List of Top 10 Desktop Email Clients for Office use on Mac & Windows

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 11 Min Read
This guide walks you through the top 10 desktop email clients for Office use on Mac and Windows with maximum productivity tools. The list mentioned includes both the paid and free applications, therefore choose as per Office purposes.

The importance and need of email is incomparable no matter how many communication software are introduced. It is still and always be the prevalent form of communication between people sitting at different corners of the world. This efficient and speedy way of communication holds a special value in the business world. There may be any task that doesn’t involve email presence, whether recruiting an employee, coordinating with clients, managing financial data, or sharing an event invite.

If you are looking to switch your office email service from webmail to desktop-based email client or manage multiple email accounts on the desktop, knowing the best desktop email clients for Office use can help you.

There are a lot of names when it comes to desktop email clients for business purposes.

Selecting the best for your office use will not be easy when there are several names out there.

Don’ worry, we have made the job easy for you!

In this blog post, we have mentioned the best desktop email client list at present and efficient for all organization size.

What Makes Desktop Email Client the Best Choice for Office use?

An email client that runs on a desktop has a lot to offer than a web-based email client. It has a never-ending advantages list, but above all, it is easy to set up, offers seamless user experience, customization options, and many more.

Also, a desktop email client saves time switching to a browser every time you want to access email or any other communication tool. If you also pay attention to the pricing, most desktop-based email clients are free of cost or come with affordable pricing. So, your decision of switching to a desktop-based email client for office purposes is worth considering.

Which Top 10 Desktop Email Clients you should consider for Office use?

The ten desktop email client names are given below for all types of offices worldwide that use Windows and Mac OS.

1 – eM Client Email Client with exception message encryption ability

Sketch: eM Client is a powerful and popular desktop-based email client available for Windows and Mac OS users. The application can be set up in 20 languages and support mail protocols like SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and more.

Free Accounts: The eM Client is free for two account setup that only includes the email, calendar, and task management services.

Paid Accounts: For Startup and Office use, the company offers a special pro package that offers unlimited account setup. The list of other benefits include at the enterprise level are:

  • Manage email, calendar, and other tasks efficiently.
  • Sleek and modern looking interface
  • Offers commercial usage tools
  • Use features like snooze email, mass email, send email later, etc.
  • Translate the incoming email in your language.
  • The context section has a communication history option.
  • License Manager
  • Support Chats based on any XMPP server


2 – Mailbird Email Client with layout customization & App Integration

Mailbird is also one of the finest desktop email clients for Windows 7,8 and 10. This can configure Gmail account and other more accounts easily. It helps you send and receive emails efficiently, manage contacts, calendars, and other data.

Free Accounts: Mailbird free download has various limitations and supports only two accounts. Also, users cannot use the advanced features.

Paid Accounts: The Mailbird paid services can setup for unlimited accounts and ideal for office use due to various smart features like:

  1. Integrate daily useful apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Linked In, and more.
  2. Snooze option for desired sent and received the email.
  3. Offers multi-language support for installation and working.
  4. Helpful shortcut options to compose, send, reply and forward messages.


3 – Thunderbird Email Client with a powerful library of Add-ons

The Thunderbird desktop mail client has been in business for a long time and favourites many for seamless email activity. It is a Windows-based email application that doesn’t charge a single penny for everyday communication. Several organizations around the globe use Thunderbird for cost-cutting and experience good email service.

Free Accounts: As Thunderbird is an open-source application, anyone can install it for free access to emails without internet connectivity. An organization can setup with email accounts using the Thunderbird client without any charges. This easy-to-use application has several advantages such as:

  1. Easily schedule email backup and manage server settings.
  2. Robust Security option and end-to-end encryption.
  3. Useful Add-ons option to improve user experience.
  4. Customize your Inbox with helpful themes like Suave, Dark Fox, etc.
  5. Advance mail Templates for quick response.


4 – Microsoft Outlook Email Client with Office Productive tools

From the 90s, Microsoft Outlook has a strong reputation and a scalable email solution for small and large businesses. It is relativity reliable for Office use as it is bundled with Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

Free Accounts: Outlook desktop email client for free of cost is not available.

Paid Accounts: If you want to use Outlook mail client with the business tools, please consider the Office 365 licensed edition as per your organization’s strength. The email client has several business use flexible options that includes:

  1. Pre-made templates for email, read-aloud text for messages.
  2. Manage incoming and ongoing messages with keywords.
  3. Hundreds of third-party Integration to customize the experience.
  4. Ribbon option to perform commands to perform the task.
  5. Sophisticated Office use options for the effective user interface.


5 – The Bat! Email Client with several email account manager

The Bat Windows desktop email client is a standard application to manage a large email base efficiently. It has many flexible options for Office use that provides a great user experience and seamless workflow. It has no limitation on the number of email account managed via IMAP, POP, and MAPI protocols.

Free Accounts: The Ritslabs desktop mail client allows you to create an account free of cost for 30 days. After the completion of the period, it is recommended to switch to the licensed edition.

Paid Accounts: For desktop email clients for Office use in 2021, The Bat! is a good option. Its edition is affordable and helps to manage office communication seamlessly with various proficient features such as:

  1. Multiple Filtering options for the email management
  2. Easy-to-use and classified email templates.
  3. On the fly, encryption helps to set up a strong password during setup.
  4. Take control over your email profile layout.
  5. The MailTicker helps check the unread emails on the screen.


