Guide to Remove Duplicate Emails in Gmail Account

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 10th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

Do you want to get rid of email duplicates in Gmail? So, looking for a quick solution to remove duplicate emails in Gmail account. If your repercussion is yes then keep continue read this informative write-up. Here, we are discussing the 2 verified and effective approaches for deleting duplicate emails in Gmail accounts.

Nowadays Gmail is the world’s most popular email service therefore over 1.8 billion users worldwide use it. Gmail comes with simple to use interface and the best security features so currently Gmail holds approx. 30% email client market share. Users want to remove Gmail duplicate emails because of multiple reasons, let’s know them.

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Why Do Users Delete Duplicate Emails in Gmail?

  • When Gmail quota space is near to full then users prefer may prefer to remove duplicate emails from Gmail accounts.
  • If Gmail users search for a specific email message, then duplicate emails create confusion.
  • Users want to keep their Gmail inbox completely organized and clutter-free from unwanted emails.
  • After removing Gmail duplicate emails, the performance of the Gmail account will be increased.

#1 Manual Way to Remove Duplicate Emails from Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Choose a folder that has duplicate emails.
  3. Thereafter, search for Gmail duplicates by typing an email address or specific subject/ word.
  4. Press the Enter button and start searching.
  5. Now you can see Gmail duplicate emails.
    search duplicate emails in gmail
  6. Select desired emails and click the Delete icon. Afterward, your emails will be moved to Trash folder.
    remove duplicate emails in gmail
  7. Go to the Trash folder, choose emails, and choose the Delete Forever option.
    forever delete duplicate emails in gmail

Note: If you want to delete Gmail emails in bulk from the Trash folder then choose Empty Trash Now option as you can see in the above screenshot.

Know Manual Method Limitations

  • This is a time-consuming method as you need to do multiple operations manually as Search >> Analyse >> Delete >> Delete Forever.
  • You may delete wrong emails if you did any mistake while erasing duplicate emails in your Gmail account.
  • You cannot find and delete all duplicate emails available in your Gmail account as one search term works at once.
  • Users must be technically sound if they wish to remove duplicate emails in Gmail accounts.

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#2 Pro Way to Erase Duplicate Emails in Gmail

BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover is the all-in-one software that supports all cloud-based email services. This software has a separate option to remove duplicate emails from Gmail accounts.

This Gmail Duplicate Email Remover comes with several advance filters. You can use this powerful utility to delete duplicate emails from Gmail folders at once. This is a perfect tool to get rid of Gmail email duplicates.

Free Gmail Duplicate Email Remover can analyze the top 20 emails from each folder for erasing duplicate messages. This software automatically generates a new folder named “Duplicates Found” to store deleted Gmail email duplicates.

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Note: Gmail IMAP Settings should be enabled and create app password also because your normal password will not work.

How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Gmail?

  1. First, run Gmail Duplicate Email Remover on your machine and choose Gmail as Source.
    gmail duplicate email remover
  2. Then enter Gmail credentials like Email Address and App Password. Click the Login button to continue.
    account credentials
  3. You can choose Advance Settings if you want to delete duplicate emails in multiple Gmail accounts at once.
    advance settings
  4. Now software is analyzing and adding Gmail folders in the software panel.
    analyzing folders
  5. Thereafter, select the required email folders from the software window.
    select folders
  6. Use advance filter options to remove duplicate emails from Gmail accounts.
    filter options
  7. After clicking on the Remove button, the software shows a warning message like “Gmail duplicate emails will be permanently moved to the “Duplicates Found” folder. Are you sure you want to continue?” Choose Yes for your confirmation.
    delete duplicate emails in gmail
  8. The tool is removing duplicate emails in Gmail account, please wait.
    how to remove duplicate emails in gmail
  9. The process to erase duplicate emails in Gmail, was completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  10. Thereafter, the software automatically opens a log report file that has complete details about removed Gmail duplicate emails.
    log report
  11. Go to your Gmail account and see all duplicate emails were moved to the Duplicates Found folder.
    login to gmail account
  12. Click the 3-dot icon and choose the Remove Label option to delete Duplicates Found permanently.
    remove label

