How to Backup Gmail Emails to External Hard Drive ?

Mark Regan ~ October 3rd, 2021 ~ backup

How to copy emails from gmail to hard drive

User query: I recently closed down my old Gmail account and created a new one. But there was a huge portion of personal history in my old Gmail account. I needed to save it on my hard drive so that I could refer to them later as well. Although there are plenty of options to create backup Gmail to hard drive, those manual methods are problematic for huge data. Can anyone suggest me the best application to solve this issue?

Are you also facing issues like the above user? If yes, then read this whole blog to get an effective solution.

There are so many users of the Gmail email service who are looking to backup Gmail emails to hard drive. As it is easy to communicate and transfer data or sharing information through a Gmail account. Gmail servers scan emails for multiple purposes which include filter, malware, and spam.

Well, the Gmail account is providing 15GB to its users for free of cost. If the user tries to place more than its limit then it leads to non-functioning of Gmail services and data loss. So, it’s better to save Gmail emails to hard drive.

By using Gmail Backup Software users can easily create a backup of Gmail account without facing any hassle. It is the most appropriate solution to complete this procedure.

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How to Backup Gmail to Hard Drive – Complete working process

Follow some simple steps to start the process of how-to backup Gmail emails to external hard drive:

  1. First of all, download the above-mentioned application and start it on your windows machine. After this fill all the Gmail account credentials on the software panel and click on Login.
    download application
  2. Now, enable all required folders of Gmail account which you have to save for further use.
  3. Then go to the saving option list and select the required saving option accordingly.
    backup gmail emails to hard drive
  4. Thereafter, enter a desired file naming option for arranging the resultant data.
    file naming option
  5. Also, you can specify some particular emails by date range, subject using the advance mode of option for selective backup.
    selective backup
  6. After that, specify a location for saving the output Gmail emails on the computer.
    specify a location
  7. Now, click on the backup button to start the process of backup Gmail to hard drive. After completion, the tool will show the message of completion.
    Copy Gmail emails to hard drive
  8. Now, open the resultant folder.
    resultant folder

Why Use Software to Copy Gmail Emails to Hard Drive ?

There are various benefits that this software offers to its users. Read them one by one-

Backup multiple Gmail accounts to hard disk at once

This toolkit provides an option to save Gmail emails to hard drive from multiple accounts at once. For fulfilling this purpose, the user needs to first provide all account credentials. By uploading a CSV file to backup multiple Gmail accounts to hard disk continuously. The tool performs the complete backup of Gmail to external hard drive and stores it in the desired file format. The user has to choose a required file saving option for this backup process.

Backup Gmail emails with attachments to external hard drive

This application preserves all types of email attachments during save Gmail emails to hard drive. This feature is very useful because attachments are the most important part of the email for any user. The utility will copy Gmail emails to hard drive with attachments in an accurate manner. Thereafter user can save it in the desired format accordingly.

Retains originality of data after taking Backup

The software is capable of backup Gmail emails to hard drive by maintaining the originality of data. The user can copy emails from Gmail to external hard disk by retaining its Meta properties, email formatting, structure, font style, etc. in exact form. It also provides an option to save Gmail emails to hard drives. It always conserves the integrity of data after the migration of email data.

Automated utility to save Gmail emails to hard drive

This excellent solution has been programmed in such a manner that it should match all the user’s requirements. It has been built with high-tech algorithms. The tool has a user-friendly as well interactive GUI. This utility is a completely standalone application to perform data backup of all Gmail mailboxes.

Advance filters for selective backup Gmail emails to hard drive

This utility offers several Advance Filters in order to accomplish selective backup Gmail to external hard drive. The user can apply this feature by enabling the “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” check box. With this, users can apply advanced settings for finding the emails as well. The backup process of Gmail becomes easy with such filters as Date Range, From, To, Subject, and many more features.

The benefit of the Demo version of the application

This application provides a free demo version to its users. It is totally free of cost.  In this version, user can easily create a backup of 25 Gmail emails. By this user will be able to know the working of the tool easily. For having more features and creating a backup of unlimited emails purchase the licensed version of the tool.

Final Words

In this blog, users can easily find the solution for the issue of Backup Gmail to hard drive. By following the above-mentioned steps user can easily complete the procedure.

The software, mentioned above is an amazing option for users. The utility maintains the integrity of data during the complete backup procedure of Gmail to hard disk. The tool provides the best way to save Gmail emails to hard drive. We are sure that after reading this blog users will not be left with any queries. So, quickly download this application to backup Gmail emails with attachments to external hard drive.