How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Yahoo Mail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Users don’t want to store replica emails in Yahoo Mail but they are unable to prevent them. Thereafter, they start searching for a solution to remove duplicate emails from Yahoo Mail account.

If you are currently using Yahoo Mail and want to get rid of email duplicates then you have landed at the correct webpage. Here, you will learn the 2 best techniques to delete duplicate Yahoo Mail email messages.

  1. Manual Method
  2. Professional Method

We will explain above mentioned top 2 ways in brief including complete details. But first, read some reasons due to the users prefer to delete duplicate emails in Yahoo Mail accounts.

Benefits to Delete Duplicate Yahoo Mail Emails

  • Get a clutter-free Yahoo Mail inbox folder.
  • Search performance will be improved in Yahoo Mail.
  • The total mailbox size will be reduced.
  • Yahoo Mail quota space will be increased to receive new emails.
  • Accidentally Yahoo email deletion will be overcome.

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Manual Way to Remove Duplicate Emails in Yahoo Mail

  1. First, login to your Yahoo Mail account.
    login to yahoo mail
  2. Type an email subject that you think about possibly duplicate and press Enter button.
    type email subject
  3. Now you can see all Yahoo duplicates related to your specific search.
    see yahoo mail duplicates
  4. Afterward, analyze duplicate Yahoo email and check if it is duplicate or not.
    analyse duplicate yahoo
  5. Click the Delete icon for erasing duplicate Yahoo emails.
    delete duplicate yahoo mail
  6. You can also use checkboxes to select multiple emails for deletion and press Delete.
    bulk remove duplicate yahoo mail
  7. See duplicate conversations deleted successfully.
    conversations deleted
  8. Go to the Deleted Items folder to see the deleted duplicates.
    deleted items folder
  9. Enable checkboxes at once and hit the Delete button.
    select deleted items
  10. Are you sure you want to permanently delete duplicate Yahoo conversations? Press Ok to confirm.
    confirm yahoo duplicate email deletion
  11. Now you can see “Your Deleted Items folder is empty”. Yahoo duplicate emails were deleted successfully.
    your deleted items folder is empty

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

However, the manual method is available free of cost to remove duplicate emails from Yahoo Mail. But it comes with some limitations so this is not much useful for professional users who want to fix all Yahoo Mail duplicate emails at once. Know its limitations.

  • You will need to check or analyze Yahoo Mail duplicates one by one.
  • It allows to delete Yahoo duplicate emails based on a subject.
  • Only a single search term works at once to find Yahoo replica emails.
  • You may accidentally delete emails that are not duplicates.
  • It is not able to fix all Yahoo duplicate emails.
  • This is a time-consuming and lengthy process.

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Professional Yahoo Duplicate Email Remover Tool

Email Duplicate Remover Software is suitable to remove Yahoo duplicate emails. This is a fully automated tool that comes with multiple advance settings. Even it asks only for Yahoo Mail account credentials while deleting duplicate Yahoo Mail messages.

Yahoo Duplicate Email Remover has several options to remove duplicate Yahoo Mail based on specific email components like Attachments, Subject, Sender, and Receiver Details.

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Note: Please enable IMAP Settings and create Yahoo App Password to use this software without error. This software will use an App Password instead of your regular password due to security reasons.

How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Yahoo Mail?

  1. Launch Yahoo Email Duplicate Remover and choose Yahoo Mail as an email source.
    yahoo duplicate email remover
  2. Fill Yahoo Mail credentials like Email ID & App Password and press Login.
    enter yahoo mail credentials
  3. Enable Advance Settings to use batch mode and proxy facilities.
    advance settings
  4. Now software is analyzing and adding Yahoo Mail folders in the software GUI.
    adding yahoo mail folders
  5. Use front checkboxes for selecting specific Yahoo folders for duplicate removal.
    choose required yahoo folders
  6. There are several advance filters available to remove selective duplicate Yahoo emails.
    filter options
  7. After that, press the Remove button and choose the Yes option for your confirmation.
    remove duplicate emails from yahoo mail
  8. The tool is removing duplicate emails in Yahoo Mail, please wait.
    delete duplicate emails in yahoo mail
  9. Yahoo duplicate email removal procedure has been completed.
    completed successfully
  10. Thereafter, it will create and open a log report file that stores information about processed data.
    log report file
  11. Login to your Yahoo Mail account and see all deleted duplicates under the Duplicates Found folder.
    duplicates found
  12. Click on the down arrow of Duplicates Found and delete the folder forever if you want to free up some email quota space.
    delete duplicates found folder

Some Best Features of Software

  • Enable Advance Settings to use the batch mode feature which allows to deletion of Yahoo duplicate emails from various accounts at once via creating a CSV file.
  • This is completely automatic software that asks only for Yahoo Mail account credentials like email address and password.
  • It provides the facility to check or uncheck specific choice email folders for erasing duplicates.
  • Delete duplicate emails from Yahoo Mail by date range, email address, subject, exclude folders, and specific words.
  • It generates a new folder named Duplicates Found and moves all Yahoo Mail duplicate emails into it.
  • yahoo duplicate email remover generates a SavingLog.txt file which has information about processed data.
  • This software is suitable for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, and other else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: How to delete duplicate Yahoo Mail messages?

Ans: We have explained the 2 best methods to delete Yahoo duplicate emails. Choose any one method according to your work requirements.

Ques 2: Does your software permit to remove duplicate emails in multiple Yahoo Mail accounts?

Ans: Yes, this is well suitable to remove duplicate Yahoo Mail messages from multiple accounts at once. Just enable Advance Settings and then choose the batch mode option. Thereafter, the software will say to add a CSV file having credentials of various Yahoo Mail accounts.

Ques 3: Can I remove duplicate Yahoo Mail emails between a specific year?

Ans: Yes, you need to use the Filter Options and then set a specific date range to remove yahoo duplicate emails between selected dates.

The Closure

Just download the free Yahoo duplicate email remover tool and configure it on your own machine. The freeware version is well suitable to check the first 20 emails from each folder for duplicate removal so this is beneficial to get complete satisfaction before upgrading to the pro version. After, getting complete satisfaction, activate its licensed version to remove duplicate emails from Yahoo Mail without limitations.