How to Transfer Data from One Google Account to Another?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Have you changed your name or your business? Or do you want a new Google Gmail account but are not in a mood to miss your old emails? No problem!!! You can transfer data from one Google account to another.  While Google Gmail is set in stone, you can easily set up your new Gmail account and take all your emails with you easily.

It’s a good idea to transfer emails with labels from one Gmail account to another. There are many reasons why users want to migrate data from one Google account to another. If you do this manually, you may lose old emails that are important to you. While it may seem like a tedious process to import emails into Gmail, but it is an easy task actually.

Gmail gives you versatile features to save your Gmail folder with limited space. So, to overcome the storage space issues you need to transfer old emails from Gmail to another account. But if you have limited data in Gmail account then you can backup with Google Takeout procedure. However, manual methods have their own drawbacks.

Hence, to make the task easy and directly migrate one Google account emails to another Google account. We are having a solution that takes less time and effort.

So, without wasting your precious time, let’s start the process…..

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Transfer Data from One Google Account to Another Smartly

One of the best Gmail Backup Wizard by BitRecover. The application makes it easy to transfer Gmail account to another person with just a few clicks only. This tool to is quite helpful for migrating emails to another Google account mailbox without any issue. No issues are faced by the user to execute the migration process. Simple, precise, and bug-free software to migrate data from one Google account to another with just a few clicks only.

Download for WindowsDownload for Mac

Transfer of particular emails is no more a mission impossible by using this software. Moreover, this tool even offers a limitless email transferring process between two accounts. Also, you can easily operate this tool on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit. The software directly moves multiple email folders at once without any hang-up issue.

Let’s go through the process for emails migration to your new Google account by following the step-by-step process.

Steps to Migrate Data Between Google Accounts

  1. Firstly, download and install the above suggested utility on any version of the Windows machine.
  2. Secondly, enter the credentials of your Google account to migrate data from one Google account to another.  After Google Less Secure News, Use Google App Password. Click on login button.enter Gmail account details
  3. The tool will list all the Gmail folders along with the message count. Check the desired folder as per the requirement for selecting mailbox emailschoose Gmail folder to transfer Gmail data to another account
  4. From the list of saving options, choose Gmail as a way to transfer emails between accounts.choose Gmail option
  5. If you want to save the migrated data in the default folder then, check the option “Save Messages in Default Folder.”
  6. Enter the credentials of your Google Gmail account in which you need to transfer old emails
  7. If you want to migrate particular emails then, check the option “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” and click on Login button.
  8. Once the migration is done, you will have the message of completion on your screen.

In this way, you can easily download Google emails to computer without any issue. So it is very much clear that this process is easy to transfer all  your emails from one Google account to another takes only a few moments.

Why Choose this Professional Wizard?

The eminent capabilities offered by this wizard are absolutely supreme and are hardly available by other applications offering similar solutions, at such a pocket-friendly price.

  • Working with the tool is completely easy and clear as the operational interface has been programmed with user-friendly algorithms. This way not only technically inclined users can execute the tool but even novice users can benefit from the ability to transfer their data.
  • The formatting of data is kept throughout the migrate data from one Google account to another account process.
  • The tool doesn’t even compromise with obligatory technicalities for migration of emails as the right kind of technical integration has been done within the application.
  • You can access the software on any Windows OS version as it is supportive of all editions of Windows O. Hence, it is feasible to provide users with sheer ease as well as smooth operability.
  • Limitless migration is done by using this precise solution to implement the process to transfer data from one Google account to another.

Therefore, it is always advised –

To get the proper email migration plan handy. BitRecover can provide you with top-notch solutions along with proper technical support. So, you can contact [email protected] for more information if anything information requires.


However, you may want to switch from one Google to another, therefore we have explained methods here. In this article, we have suggested the best solution to transfer data from one Google account to another. Using the mentioned solution you can simply migrate your all emails of the Google account into any required new Google account.