How to Import Old Emails into Gmail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Do you have old email archives that you downloaded from your previous email account ?
Do you want to import old emails into Gmail account so that you can use Gmail app on your android phone and still have access to everything?
Read this blog to know how you can import old mailboxes in Gmail.

There’s a lot to like about Gmail – a simple and well-interactive GUI, huge storage space, online accessibility from anywhere, data security and many more attractive features. What makes Gmail especially handy is that you can access those mailboxes that you received long ago and you need to consult them on a regular basis. It turns out that if you are using an email client like Outlook that is chocked with a lot of emails then you should certainly keep an archive of all those emails on your desktop. Thereafter, you can import old emails into Gmail and enjoy its smooth functionality. You can do this process using Email Backup Wizard. This software aims to import old emails to Gmail account.

Also, if your business runs on emails, then Gmail is a boon to you. This is because it is cheaper, needs less maintenance and your data is saved on the cloud which means your emails are always available anywhere you get online with a web browser. All these factors attract users to import old mailboxes in Gmail account so that they can access their previous emails anywhere with just internet connectivity.

If you have recently switched to Gmail but you are missing all your old email archives then Email Converter will enable you to import old emails into the current Gmail account. So, let’ start with the working steps to import old mailboxes in Gmail account.

How to Import Old Emails into Gmail Account ?

Follow these steps to import old mails into Gmail: –

  • Step-1: Run The Software On Windows Computer.
  • Step-2: Choose Gmail as an email source and fill its credentials.
  • Step-3: Press the Login tab and enable checkboxes of Gmail folders.
  • Step-4: Select Gmail as a file saving option from the utility.
  • Step-5: Enter Gmail account details and click on Backup.

Import Old Mailboxes in Gmail Easily

Got a new Gmail account ? This does not mean to let go of all your old emails which may still hold value. Well, this process to import old emails into Gmail account sounds tiring, rather it is a simple task. You just need to figure out the right steps and we are here to help you through this. Let’s get those old emails and proceed towards how you can import old emails into Gmail account.

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Stepwise Guide to Import Old Emails into Gmail (Google Mail) Account

Download the software from the download button. Install and launch the software on your Windows Computer.

After that, select your email account which contains your old emails from the email source list. Fill the account credentials in the interface.

Now, once you have filled all those account details, the tool will automatically fetch the mailbox folders in the interface. Here, choose the old email folder you want to transfer into the Gmail account.

Thereafter, choose the Gmail option in the list of file saving options.

Note: Enable the Save messages in default folders option if you want to see your emails exactly in the same default folder as it was in the source email client.

Enter all credentials of your Gmail account to start the processing to import old emails into Gmail account.

Note: Click on Use Advanced Settings for Selective Backup option that will enable you to arrange your emails according to Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc.

Once all the above steps are done, now simply hit on the Backup tab, to begin with how to import old emails into Gmail account processing.

That’s’ it! See how it’s so easy with this software to import old emails into Gmail. There are so many of our clients who have used this software and have provided us their valuable reviews. Check those reviews in the below section.

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Highlighted Features of Software to Import Old Emails into Gmail

Advanced Filters for Selective Backup: Email Backup Wizard provides a separate option to handle and backup only selected emails. The user can filter those emails with options like Date Range, Email address, etc.

Automated utility for importing old emails: This software only asks your account credentials and thereafter, you can import old emails into Gmail account in a couple of clicks.

Preserves Email folder structure: This tool has been programmed in such a manner that it retains the internal folder hierarchy throughout you import old emails into Gmail account.

Precisely maintains email properties: It is a to-notch advanced tool and keeps a check that all email headers(From, to, cc, bcc, subject, attachments, etc) are maintained during importing old emails to Gmail.

Windows-compatible software: Email Backup Wizard is a Windows-based utility. It runs smoothly on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc for importing old mailboxes in Gmail.

Client Reviews

I have my old Thunderbird mail archive from my previous email account. Recently, I created a new Gmail account due to its powerful features so I decided to make it my primary account. But, I was worried to import those old emails into my newly created Gmail account. My colleague suggested me to use Email Backup Wizard and to my surprise, this software works wonders. With this tool. I was able to import old emails into Gmail account with just a few mouse clicks. The entire transfer process of emails was a cakewalk for me. Thanks a ton!

John – New York

I was asked to help a friend to set up a new Gmail account, in order to move all old emails from the previous AOL email account. Of course, we want to import old emails into Gmail. However, when I opened up my own AOL account to check the settings, I was disappointed to see a forwarding option anywhere. I even tried to seek a solution from the help pages. Then, I started researching on the internet to find a reliable approach for the same. Luckily, I got Email Backup Wizard which really helped me out to import old mailboxes to Gmail account in a breeze.

Alex – London

Final Words

Importing old emails that are so important to you into a new Gmail account seems to be an annoying task. However, with Email Backup Wizard you can efficiently import old emails into Gmail account. The software has a self-explanatory interface so it’s quite easy for users to import old mailboxes in Gmail.