Discover How to Convert PST to OLM Using 2 Best Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: January 19th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Brief Summary: Are you also looking for an authentic solution to convert PST to OLM file to use OLM files in Mac Outlook client? If your reaction is Yes stay here to read this complete blog post. This write-up describes 2 reliable methods to convert PST file to OLM format.

Most professional users recognize Outlook for Mac as a standard corporate email client due to its improved performance and productivity. There can be plenty of reasons to transfer OST to OLM format.

Maybe the primary reason could be to switch from Windows Outlook to Mac Outlook. Or perhaps you want to import PST to Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019, and 2021 versions. Let’s understand the difference between both (*.pst and *.olm) file extensions.

PST Vs OLM File Extension

Compatibility: PST file is primarily used by MS Outlook on Windows, but some other applications also support it. While the OLM file was exclusively developed for use in Mac Outlook only.

Platform Specificity: PST file is commonly associated with Windows-based Outlook editions. While OLM file is specifically designed for Mac Outlook versions.

Storage Location: If you configure your email account in Windows Outlook using POP3 settings then it will create a PST file at the default storage location. Windows Outlook also exports its complete profile data in PST format at any preferred location. While OLM is Mac Outlook exported format.

File Structure: Both PST (Personal Storage Table) and OLM (MS Outlook file for Mac Operating System) files are suitable for storing complete email folders, contacts, calendars, tasks, tasks, notes, and other data preserving the hierarchical structure.

Import/Export Capabilities: PST files can easily be imported and exported across Outlook versions and some different applications. While OLM has limited import and export capabilities as it is specifically tailored for Mac Outlook.

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How to Convert PST to OLM Manually?

The manual solution requires Mac Outlook installation on your MacBook and iMac computers. You can easily convert the *.pst to *.olm extension by completing 2 phases. First, you need to copy the PST file from a Windows computer and paste it to a Mac computer. Then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Phase 1: Import PST to Mac Outlook

  1. Start the Mac Outlook email client on your PC.
  2. Thereafter, choose File >> Import option.
    Select File and Import
  3. Choose Outlook for Windows archive (.pst) and click Continue.
    Outlook for Windows archive (.pst)
  4. Browse specific PST file and hit the Import button.
  5. Click Finish, after completing the import process.

Note: You can see the imported items in Mac Outlook under On My Computer.

Phase 2: Export OLM File from Mac Outlook

  1. Launch Mac Outlook on your Mac Machine.
  2. After that, choose File >> Export option.
    Choose File and Export
  3. Check the required items to export from Export to Archive File (.olm) and continue.
    Check required items
  4. Type a name for the exported archive OLM file under Save As.
    Save As
  5. Select a preferred location to store the exported OLM file and click Save.
  6. Your data has been exported, hit the Finish button.
    Convert PST file to OLM
  7. Go to the selected destination to get the exported OLM file.

Learn Manual Method Limitations

The manual technique is recommended if you want to convert PST to OLM format free of cost. If you prefer to follow the above-mentioned tips, then it will take enough time as it can transfer PST to OLM one by one. Hence, this method is not suitable for batch conversion.

This is a complex method to convert PST file to OLM file as it requires following various steps with 2 different phases. Hence, non-technical users may face the problem while finishing this task with the help of a manual approach.

Some items, such as complex email structures or certain metadata, may not be fully migrated through manual ways. Even there is no guarantee available to maintain actual folder structure and hierarchy. There is a risk of data loss or corruption during the import and processes.

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Professional Way to Batch Transfer PST to OLM

Manual solutions are tricky and take a lot of your time and patience to get results. So, we highly recommend you use an automated solution – BitRecover PST File Converter. This software allows to convert PST files to OLM including emails, contacts, calendars, and other all items.

PST to OLM Converter has multiple advanced features and capabilities and users can batch import PST to OLM. Also, the software provides multiple advanced filters to export and convert specific data via date, to, from, subject, etc. If your Outlook is configured with the same Machine, then the software can automatically load the data of Outlook.

Important Note: Users are advised to create a backup copy of their PST file before beginning to make use of the software. because users may sometimes make an error that leads to the loss of data, and because this error may cause the error itself.

How to Convert PST File to OLM Format?

  1. First, download and launch the PST to OLM converter and read these guidelines.
    Start PST to OLM Converter
  2. Add Outlook PST files in the software panel using dual modes available in GUI.
    Add Outlook PST
  3. Thereafter, select specific folders to import PST to OLM and click Next.
    Select specific folders
  4. Choose Outlook for Mac (OLM) as a saving option from the software panel.
    Choose Outlook for Mac OLM
  5. Now, choose the destination path as per your choice for saving output data.
    Destination location
  6. Tap on the Convert button to convert PST to OLM format.
    Convert PST to OLM file
  7. After completing the PST to OLM conversion process, get the resultant data.
    Import PST to OLM
  8. Last, import the resultant OLM file in Mac Outlook.
    Import data in Mac Outlook

What Are the Best Features of PST to OLM Converter?

  • It is authorized to batch convert PST to OLM with all email properties.
  • Automated option to add configured Outlook data to transfer PST to OLM format.
  • Special recovery mode option to change corrupted PST files to healthy OLM.
  • It creates standard OLM file for Mac Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2011.
  • Transfer PST to OLM along with emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.
  • You can selectively transfer email folders between both file extensions.
  • Freedom to browse and choose specific destination path to save output data.
  • Supports all latest and earlier Windows OS editions plus all Mac OS versions.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q 1: How to import OLM files into Mac Outlook?

  1. Run the Mac Outlook client on your computer.
  2. Choose File >> Import option to begin.
  3. Enable Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) and click Continue.
  4. Pick an OLM file from your PC and press the Import button.
  5. See your imported data under the On My Computer folder.

Q 2: Does your software allow to batch convert PST files to OLM?

Yes, the PST to OLM converter permits the users to batch convert PST to OLM files.

Q 3: Can I install the PST to OLM converter tool on a Windows 11 machine?

Yes, the tool can be installed on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 11.


We hope that now all your doubts are cleared regarding how to convert PST to OLM files. The software is advanced and efficient to handle this problem. All sorts of users can utilize it to do PST to OLM conversion using the 2 most reliable ways. If you have any queries, keep in touch with our technical support team.

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