How to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk? Most Effective Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Did your Gmail account storage is full and you are looking for easy ways to delete Gmail emails in bulk by Date range? If your answer is yes, then currently you have landed at the right webpage. In this blog post, we are providing you multiple methods manual and professional’s recommended smart solutions to mass delete emails on Gmail smoothly while saving your time.

Moreover, we have not only provided solutions to delete Gmail emails in bulk, but also explained how you can use advanced filter options to delete Gmail emails by date, size, attachments, subject, and email address. After reading this article, these types of problems will be solved.

  • How to mass delete emails on Gmail on pc?
  • Can I bulk delete Gmail emails by year?
  • How to delete Gmail messages all at once?

Why Users Need to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk?

There are a lot of reasons available to mass delete emails on Gmail, therefore Google Mail users want to permanently delete all social emails from Gmail at once. Here read some possible reasons behind deleting large number of Gmail emails.

Most users know that Gmail provides 15 GB quota size limitation to store data i.e. Emails, Contacts, Photos, Drive, and other information. But after exceeding the Gmail quota size limitation, Gmail stops receiving new email messages. In this case, users have only two choices. First, they can purchase more space by upgrading personal Gmail to G Suite. Second, users can delete old or unnecessary emails to Gmail free up some space.

Millions of Gmail users want to free up space by deleting  Gmail emails in bulk without opening them i.e. Social Emails, Promotions, Drafts, Junk, Trash, Spam, etc. Even some users want to mass delete emails in Gmail quickly within a certain date range, subject, and specific email addresses.

How to Mass Delete Emails on Gmail?

Below you can find the multiple methods with step-by-step instructions to delete all the Gmail email at once.

#1 Method- Delete all Gmail Emails Manually

  1. Open Gmail on your browser.
  2. Go to the Inbox folder.
  3. Select the Checkbox from the top and choose any filter such as; All, Read, Unread, etc, which you want to delete.
  4. Now you can see your chosen email you want to delete, click Select all button.
  5. Hit the Delete button to move all Gmail emails to the trash folder.
  6. Now go to the Trash folder and click the Empty button.

#2 Method- Smart Solution to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk by Date Range

As we all know, attachments are heavy in size so attachments use a lot of space from the Gmail quota. Therefore, users want to mass delete Gmail emails which are only having attachments. Even some users think very intelligently and they want to keep a backup of emails before deleting Gmail accounts.

Many companies or individuals are using several third-party software to backup Gmail emails. They recently contacted the BitRecover support team because they want to mass delete emails on Gmail all at once because now they want to receive only new emails. These users don’t think about important messages because they have a backup already.

How to Mass Delete Gmail Emails at Once?

First of all download BitRecover Emailraser Wizard and configure it on your Windows PC. This application has a separate option to delete Gmail emails on all devices quickly in batch. The tool offers multiple advanced filter options for Gmail to delete large emails by specific date range, email addresses, subject, attachments, etc.

Just follow the given instructions to delete Gmail emails permanently via using multiple options.

  1. Launch Email Eraser Wizard and choose Gmail from email sources.
  2. Enter Google Mail account credentials and press the Login button.
  3. After that, you can preview Gmail email folders in the software GUI.
  4. Use advance filters to delete Gmail emails by date, year, subject, addresses, etc.
  5. Now it is deleting required Gmail messages to free the quota space.

How to Mass Delete Gmail Emails by Date Range? – Step-by-Step Method

First of all, download the mentioned software, and install the setup on your computer. After that follow the step-by-step process to delete Gmail emails in bulk which are older than a specific date.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  1. Start the suggested application and choose Gmail from the list of email sources. Enter Google Mail account credentials and press the Login button to continue. Users can also check the Use Batch Mode option if they want to delete emails from multiple Gmail accounts at once.
    Note: your regular password will not work. Generate Google App Password and use it.delete Gmail emails in bulk
  2. Now you can preview all Google Mail folders in the software interface. From here, choose all or specific folders according to requirements.Select Google Mail folders
  3. The toolkit offers several advanced filter options to delete Gmail emails by date range, year, from, to, subject, delete email attachments, etc.Advanced filter options
  4. After that, press the Delete button from software panel to mass delete emails on Gmail.Delete Gmail emails in bulk by date range
  5. Read warning message i.e. Email Messages once deleted cannot be retrieved back. Are you sure you want to continue? Click on Yes to continue.Warning message
  6. Now, it is deleting emails from selected Gmail folders. Please wait for a while.delete Gmail emails in bulk at once
  7. At last, you can see the message of completion i.e. Deleting Email Messages completed successfully.mass delete emails on Gmail

Software Features & Benefits

  • Above mentioned software comes with advanced filter options to delete Gmail emails only having attachments delete Gmail attachments only, delete old Gmail messages within a certain date range etc.
  • It is fully automatic software that asks only Gmail account credentials to delete Gmail emails in bulk date, year, subject, email address, etc.  This application is also able to delete Gmail emails all at once so that users can get only new email messages.
  • If your Gmail account is full quota exceeded and you want to solve the problem. Then you can proudly use this application and delete only unnecessary messages to free up some Gmail quota space. This application comes with GUI so that it can be easily operable by technical as well as non-technical users.
  • Its advanced filters are most helpful in many cases for example – you can easily delete spam emails by searching specific emails by email subject. Even it is helpful to delete Gmail emails older than any year i.e. 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017…, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Can I delete Gmail emails permanently?

Ans – Yes, it is able to delete Gmail emails permanently.

Que 2 – How to delete Gmail emails in bulk by date range at once?

Ans – Use the filter option of this software to mass delete emails on Gmail by date range and many more.

Que 3 – Can I delete Gmail emails by sender using your software ?

Ans – Yes, it has multiple types of filters, you can delete Gmail emails by filtering them by specific email address i.e. To, Cc, From, etc.

Test it First Free to Batch Delete Emails from Gmail

This application comes with a free demo edition which is capable to delete a few Gmail emails. Therefore, users can check its working process before activation. It works the same as the pro edition so that users can check its working process without purchasing its license keys. If you have any other doubts about deleting Gmail emails in bulk, you can contact 24X7 to our technical support team.

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