How to Mass Delete Promotional Emails in Gmail in One Go ?

Mark Regan ~ January 6th, 2022 ~ Erase Data

There are several users who used to ask that how to delete promotional emails in Gmail? So, here user will get all the solutions for completing this issue. Stay tuned with us and read the complete blog carefully.

User Query: Hi! I am Yardley! I have been using the Gmail application for the past 5-6 years. For the past few days, I am searching solution for erasing promotional Gmail emails. But the issue I am facing is:

  • How do I delete all emails in promotions in the Gmail app as I could with Inbox? This really sucks. I can’t find any way to delete all email in the promotional category using the Gmail app.

Please help me out from this situation and suggest the best solution for performing this task. Thanks & Regards.

What is Gmail Promotional Emails?

Gmail promotional emails are sent to consumers by companies for advertising their products. As consumers, we can receive promotional emails if have subscribed to the mailing lists of blogs or companies. Promotional emails are significantly used in retention marketing, as marketers try to grow relationships with their consumers. It is also a great tool for email marketers, who build mailing lists and send promotional emails to their consumers.


How to Delete Promotional Emails in Gmail Manually?

delete social emails from gmail

There are a few steps that users have to follow for clearing promotional emails manually:

  1. First, open your Gmail account on your operating system.
  2. After that, open the Gmail inbox and click on the Categories section in the left panel.
  3. Then, Select the Promotions and check the box to select all emails on one page in the Promotions tab.
  4. Finally, click on ‘Select all conversations in Promotions’ and press Delete to empty the promotions tab.

What are the Drawbacks of using Manual Solutions?

As we can see that this manual solution is lengthy in nature. Users will not be able to delete selected emails through this solution. Also, there are chances that users may end up losing their crucial data. This manual approach is only suitable for deleting a few emails or emails in bulk. Else it can create confusion for all the users.

Best Technical Approach for Clearing Promotional Emails – Direct Solution

To erase promotional emails in Gmail, users have to completely rely on some trustworthy automated tool. Because the manual method mentioned above is not feasible to perform this task. Download BitRecover EmailRaser Software is the best and prime choice made by most users while dealing with the situation. It has a simple and clutter-free user interface.

Most importantly this is standalone software, which does not require the installation of any other application for completion of the task.  Additionally, there is no need to worry about unnecessary data loss issues during the entire erasing procedure.

How to delete promotional emails in Gmail – Complete Procedure

Follow some simple steps for performing this task in a trouble-free manner:

  1. First, install and run EmailRaser Application on Windows Operating System.
  2. After that, the user has to select the email account from the mentioned list and enter account login email account and enter credentials
  3. Now, enable desired mailboxes of the chosen email account from which you wish to delete all email required emails for delete social emails in gmail
  4. Thereafter, from the “Filter Options” section, enable the ‘Use Advanced Settings for Selective Erasing’.advance filter options
  5. Finally, click on the delete button to execute the task. A pop–up box will appear containing a warning message. Click on on delete button
  6. Now, the user will see that the software starts deleting all email messages from the selected mail account.delete social emails in gmail process begins

Concluding Lines

This post describes regarding How to delete promotional emails in Gmail account. Users facing issues can refer to this post for having a smooth and hassle-free solution. Users can clear Gmail promotions by using both manual and professional solutions. Both the solutions are mentioned here in the write-up.

It is best to use a technical approach rather than using a manual solution. As the user will have to face some limitations while using a manual approach. So, to avoid that user must go with the professional solution. In case of any issue, users can contact our support team who are available 24*7.