Gmail is Full What to Do ? – Resolve the Issue Now

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Hey there! I am running two Gmail IDs, out of which one is my personal account and the other is for client communication purposes. One of my Gmail account is getting stacked with a bunch of email messages. Now, my Gmail is full what to do? Does shifting emails from ID to a single Gmail account is possible? If yes, then please help!

According to Google, 15 GB of free storage space is more than enough for an average person who deals with emails on a regular basis. Usually, people are not aware of why their Gmail account is full quota exceeded. The major reason behind when your Gmail inbox full not receiving emails is that you have exceeded the storage capacity. So, individuals want to know how to overcome this problem – “Gmail is full what to do”. Are you also wondering how to resolve Gmail mailbox full error? If yes, then read this blog to understand the solution to this issue.

Gmail is Full What to Do ? No Problem

Practically, getting the message storage space back can be simply done by removing trash items, spam, unwanted emails, old newsletters, which sounds easier in theory than in reality. If we consider this situation then, it will be quite hard to distinguish significant letters from useless junk. In order to avoid spending weeks in this process, we have come up with a couple of suggestions that will surely help you.

1. Move emails from one Gmail account to another –

Perhaps one of the smartest ways to get rid of Gmail inbox full issue is to create a completely new Gmail account and forward all messages from old to the new one. Of course, this means you will have to find old emails from a completely new email account. But, at least you can enjoy the advantages of a new Gmail account once again without paying any money.

Though Gmail is full what to do problem can be solved by the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option. But, it may take hours depending on the number of existing messages. Hence, the best workaround is to use a third-party automated solution. Gmail backup app by BitRecover company is an all-in-one product that can help you to overcome the trouble of “Gmail account is full quota exceeded”. It allows to transfer emails from Gmail account to another with labels. The best part about this software is that irrespective of the number of messages, the tool will quickly do the backup of emails to another account.

Here’s how to do it:

1- Download and install the software on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

2- Enter your primary Gmail account login details.

primary Gmail account login details

3- Specify desired Gmail mailboxes to transfer into a new one.

desired Gmail mailboxes

4- Select Gmail as a destination and fill in its account information.

Gmail as a destination

5- Hit on the backup button to begin the process.

begin the process

That’s it! In a couple of seconds, you will see all your old emails will get migrated to the new account. Thus, when your Gmail inbox full not receiving emails then this solution will be the apt choice.

2. Download the Messages Locally to Resolve Gmail Mailbox Full Error

Another alternative would be to move all your existing Gmail messages locally on the computer. For this process, the same solution that we have recommended in the above section can be used. The entire process will be the same but just you have to choose the desired saving option. The software offers a variety of saving options lists like PST, MSG, EML, EML, DOC, PDF, etc which can be used as per the user’s preference.

3. Clean up the Email Messages

In order to resolve Gmail is full what to do problem, users can also delete unwanted emails from Gmail.

Simply type or paste the filter in the Gmail search box.

Click on spam or search for in: spam– clean all messages here. Please note that this might not have a big effect as spam is deleted consequently following 30 days.

Search for has: attachment– It will display all emails having more than one attachment.

Enter larger:1M in search box– It will show all email attachments that have a size of at least 1 MB.

Use older_than:1y– It will find all data which are older than one year and delete those that you may not require any longer.

Tip to Remember- This process can batch erase emails from the Gmail account. But, if you have a huge amount of emails that you want to sort out for deletion, it will take your time and patience.

Let’s Conclude

We hope that all the tips that we have suggested above will help you to resolve the issue of what to do when Gmail is full’, ‘Gmail account if full quota exceeded’, ‘Gmail mailbox full error’. The manual methods have a limitation that you will end up losing your messages.

Hence, the most desired solution is to use a professionally recommended solution.

If you have any doubts, please reach out to our technical support team.