How to Permanently Delete Emails from Yahoo Mail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 10th, 2023 • 10 Min Read
Are you finding a way for solving “how to delete Yahoo email permanently” related queries? If yes, then you landed on the right page. If you have a large number of contacts on Yahoo Mail, this means that your mailbox is filled with multiple emails daily. It would take a long time to manually extract thousands of emails. Therefore, in this blog, we will explain various ways to erase emails and yahoo user accounts at once. Get ready to clean your cluttered inbox.

Several users don’t want to continue with their Yahoo Mail accounts. Therefore, they have decided to delete Yahoo email account forever.

Emails are not only a significant way to exchange information, but also a physical record of conversations. This is why people want to use the best email service. Mostly, one that contains a useful feature for both professional and personal use.

In 2013, Yahoo Mail users faced the biggest breach by hackers in which 3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked. From that moment, the trust of people in the Yahoo Mail account is shaken and all those who have an email account in Yahoo want to permanently delete it. Therefore, if you are looking for some easy steps to permanently delete your Yahoo account, check this blog.

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How to Erase Emails – Manual Methods

We understand the user behavior as we are providing technical solutions for computer users since 2011. Some users want to delete yahoo emails on phone and computer one by one. While some users prefer to delete all Yahoo Mail emails from a folder at once. Therefore, here we are explaining both methods to erase yahoo email.

1) Remove Yahoo Emails One by One

If you are using a Yahoo email account for the past several years and want to continue with it. Then you can follow these simple steps for deleting only a few specific emails from the whole account.

Many users don’t want to delete yahoo mail account permanently. But instead of it, users want to erase some selective yahoo emails for increasing the quota space and performance of the Yahoo account. Let’s start!

  1. Login to Yahoo Mail account and choose a folder to erase yahoo emails.
    login-to yahoo
  2. Move your mouse arrow on any email that you want to delete. After that, click on the Trash icon to delete this message.
    delete yahoo email

2) Delete All Yahoo Mail from A Folder

Some Yahoo Mail users prefer to delete all emails from yahoo mail account. Because they don’t want to continue use Yahoo Mail for sending and receiving email messages.

Therefore, if you want to know how to delete folders in yahoo mail including all available emails. Then you can follow the given instructions and erase Yahoo emails from the unnecessary folders.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account and select a folder. After that, click on the Check Box dropdown and choose the All option.
    select all yahoo emails
  2. Now you can see all Yahoo emails are selected from a specific folder. Now hit on the Delete button to delete yahoo emails all at once.
    delete all yahoo mail

Limitations of Manual Method

  • The manual method is not able to delete yahoo email permanently deleted emails automatically move under Deleted Items folder.
  • If want to permanently delete yahoo emails then after following the above-mentioned steps. You will need to erase emails from Deleted Items folder.
  • This is a time-consuming method as it requires to repeat Yahoo Mail deletion process two times for permanent deletion i.e., first delete from specific folders and then erase from Deleted Items folder.
  • Users can’t remove all Yahoo email folders having all available email messages including email embedded data.

How to Delete Yahoo Account Permanently?

Some users give preference to delete yahoo mail account forever instead of Yahoo Mail deletion. Hence, if you have a Yahoo account that has unnecessary emails then you can close your Yahoo account permanently.

Please Note: Before you begin to delete Yahoo account forever. First, deactivate the Yahoo Mail services, and then follow the easy steps to remove the Yahoo account permanently.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Email account and click on the Account info option.
    yahoo mail user account
  2. Choose the Help option from the personal info page.
    yahoo account personal info
  3. Select close or reactive your Yahoo account option from create and delete account menu.
    create and delete yahoo account
  4. Sign in to the Yahoo account termination page.
    close your yahoo account
  5. Now, a page will open up with the heading “Before continuing, please consider the following information.” It provides complete information about what you’ll lose after deleting the Yahoo account permanently. After reading, click on Continue delete my Account.
    continue deleting my account
  6. Here, once again enter Yahoo mail account email address. Finally, click on Yes terminate this account button.
    delete yahoo email account
  7. Click on Sounds good to go back on Yahoo’s homepage.

That’s it. Your Yahoo Mail account gets deleted permanently. It is a simple and easy method that anyone can follow to get rid of an active Yahoo Mail account forever.

Yahoo Mail Account Deletion Disadvantages

  • After removing yahoo email account permanently, you will be restricted to use some crucial Yahoo services.
  • Complete Yahoo Mail data including emails, contacts, calendars, and folders will be lost forever.
  • You will never use same email account in the future so you need to think about it.
  • Normally Yahoo takes approx 30 to 180 days for permanent deletion of Yahoo account. Hence this not an instant solution for account deletion.