6 – Zimbra Desktop Email Client with a maximum collaboration tool

Zimbra mail client is a profitable business solution for small, macro, medium, and enterprise level. It is a robust email application to manage emails, contacts, and calendars through various collaboration tool. It is a globally preferred desktop client and accessible on all the platforms like Windows, MacOs, and Linux.

Free Accounts: Zimbra desktop is free for limited accounts and provides features to a limited extent. Therefore, for Office use, Zimbra Mail Client paid edition is a good choice for business.

Paid Accounts: Zimbra business collaboration tool is highly useful in the business environment. The exemplary advantages it gives to an organization uses are mentioned below:

  1. The Collaboration tool includes Briefcase, Calendar, Tasks, etc.
  2. Use the Zimbra advance search engine on your desktop.
  3. Multiple panels to efficiently read and organize emails.
  4. Mini Calendar desktop mode to maintain an appointment and other tasks.
  5. Zimbra zimlets helps in the customization of the profile as per user need.


7 – MailSpring Email Client to improve productivity& everyday tasks

MailSpring is an easy-to-use Windows desktop mail client that seamlessly composes, sends, and receives email messages. It has multiple layout and themes that users can set as per the requirements. The layout is modern and designed with powerful features that satisfy every email needs.

The Free Accounts: The Mailbird free email account is available as a free trial that has a limitation of 30 days. But, the advanced feature availability is restricted, and only standard functions are provided.

The Paid Accounts: The MailSpring is a smart desktop email client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has many attractive features that can satisfy everyday business requirements quickly. Some of its best feature for Office use are:

  1. Exclusive & interactive interface for professional needs.
  2. Helpful modes like inbox, snoozing, reminders, templates, etc.
  3. The Pro edition includes an email sidekick for sales and business.
  4. Send a bulk email every day, use mailbox analytics, read receipts, and more.
  5. Translate MailSpring messages into 20+ languages for user ease.

8 – PostBox Email Client with truly impressive features for professionals

PostBox is an exemplary desktop email client for both Windows and Mac OS users. It is designed for those to customize their daily workflow. In particular, post boxes are targeted at busy professionals in a series of industries. Unlike other desktop mail clients, it helps send, receive, and manage emails using various useful filters.

The Free Accounts: The email client for desktop provide a 30-day trial for the user to check the application’s fictionality and features.

The Paid Accounts: In the list of top 10 desktop email clients for office use, Postbox is an ideal option for small and large organizations. It provides an array of options for a professional email which includes:

  1. Support Integration with apps like Dropbox, Slack, Evernote, etc.
  2. Various security features like tracking prevention, end-to-end encryption, more.
  3. Postbox allows managing several POP and IMAP accounts swiftly.
  4. Unsubscribe the non-listing email header in just one click.
  5. Various filers are options to scale the email need as per the user.


9 – Sylpheed Email Client with a clutter-free interface

Sylpheed is an email client for desktop PC and allows users to send, receive, and filter emails precisely. It has a super keyword-oriented option for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. It has an easy-to-use or user-friendly interface that a beginner can manage to work.

Free Accounts: Sylpheed free edition is available with various limitations on account setup and functionalities. Therefore, the user needs to switch to the licensed edition.

Paid Accounts: The paid edition of the Sylpheed desktop is useful for the Office size of medium and large. It gives smooth email workflow activities using a consistent user interface. It has a special list of features to offer like:

  1. Distinctive keyword operation to read emails easily.
  2. Easy configuration and management of tasks for daily operations.
  3. The strong search filter to sort out sent and revived emails accurately.
  4. Junk mail control feature which utilizes external commands.
  5. Support various protocols, including POP3, IMAP, SMTP, etc.


10 – Eudora Email Client for everyday emails users 

Eudora is an excellent email client for desktop users and can be set with IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols. It is a classical, fast and flexible, easy, and effective email client with statistical spam filters is which is helpful to organize email. Some of the best features of Eudora are available in the paid version that can make everyday use.

Free Accounts: The Eudora desktop mail client for business offers a trial edition for multiple accounts that last for few days.

Paid Accounts: For office use, Eudora paid edition is a better choice for power tool and impressive add-ons. The mail client has many superb advantages such as:

  • Filters to manage messages and eliminate unwanted emails.
  • Organize message by creating the unlimited folder and nested mailbox.
  • Find a message immediately with a powerful search feature.
  • Email is detected with the completeness of the automatic name.
  • Easily manage multiple email accounts into a single customer.
Top 10 BitRecover products for top 10 desktop email clients

If you are using any of the desktop email client as mentioned above and want to replace your default email client with another desktop-based email client or cloud-based email services then you can proudly use BitRecover Software. Using these products, computer users can easily switch their desktop-based email client without losing the current data. All these BitRecover Software come with a free demo edition so that users can check the software functionality as well as working process before upgrading to the professional edition.

  1. eM Client Converter
  2. Mailbird Converter
  3. Thunderbird Converter
  4. Outlook PST Converter
  5. The BAT Converter
  6. Zimbra Converter
  7. Mailspring Converter
  8. Postbox Converter
  9. Sylpheed Converter
  10. Eudora Converter
The Conclusion

Email is the central channel of communication in every small and big organization. The above blog post highlights the top 10 desktop email clients for Office use with paid and free accounts. The guide also shares the features and abilities offered with the mentioned desktop email client for Windows and Mac users.