Gmail Email Duplicate Remover has the Best Features

  • This software comes with Advance Filter options these filters permit the removal of duplicate emails in Gmail between date range/ specific email address/ specific subject/ exclude unnecessary folders/have a specific word.
  • You can also enable multiple parameters for searching and deleting Gmail duplicate emails like From, To, CC, BCC, Body, Subject, Attachments, and Time.
  • Gmail Duplicate Remover is capable to remove duplicate Gmail emails from several accounts at once. If you want to use batch mode then put your account credentials in a CSV file and add it to the software.
  • The tool automatically creates a separate folder named Duplicates Found to move all duplicate emails. So that, after deleting duplicate emails from Gmail, you can check them. You can also permanently delete this newly generated folder to free up quota space.
  • Gmail Email Duplicate Remover Tool allows you to check or uncheck desired email folders from the software window for erasing duplicate messages. You can easily choose your choice of folders accordingly.


  • Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, and all.
  • Supported Email Variants: The tool supports both Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.

#3 Use Filters to Stop Receiving, and Erasing Duplicate Gmail Emails

Gmail users can also use multiple types of inbuilt filters that can be helpful to stop receiving duplicate emails in Gmail accounts. Even you can use filter options for searching and eliminating duplicate emails in Gmail.

Note: Use this feature carefully under expert guidelines otherwise your single wrong step may become a reason for data loss and clutter. This technique is also available with some limitations as only one search term works at once. Let’s know the complete steps now.

How to Stop Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail?

  1. First of all, log in to your Google Mail account and choose the Gear icon.
    gmail gear icon
  2. Thereafter, choose the See All Settings option as shown in the below screenshot.
    see all settings
  3. Now select the Filter and Blocked Addresses options.
    filters and block addresses
  4. Click the Create a New Filter option to continue.
    create a new filter
  5. Set filter criteria according to need and Create Filter.
    create filter
  6. Enable the Delete It option and press Create Filter button.
    enable delete it option
  7. A filter is created successfully for deleting upcoming duplicate emails in Gmail.
    edit filter

Note: Now if you receive any email related to filter criteria then it will be deleted automatically. If you want to remove old duplicate emails from your Gmail account then follow the given steps.

  1. Choose the Edit option from the recently created filter as you can see in the above screenshot.
  2. Afterward, press the Search button of the desired filter.
    search gmail duplicates
  3. See all Gmail duplicate emails as per your search criteria.
    see filtered duplicates
  4. Use the Checkbox to select replica emails and hit the Delete icon.
    remove gmail duplicate emails
  5. Selected duplicate conversations were moved to the Trash folder.
    gmail conversations moved to trash
  6. After that, go to the Trash folder and erase duplicate emails in Gmail forever.
    erase duplicate email in gmail forever
What do Users Ask?

Ques 1: How do I stop receiving duplicate emails in Gmail account?

Ans: There are multiple ways to stop receiving duplicate emails in Gmail, use them according to the situation.

  • Use the filter and block email addresses that sent duplicate emails.
  • Unsubscribe email addresses/ mailing lists that sent you duplicates.

Ques 2: How to remove duplicate emails in Gmail which have the same attachments?

Ans: Go to advance filter options and choose only the Attachments option under Use Advance Settings for Selective Duplication.

Ques 3: Can I delete duplicate emails in all Gmail folders at once?

Ans: Yes, this is dependent on you as the software gives permission to select all or required Gmail folders while removing duplicates.


Usually, users want to remove duplicate emails in Gmail to save email quota space. In this article, we have discussed the 2 verified approaches for deleting duplicate Gmail emails. You can opt for any one solution according to the level of duplicates and get rid of duplicate emails forever.

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