How to Import PST to Windows 10 Mail App or 11 Mail App?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 14th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

Today we are here to disclose 2 credible approaches to import PST to Windows 10 Mail App or Windows 11 Mail App. This application comes with Windows computers free of cost. Hence, a lot of users wish to use this Windows Mail App for sending and receiving email messages.

While researching, we found that we can easily configure our various email accounts in Windows 10 or 11 Mail app. So, we decided to import Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail App. However, my friend noticed that Windows 10 Mail application does not allow to import PST to Windows 10 Mail Application directly.

User Query Received via Technical Support: Hi, I have installed Windows 10 on my new Dell laptop. While exploring Windows 10, I found Windows 10 Mail App as a free default email application, which comes bundled with Windows 10 itself. And I also found new to be explored. Then, I and my friend started working on it. Now I want to migrate Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail App. Hence, please suggest a reliable method according to my requirements.

Why Do Users Import PST to Windows 11 Mail App?

  • Windows Mail App is available free of charge with the latest Microsoft Windows OS computers.
  • Windows 11 Mail App is a trustworthy email application with a clean GUI developed by Microsoft Corporation.
  • Mail App is suitable for managing emails, contacts, calendars, and to-do lists like comprehensive email applications.
  • Windows 11 Mail App provides efficient search and organization features that allow users to quickly locate and categorize their emails.
  • Nowadays Windows 11 Mail App users can view their data under new Outlook by enabling Try the new Outlook option.

How to Import Outlook PST File into Windows 10 Mail Manually?

  1. Create an email account that is free.
  2. Configure account in desktop Outlook using IMAP.
  3. Import specific PST files in Outlook using the Import/Export option.
  4. Export PST emails in MSG format from Outlook desktop.
  5. Right-click on the configured account and choose New Folder.
  6. Enter a name for the New Folder as PST File Data under the configured account.
  7. Drag and drop MSG files under the newly created PST File Data folder.
  8. Now restart your desktop Outlook and wait for data syncing.
  9. Login to and view imported emails in the PST File Data folder.
  10. Last, add your account to the Mail App and sync it to view emails.

What Are the Challenges with the Manual Method?

This mentioned manual method requires multiple applications to perform the task i.e., and Desktop Outlook. Only technical users can import PST to Windows 10 Mail App because this method requires proper knowledge of Account Creation, IMAP, Import/Export Wizard, Account Configuration, Drag and Drop Method, Synchronization, Create, and Delete Folder.

This is a lengthy and time-consuming technique that requires multiple phases to import Outlook PST to Windows 11 Mail. Even this method is only suitable for migrating Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail App one by one. Sometimes you may lose your crucial data or receive a critical error while completing this process.

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Pro Software to Migrate Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail

We explored the Internet and divided our research into two panels. After suffering a lot, we got BitRecover PST Converter Wizard, which gives a direct option to import PST to Windows 10 Mail. After knowing completely about software, the best thing, I found about this software is that it provides a free trial version to test the application before spending on it.

How to Import PST File in Windows 11 Mail or 10 Mail App?

  1. Launch and run PST to Windows 10 Mail Import Tool on your machine.
    Start PST to Windows 10 Mail Import Tool
  2. Add Outlook PST file in the software window using two modes.
    Add Outlook PST files
  3. Select the folders that you need to convert from PST to Windows 10 Mail, and click Next.
    Select required folders
  4. Choose from the given file-saving options.
    Saving option
  5. Enter the credentials of your account and click the Convert button to begin the process.
    Import PST to Windows 10 Mail App
  6. A message indicating the completion of the process is displayed on the screen.
  7. Now you can see imported data in the account.
    See imported data

Half of my work is done. Now, I needed to add data to the Windows 10 Mail App. For this, I simply opened the Windows 10 default email application on my machine. Follow the given steps to configure your account on your Windows 10 Mail App.

  1. After opening Windows 10 Mail on your machine, you will get an option to add an account. Choose the option.
    Add Account
  2. Enter the credentials of your account.
    Import Outlook PST File into Windows 10 Mail
  3. All the data will be displayed on Windows 10 Mail App.
    Migrate Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail

In this way, anyone can easily migrate Outlook PST to Windows 10 Mail. Before coming to the end, let us read about the software that we have used to import PST to Windows 10 Mail App.

PST to Windows 10 Mail Import Tool Features

This software is created in such a way that it takes only a few minutes to migrate all data from desktops to cloud-based applications. The application provides various useful features that make it easy to perform data migration. It also supports both ANSI and Unicode PST. The application is simple and easy to use without any limitations. The software supports all versions of Outlook and Windows.

  • This software is authorized to convert PST to Windows 10 Mail including all email items like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Date, Time, Year, Inline Images, HTML Links, Heading, Text Formatting, and all.
  • The operational end of the PST to Windows 10 Mail Importer is served in an extremely easy manner so that users can switch data without any complications. It is capable to import PST to Windows Mail App including emails, contacts, and calendars.
  • Once you are familiar with its working style, you will know that the software offers the required set of functionalities in a highly advanced and yet easy-to-operate manner. It provides various advanced filters to migrate selective data from PST to Windows 10 Mail App.

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Wrap Up

Finally! We must say that we should keep on exploring and give a try to various email applications as we did to import PST to Windows 10 Mail. If you get stuck at any point then, [email protected] for more information about data migration.

Above we have discussed 2 best practices to import PST to Windows 11 Mail App using Manual and Professional ways. You can feel free to opt for any technique but don’t forget the manual method limitations.

Have Question? Get Answer Now!

Q 1: Is Windows Mail App going away?

Yes, Microsoft recently announced that Mail and Calendar Apps will no longer be available at the end of 2024.

Q 2: How can I edit configured account settings in Windows 11 Mail App?

  1. Start the Windows 11 Mail App on your machine.
  2. Click on the Gear icon and choose the Manage Accounts option.
  3. Choose any configured account to edit settings.

Q 3: How view Mail App emails in new Outlook?

Enable Try the new Outlook option which is available in the top right corner of Windows 11 or 10 Mail App.

Q 4: Can I install PST to Windows 10 Mail Import Tool on a Windows 11 OS machine?

Yes, this utility is suitable for the latest Windows as well as Mac OS platforms so don’t worry.

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