accepted solution is to import PST to Windows Live Mail. Effortlessly migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail assuring no alteration in the originality of data. The tool also maintains all email properties and components during the completion of the task.

How to Import Outlook PST File in Windows Live Mail?

  1. Download, install, and launch PST to Windows Live Mail Converter on your PC.
    Start PST to Windows Live Mail Converter
  2. Add Outlook data in the software panel using two different options.
    Add Outlook data
  3. Select exclusive or all folders and hit on the Next button to continue.
    Mark required folders
  4. Choose Windows Live Mail as a saving option from the drop-down list.
    Choose Windows Live Mail
  5. Select the file naming option to arrange resultant WLM emails in different styles.
    File naming options
  6. The tool automatically chooses the desktop as a destination path.
    Destination path
  7. Hit on the Next button to begin the process of importing PST to Windows Mail.
    Convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail
  8. Outlook to Windows Live Mail conversion completed successfully, press OK.
    Migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail
  9. The tool automatically opens the destination folder. Now get the resultant WLM data.
    Output data
  10. Last, start Windows Live Mail and choose Import Messages for adding output data.
    Import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail

PST to Windows Live Mail Converter Benefits

  • Outlook PST to WLM Converter supports both ANSI & Unicode PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and old versions.
  • After uploading profile folders, users can check or uncheck exclusive as well as all folders from the software interface for conversion.
  • PST to Windows Live Mail Converter allows to import of emails, contacts, and calendars from Outlook to Windows Live Mail.
  • It holds complete embedded items during the conversion process such as attachments, date, time, year, subject, signature, sender, and receiver information.
  • Multiple file naming options are available to manage output data in different styles. You can use them according to your convenience.
  • Users can store the converted output data at any specific destination folder. Users can even connect external storage devices to store output data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Where are WLM files located?

If you have installed Windows Live Mail in Vista or Windows 7 then probably it stored at a given location:

C:\Users\logon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

And if you installed Windows Live Mail in XP, the path would be mentioned below:

C:\Documents and Settings\logon\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail.

Q 2: How to import Outlook contacts to Windows Live Mail contacts?

  1. Use suggested software to convert PST contacts to CSV.
  2. Start Windows Live Mail and choose the Contacts option.
  3. Thereafter, choose Import >> Comma Separated Values (CSV).
  4. Click on the Browse button, choose CSV file, and click Next.
  5. Now map the fields you wish to import and press the Finish button.
  6. Importing contacts in Windows Live Mail, please wait.

Q 3: How to find Windows Live Mail data file location?

  1. Start Windows Live Mail client.
  2. Choose File >> Options >> Mail option.
  3. Thereafter, select Advanced >> Maintenance.
  4. Choose the Store Folder option from the Maintenance tab.
  5. Now you can locate Windows Live Mail storage folder.


Last, we are assuming that now anyone can easily convert Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Above we have explained 2 reliable ways to import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail client. You can use any preferable technique according to your choice. Both methods work successfully as we have recently tested them under BitRecover Lab. If you have any questions about the task then please contact our technical support team, and they will assist you.

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