How to Transfer Old Gmail Emails to New Account without Data Loss?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 8 Min Read
I have more than 10 G Suite accounts from multiple enterprises. It’s obvious, that few of them are for businesses that have been either ended or sold, yet the data is still priceless. So, rather than having these extra Google accounts suffer from unnecessary costs, I made a decision to quickly transfer old Gmail emails to new account.

There are countless tutorials given on the web to forward old Gmail to new account. However, most of them left out critical configuration steps. Thus, we will let you save from this trouble and outline each step with accurate settings to transfer old Gmail messages to new account.

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How to Move Old Gmail to New Gmail Account?

Important Note: After Google’s new announcement that Google Less secure app will not work”. Our many users are facing authentication errors while using our software. to avoid this error, you must follow the steps, which are mentioned below like accessing IMAP and Generating App Password (use this password rather than a normal password).

app password

Let’s move further towards the process to transfer all emails from old Gmail to new Gmail account.

  1. Enter the details of your source Gmail account – email address and password. Click on the Login button to start the process to import all old Gmail emails to new account.

    gmail login details

  2. Once you log in, the tool will start fetching all emails from your old Google account into the software panel. Now, enable those specific folders in which you wish to transfer old Gmail emails to new account to the new one.

     all mails from your old Google

  3. Then, navigate to the saving options list. Scroll your mouse and choose the Gmail option as your target email account.

    saving options

  4. Thereafter, fill in all details of your target Gmail account (the new one). Once this finishes, hit on the backup tab to start the process to forward old Gmail folders to new account.

    details of your target Gmail

  5. The software will give a completion message at the end of conversion. Now, login to your NEW Gmail account to view the transferred email messages from the OLD account.

    completion message

Now, you must be wondering why we suggest taking the help of this expert solution to transfer data from old Gmail to new Gmail and not the manual one. In the following section, we will give you some major differences between both solutions so that your dilemma can be resolved.

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Major Benefits of Automated Solution over Manual Techniques

We can bet you after reading these short bullet points, all your doubts regarding the solution of how to move Gmail folder to new Gmail account.

What’s More About this Amazing Tool?

  1. It is completely free of any bugs or errors.
  2. The tool never saves the credentials of the user’s account.
  3. It always keeps intact the email properties of the email accounts.
  4. The utility will maintain the original folder hierarchy till the end.
  5. No external installation of any third-party software is required.
  6. It supports all latest and prior versions of Windows OS.

When Would you Need to Import Old Gmail Emails to New Account?

There are certain occasions when there is a strong need to bulk transfer old Gmail emails to new account. Here are listed some common scenarios:

1-) An old conversation hit the wrong inbox

If someone is aware of your multiple email addresses, they might accidentally send an email, let’s say it is business-related to your old personal Gmail account. If it’s a simple message then you would bin anyway but if it comprises some information that you require for a future reference for your new Gmail account. Instead of copying those old messages somewhere, you can forward old Gmail emails to new Gmail address.

2-) You want to ditch old Gmail account

An account flooded with spam is not hard to imagine. Many people even have designated accounts for registering with online shops, subscribing to newsletters, and many more things. Yes, you can always unsubscribe from messages you no longer wish to get, but the incoming commercial messages can get out of control so much that you ditch the account altogether. Still, you might have some important conversations and emails in your old Gmail account and it will be wise to move them to new account.

3-) You are resigning

There are certain organizations that create a work email account for the new employees. You will have a email during the course of work there, but it will be deleted once you resign from that company. So, if there is any personal correspondence in your old work Gmail account which is valuable for you, then how would you do that. Again, transfer old Gmail emails to new account to get those messages.

Common FAQs Regarding Moving Old Gmail to New Account

Ques 1- I am stuck with this problem right now. I was able to easily import employee A’s Gmail work data to a new Gmail account. Now, that I’m doing the same to forward old Gmail emails to new Gmail for the employee B – I’m getting this error:
“Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password”.
The server returned error: “[AUTH] Username and Password not accepted.”
I’ve definitely activated POP3 in the source email.  How can I solve this? Is there any alternative option to cut off the migration time of emails? Hoping to get a response from you soon!

Expert- Go through the above steps to know about how to transfer old Gmail emails to a new account. And yes, definitely there is an alternative option using which you can import all old messages within a minimum of time. You can proudly use the mentioned software for complete satisfaction.

Ques 2- Hi, I have tried to fetch some email messages from my old Gmail account to new one with the help of the traditional “email forward method” offered by Gmail. Although Google shows the emails are transferred with no errors but still it has happened many times on my multiple old accounts that there was a major difference of almost 2000 emails (over 2000 emails short) from the old Gmail account to the new one. How can I avoid this problem in the future? Please suggest to me some good solutions regarding this.</p.

Expert- Hello!
We understand your query. Sometimes it happens with the standard solutions that the users face data loss. We highly recommend reading this complete guide and using the automated solution for transferring your old Gmail messages to new one.

Wrap Up

Sometimes you need to move a few valuable messages from your old Gmail account to a new one, or perhaps you want to read some important conversations from your old Gmail account. Then, without any extra downloads or long methods, you can do that anytime with our software. The powerful features of this tool-set will surely help you to transfer Gmail account emails to another personal account in the blink of an eye. Please let us know if you have any queries regarding this, our technical support team is there to help you out!