How to Restore Deleted Emails in AOL Accounts?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Today we will teach you techniques to restore deleted emails in AOL accounts. AOL offers a mechanism to recover an email if you unintentionally delete it within a set amount of time. An email is originally placed in the “Trash” folder after deletion, where it is kept for a week. You can easily get back the deleted email within this time. The recovery procedures, however, can change if more than 7 days have gone since the email was deleted. Let’s look at how to recover permanently deleted AOL emails.

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How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails Manually?

Users love using AOL for email service. But do you know that, just like other email applications, AOL also has the risk of deleting email messages? If you have deleted a wrong email accidentally and now getting panic attacks, then there is a manual way that can come in help to restore deleted AOL emails if they are not permanently deleted.

Steps to Restore Deleted AOL Emails in 7 Days:

It is very simple to recover deleted AOL emails that you have recently erased if it hasn’t been more than seven days. To recover your email straight from your AOL mailbox within 7 days, follow these steps:

  1. Access your AOL account by going to and logging in with your username and password.
  2. After logging into your email account, look for the left-hand panel and select the “Trash” icon. This will list every email that was deleted in the previous week.
  3. Tick the box to the right of the email that you want to recover.
  4. An “Action” button is located above the email list. After clicking on it, select “Move to:” and then “Inbox” from the list of alternatives.
  5. Locate the restored email in your inbox by navigating there. It needs to be put back where it belongs.
Note: AOL stores the deleted emails for 7 days of the period after that emails get permanently removed from the trash box. The above-mentioned manual method helps only when your AOL emails are not permanently deleted. To avoid this frustration, it is important to have a permanent backup of AOL emails so that you can restore them whenever required.

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Automated Solution to Restore Permanently Deleted AOL Emails

No matter even if your AOL emails are permanently deleted from AOL trash, you can still restore them if you are having a backup! BitRecover Cloud Backup and Restore Wizard is the most trusted software that supports a variety of file formats and email clients and helps you to restore deleted emails in AOL account. This recovery software also includes features to extract attachments from emails. The toolkit is specially built to provide facilities like backup, restore, and extract emails and attachments from multiple accounts. You can save your time and effort by using its advanced features and options.

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Features of the Modern Software:

  • Save AOL emails to a hard drive in multiple standard formats i.e., PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, etc.
  • Restore permanently deleted AOL emails from the downloaded backups.
  • Supports more than 100 cloud-based email services including AOL email.
  • Saves time by restoring backups from multiple email accounts.
  • Offers numerous features such as applying filters, showing previews, checking, and unchecking, etc.

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Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Email from AOL Account

As we already discussed, backups are the most convenient way to restore permanently deleted AOL emails. If you already took a backup of your crucial data, then follow these steps to restore them back to AOL without any delay:

  1. Click on the given link above and launch the software in your system. (You can also watch the tutorial of the steps by visiting the link)
  2. Now you will have to select an email source from the available options on the screen and upload your backup file.
    start software to restore deleted emails in aol
  3. Use the Select Files or Select Folders option for adding stored backup data.
    add data to restore aol emails
  4. In the left-hand corner, you can preview the list of files and folders once you are logged In. You can check or uncheck by clicking on the box.
    select required folders
  5. Now go to the backup option and choose IMAP as the saving option from the given list to restore deleted emails in AOL account.
    select a restore source
  6. You can also apply filters by clicking on the Filter option to retrieve specific delete AOL emails.
    filters to restore permanently deleted aol emails
  7. Know your AOL IMAP login credentials and enter them in specific fields such as email and password including IMAP host and post numbers. Click the Backup button to start retrieving permanently deleted emails in AOL account.


AOL is a very popular webmail application that is proving email services for years. We are human and we can make mistakes, but sometimes these mistakes can weigh a heavy load on us. The above article presented all the possible ways to restore deleted emails in AOL. The best decision is to take a backup of your precious data today if you do not want to face any loss and restore them effortlessly. The above-mentioned software will help you till the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Is there a way to recover deleted emails on AOL?

Ans: Yes, you can recover deleted AOL emails manually from the trash folder within 7 days.

Que 2: Is it possible to recover permanently deleted emails from AOL account?

Ans: Yes, you can use the above-recommended tool that is capable to restore permanently deleted AOL emails from the backup.

Que 3: How to retrieve deleted emails from AOL Trash folder?

Ans: Login to your AOL email account and open the Trash folder. Open an email that you wish to retrieve back in AOL and right-click on it. Thereafter, take an action and choose to move it to the Inbox option.