How to Analyze OST file data for Forensic Investigation process?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Why do you want to analyze OST file? Is it for your personal or casual office work, or for some kind of forensic investigation? Yes, you heard correctly that some email files are not only analyzed for previewing emails for office or homework or the like but most of the time they are also used to extract evidence.
In case of email & file fraud or misconduct, OST forensics is carried out by investigators using an OST file analyzer as such a task cannot be easily or manually performed. Therefore a tool, a trustworthy tool, is required.

So if you want to analyze OST file without using Microsoft Outlook. Whether you want to do it casually or require a forensic investigation, you definitely need an OST file analyzer. Hence, we are here to suggest you the best tool for OST file analysis.

One of the Most Trusted Tools to Easily Analyze OST files

We’re going to address different types of situations here that a user or investigator may encounter OST file analysis. The situation can be varied. When the OST files are corrupted, the barrier to OST forensics can get bigger and there are other reasons that need to be addressed as well so that the user can have a full solution on this one platform.

So let’s start with the most common problem. Analyze OST file, BitRecover Free OST Viewer is the best tool for your most common OST file problem. This tool can easily help you view OST files and forensic OST files. Any user can use it for personal use, and any detective can use it to extract evidence from it.

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Analyze OST file

However, if your OST files are corrupted and you have no idea how to deal with them, we can help you with that too. BitRecover OST Repair Wizard, as the name suggests, this tool can easily restore your damaged OST file and make it healthier for lawyers, detectives, or investigators to extract evidence for OST forensics.

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OST file analysis

So the point is that if you want to analyze OST file and find out that your OST files are corrupt, then you need to fix them first. For this purpose, we recommend that you use the OST Repair Tool as this tool is very reliable and it can get you out of your problem.

Now let’s move on to the last situation in the process to analyze the OST file. Print Evidence, yes during OST file analysis you need to print some evidence as well. Hence, the PDF format seems best suited for this purpose. However, this file format is also best for users who are having difficulty accessing the OST file and want a better platform to convert it.

Hence, BitRecover OST to PDF Wizard, the best tool to print evidence from OST files. This application is helpful for anyone who needs to view OST files in PDF file format. So let’s directly tell you how to analyze OST file via PDF. So, take a look.
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ost forensics

Step-by-step Process for OST File Analysis

  • First of all, download and install the OST File Analyzer and run it on your Windows-supported device by clicking the given link.
  • After starting the tool you will see the welcome page, now click on Next to go to the next screen
  • Click Choose file and choose a folder to select OST files
  • Browse through all of the OST files and prepare to load them into the tool. After uploading, click the Next tab
  • Now click in front of all OST files to select them and then click Next again
  • Now select the save option as PDF and also specify the storage location for the resulting files and finally click the convert button.

Your OST will be ready to print evidence in a matter of moments. You can now easily analyze OST files via PDF.

You need to review the process very carefully as it will help you in a timely manner when you are actually going to get the job done.

Now let’s help you get to know the tool better. We want to provide you with some quality of the tool so that you know what value you are getting with this OST file analyzer. So, quickly go over some of the tool’s primary qualities.

Find out What Makes OST File Analyzer the Perfect Choice for You.

  • This OST File Analyzer is very easy to use as it has a simple user interface. Whether you are a regular user or an investigator, you can analyze OST file on it easily and without any hurdles.
  • Allow you to convert OST files in bulk to your preferred platform. This app doesn’t limit you to select one or few OSTs to convert. You can convert as many as you want at the same time.
  • For the user who wants to convert OST to PDF, you can convert OST emails and the related attachments. You can convert the entire data of the OST without leaving anything behind.
  • It allows you to name files any way you want so that you can easily find them after conversion. You can sort your resultant files by month, year, subject, day, etc.
  • This application is compatible with every version of Windows. So it doesn’t matter which version you are using. It is also compatible with Win 10 and any lower version.

These are some of the features of the OST file analyzer that are just for a better understanding of the tool. However, since this app is an ocean in terms of qualities and functions, please take the time to use it and understand it for yourself.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with a complete solution to OST file problems. Whether you just want to analyze and Recover OST files or you want to do OST forensics, you can do it with the suggested OST file analyzer. We have also given you the solution when your OST files are corrupt and you want to repair them. The OST Repair Tool is perfect for this.

On the other hand, if you want to print evidence, we have given you the option to do so too. Whatever problems you have with OST file analysis, you can now easily solve them with the help of the tool. Thank you.