Expert Solution to Remove Yahoo Mail Emails

How to delete emails permanently from the yahoo mail account? If this question is running on your mind, then don’t worry about this because we have a solution to remove emails from your yahoo mail account. There are many ways but if you want to find the best and easy method to erase unwanted emails without having any trouble then use the Email Remover Tool, it is the best solution to erase emails in a few seconds and without any type of problems.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Delete Yahoo Email Permanently – Steps

  1. Start the above-mentioned software on your pc (Windows & Mac). Choose Yahoo Mail as an email source. Enter Yahoo Mail credentials i.e., Email Address & App Password, and click on the login button.
    Know How to Generate Yahoo Mail App Passwordselect yahoo mail
  2. After that, you can see all Yahoo folders in the software panel. From here, choose the required email folders that you want to erase forever.
    delete option
  3. This Yahoo Mail Eraser offers several advanced filter options to remove Yahoo emails between by specific date range, email address, subject, email having attachments, etc.
    filter option
  4. Now click on the Delete button to start removing Yahoo emails permanently.
    delete yahoo email permanently
  5. Yahoo Mail Remover software shows a warning message i.e., Yahoo Messages or Attachments once deleted cannot be retrieved back. Are you sure want to continue? Press the Next button now.
    erase emails
  6. The software is erasing emails permanently, please wait for a while.
    remove yahoo email account
  7. Yahoo emails are deleted successfully, see the message of completion. At last, click on the Ok button to confirm.

There are many solutions to remove emails from your yahoo account but this Yahoo email remover is free for any type of risk. Also, it gives 100% results to the operators.

If you want to use the free trial version of this solution then here is the demo version to check the working process of this software after satisfaction you can buy the licensed key to remove the restrictions and remove more emails.

Expert Suggestion Before Yahoo Mail Deletion

Before deleting Yahoo Mail emails permanently, this is advisable to save email messages locally for future use. This is necessary because emails contain crucial information. Download Yahoo Mail Backup Software for Windows and Mac OS which allows storing Yahoo emails on a local pc in multiple commonly used file extensions.

An email account not only contains email but all other information like contacts, calendars, appointments, and more. All in one your Yahoo Mail account may contain important information. So, better than before is that you create a complete copy of your Yahoo Mail account before deleting it for permanent. It’s a good way to secure valuable information from the Yahoo email account.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Features of Yahoo Mail Eraser

Option to bulk delete emails at once: While there are plenty of ways to help you manage clutter in your inbox, it is often the most helpful to delete messages that you know you need. But you do not want to delete your unwanted yahoo mail email messages one by one. It is very time-consuming. Use the Yahoo Mail Remover. This is a solution to delete all emails at once.

Highly advanced filters to delete emails: It has an advanced filter option for permanently deleting emails according to the selected date range, deleting emails with a subject, deleting emails from related addresses, etc. this is the best way to remove emails by the yahoo mail account.

Erase emails having attachments: Yahoo Mail Remover Software has a separate option to remove yahoo emails that has attachments. Therefore, users can easily free up email quota space as emails take much space while storing the messages. The software also has an isolated option to delete yahoo emails permanently having attachments more than specific MBs in size.

Delete all yahoo emails from one sender: The tool has a separate option to delete all Yahoo emails from one sender. This is the most useful feature of this software because several spamming emails come through a specific email address. Then you can enter the specific email address to delete all yahoo emails.

Delete Yahoo emails by date range: Yahoo Mail Eraser can delete yahoo emails within a specific date range. You can choose a specific date range from email filters to erase emails by year/month/day, etc.

Delete yahoo emails all at once: Manually this is not possible to delete yahoo emails all at once. But this professional solution is capable to delete all emails on yahoo. You can select all folders and press the Delete button to erase all Yahoo Mail messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – Is my Yahoo Mail email address also deleted after the permanent deletion of the Yahoo account?

Ans. Yes, all the information gets deleted unless you saved it somewhere if you use the manual method. But a professional solution deletes only all Yahoo emails so you can use your email address without any problem.

Q 2 – How do I delete old Yahoo emails by year?

A – The tool comes with advanced features so you can choose a specific date range to delete old yahoo emails by year according to your choice.

Q 3 – How to delete folders in Yahoo Mail?

A – Launch the suggested software and enter Yahoo Mail account credentials i.e., Email Address and App Password to login. Thereafter, you can see Yahoo email folders in the software GUI. Hence, choose the required folders to start deleting folders from Yahoo Mail.


The above blog describes the best ways to delete yahoo email permanently at once? All the methods have been described in detail. This blog also suggests that it is preferable and safe to use Yahoo mail operators to delete yahoo email from the server.