How to Import PST to Mac Outlook on Your Mac Machine?

Rollins Duke   
Published: January 22nd, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Sometimes users switch from Windows computers to Mac computers due to personal and business requirements. They prefer to install Windows applications on MacBook or iMac devices including Outlook. Thereafter, the process to import Windows PST to Mac Outlook becomes unavoidable because they don’t want to lose their crucial old emails that were stored in Windows Outlook.

We all know that Windows Outlook allows to export of complete data (emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals) in PST (Personal Storage Table) format. First, users export folders from Outlook to PST format, then want to import PST to Mac Outlook for work continuity.

How to Export PST File from Windows Outlook?

  1. Open MS Outlook and choose File option.
  2. Then, select Open & Export and choose Import/Export.
    Import Export
  3. Choose Export to a file and click Next.
    Export to a file
  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and press Next.
    Outlook data file pst
  5. After that, choose required Outlook folders and Next.
    Select folders
  6. Browse destination path to store exported PST.
    Export PST from Outlook
  7. Enable Do not export duplicate items and tap Finish.

Note That: In this way everybody can easily export Outlook folders to desktop in PST format. Now move the exported PST file from your Windows computer to your Mac computer using drive upload, and pen drive. Thereafter follow the upcoming methods to import PST to Outlook for Mac.

Manual Way to Import PST to Outlook for Mac

  1. Open Mac Outlook on your MacBook.
  2. Choose File and select Import option.
  3. Enable Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst).
    Import PST to Mac Outlook
  4. Click Continue to locate a PST file from computer.
  5. Press Import to start importing PST to Mac Outlook.
  6. See your data has been imported, click Finish.

Thereafter, imported PST file items will appear under On My Computer.

Manual Method Limitations

The manual method is suitable to import PST file to Mac Outlook one by one. Also, you can follow the above instructions to move Windows PST to Mac Outlook 2016, 2019, and 2021. However, this is no longer supported in Mac Outlook 2011 versions.

This is a time-consuming task but still, it seems suitable for home users. However, this is not highly recommended for business professionals because they prefer to use batch import functionality.

Additional Way to Import PST to Mac Outlook

  1. Download, install, and open GWMMO Tool.
  2. After that, sign in to your Gmail account.
    Login to Gmail
  3. Select the From PST File(s) option and click Next.
    From PST file
  4. Check the required items to import and tap Migrate.
    Select required items to import
  5. PST to Gmail migration process is beginning.
    Process running
  6. See Migration completed successfully, click OK.
    Migration completed
  7. Login to your Gmail account and see imported PST.
    Login to Gmail
  8. Start Mac Outlook and select Preferences.
  9. Choose Accounts and click the Plus icon to add a new account.
  10. Add your Gmail address and press Continue.
  11. Type the password for adding an account and complete instructions.
  12. Last, see Gmail data with imported PST in Mac Outlook.

This is a tried and tested technique to add multiple PST files to Mac Outlook at once.

Additional Method Limitations

This is a lengthy process to import Windows Outlook PST file to Mac Outlook. It involves 2 stages first you will need to import Outlook folders to Gmail using the GWMMO Tool, then configure the same Gmail account with Mac Outlook.

Additional method requires technical knowledge so non-technical users may face problems while importing PST files in Mac Outlook. Also, it requires Gmail as a mediator to perform this task.

Pro Way to Import PST File to Mac Outlook

PST File Converter is a perfect and direct solution to import PST to Mac Outlook. This software has a separate option to import PST to IMAP Server so you can use the IMAP credentials of your email account configured in your Mac Outlook. Hence, use this utility to add PST files to Mac Outlook-configured email account.

The tool is available with a free trial version which allows you to move 25 emails from each PST folder to Mac Outlook directly. This software asks only IMAP credentials of your email account that you have configured in your Mac Outlook.

How to Import PST File to Mac Outlook?

  1. Start suggested software and add PST files to software.
    Add PST files
  2. Select required PST folders from GUI and click Next.
    Select required folders
  3. Choose IMAP from saving options as shown in the figure.
    Choose IMAP
  4. Type IMAP credentials of email account configured in Mac Outlook.
  5. Click Convert to add PST to Mac Outlook directly.
    Import PST to Outlook for Mac

After receiving the completion message, click OK and run your Mac Outlook to see the imported PST file.

Why Use Software Over Manual Approaches?

  • The tool is suitable to batch import PST to Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019, 2021, and new Outlook.
  • This software also permits converting PST to OLM format, a native file extension for Mac Outlook.
  • Easy to use software that asks only account credentials of your email account configured in Mac Outlook.
  • The tool provides various filtration options to move selective data from PST to Outlook for Mac clients.
  • This utility allows you to save Outlook emails to hard drive in several standard formats for different purposes.

Any Question? Get It Resolved!

Q 1: How to import OLM file in Mac Outlook?

  1. Open Mac Outlook on your iMac or MacBook.
  2. Select File and then choose Import.
  3. Enable Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) and click Continue.
  4. Browse and select OLM file and press the Import button.
  5. Import OLM file to Mac Outlook process is running.

Q 2: How to import PST file in Outlook in Mac?

Above we have disclosed 3 tested methods to add Windows PST to Mac Outlook 2016, 2019, and 2021.

Q 3: Can I move PST files to new Outlook for Mac?

Yes, use the recommended software to move PST to new Mac Outlook.


Above we have explained the 3 best ways to import PST to Mac Outlook using manual, additional, and professional methods. All techniques work successfully so you can opt for any according to your need and choice. We have discussed complete details with proper details using real-time screenshots. Hence, all home and business users can perform these steps to move PST to Outlook for Mac.