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IoT Forensics

Our digital forensics experts offer the most unified IoT (Internet of Things) Forensics services that meet international standards and help you mitigate complex cases easily.

Disk / Drive Forensics

Using our in-house investigation tools, our forensics professionals help you carve out even the most deceptive digital evidence under forensically sound conditions.

Mobile Phone Forensics

We possess expertise in investigating various types of Mobile Phones and help law enforcement to recover and analyze deleted & hidden pieces of evidence.

Email Message Forensics

We implement a comprehensive approach & state-of-the-art forensic hardware & software for email message forensics which makes us pioneers in the industry.

Six Stages of the Forensics Investigation Process

Cyber Experts Performing Digital Forensics in Two Critical Phases

First Response

Search & Seizure

Data Analysis

Acquisition of Digital Evidence

Evidence Assessment

Documentation & Reporting

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Forensics Data Source Analysis & Initial Steps

The digital forensics process involves making copies of compromised devices and examining the evidence using a variety of methods and tools. Digital forensics technology helps to solve cases and it further inspects unallocated disk space and hidden folders for copies of encrypted, corrupted, or deleted files.

Here are some common steps:

  • Generate Forensic Image of the Evidence
  • Recognize Malicious Files Related to the Incident
  • Extract Files of Interest to Examine
  • Recover Lost or Deleted Digital Data
  • Analyze, and Present Digital Evidence
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Who can Benefit from BitRecover’s Digital Forensic Services?

Businesses of all types are encountering various cybercrime growing at a rapid pace. Hence, they are turning to digital forensic investigations and proactive digital fraud prevention measures.
BitRecover Digital Forensics services specialize in cyber incident response that helps you identify, preserve, analyze, & present digital evidence. Industries of all types can be benefited from our services such as:

  • Public Authorities
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Health Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
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How BitRecover’s Digital Forensic Services are Different from Others?

There are several reasons, which sets us apart from others. We are the authors and pioneers of digital forensics techniques. We utilize state-of-the-art and follow forensically sound practices to collect, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence in a court-admissible format.

  • We have expertise in serving multinational companies & individuals across the US, Europe, UAE, & Canada.
  • When it comes to forensic services top 500 fortune companies, law enforcement agencies, & law firms count on us.
  • We utilize advanced technology and forensically sound in-house tools, without any dependency on third-party.
  • We offer on-site as well as remote online evidence collection services.
  • We have a qualified team of forensics comprising investigators, certified examiners, and law enforcement officials.
  • We have more than 11+ years of experience in solving several cases worldwide with 10000+ clients using our in-house digital forensic tools.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand Major Privileges of Choosing BitRecover Digital Forensics Services

Digital forensics is the process of collection, assessment, and representation of evidence collected from various digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, emails, servers, and other IoT devices. It can help in the mitigation of complex cases that totally rely on the evidence collected from electronic devices.

It entirely depends upon the size and type of digital evidence that needs to be examined. However, a thorough examination of 10 GB of digital evidence on a hard drive can take up to 1.5 to 3.5 hours or more as 10GB of hard drive can have over 100000 pages of electronic information.

Technically, computer forensics is a part of digital forensics, where we examine computers and their hard drives. On the other hand, digital forensics includes the investigation of any digital or IoT devices, such as digital networks, cell phones, flash drives, digital cameras, emails, computers, etc.

Yes, BitRecover’s digital forensics experts can recover deleted digital data if not overwritten. They follow the most reliable technique of scanning and identifying the deleted files and folders on a seized computer. After getting the required pieces of information, they try to restore these crucial data using in-house tools. This further helps in solving the case easily.

Since mobiles are the primary source of evidence and the most used devices by a suspect, they can contain critical evidence of a crime and various other useful personal information such as location, passwords, photos, videos, etc. By using mobile forensics tools, investigators can access, extract, restore, and analyze data from various types of smartphones.

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