How to Migrate Imageway Email to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

This blog post explores the most working approach to migrate Imageway email to Office 365 application. Migrating Imageway emails to Office 365 is a frustrating task, so we have found the most effective solution specially built to migrate emails to other platforms. In this article, we have provided everything the user was searching for, related to this topic today. We request the user to read the complete article if they want to be an expert in Imageway to Office 365 migration tasks.

Steps to Migrate Imageway to Office 365 Quickly

  1. First, start Imageway to Office 365 migration tool.
  2. Fill in IMAP login details of Imageway account.
  3. Choose the Imageway folders you want to migrate.
  4. Go to the saving option and choose Office 365.
  5. Last, click Backup button to start migration.

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A Short Note on Imageway Email

The US-based company Imageway is an email hosting services provider company that also provides several other hosting services. These services also include numerous features such as a blogging system, email encryption, a web calendar system, and email archiving. Overall, Imageway is sort of a reliable platform to email services then the question is why do its users wish to migrate emails to Office 365 from here? Keep reading to discover the reasons.

Reasons to Migrate Imageway Email to Office 365

Nevertheless, Imageway is having several features and services and trying its best to provide hosting services to its clients. However, these provided features for email hosting might not be enough for large industries and professional users. To fulfill each and every requirement related to email collaboration they decide to migrate mailbox to Office 365 account. Although some users also migrate Imageway emails to Office 365 to keep a backup as Office is way more protective and secure than the other email hosting platforms.

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What Makes Microsoft 365 the Best Choice?

Call it Microsoft 365 or Office 365, it is a well-known and trusted cloud platform for providing several unique services and features. Following are the reasons why people choose Microsoft 365 to migrate their emails from other platforms:

  • It is an integrated productivity office suite that serves users with several useful applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and many other features to simplify business operations.
  • Office 365 offers the largest storage that includes 1 TB of Cloud storage and 50GB of email storage.
  • Office 365 saves users’ data from both internal and external threats whether it is malware, ransomware, or password-spray assaults.

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Best Tool to Migrate Email from Imageway to Office 365

To migrate Imageway email to Office 365, you can utilize BitRecover IMAP Mail Backup Software. If you were looking for an easy, effective, reliable, and trustworthy platform then this software is the perfect choice. This software does not require the installation of any other application. At just a single you can migrate your emails to any platform you want such as Gmail, Outlook, Exchange Server, Zimbra, Yahoo, etc.

In case you have multiple user accounts to migrate data from then this software is still helpful for you. You can easily migrate the bulk of emails from multiple user accounts using the batch mode option. Despite that, you can also migrate only selective Imageway folders to Office 365 and also apply several filter options based on your need.

How to Migrate Imageway to Offiice 265 Account?

Imageway to Office 365 migration tool provides the quickest and smoothest method to mitigate multiple emails from Imageway to any file format. Follow these steps:

  1. Start the software on your computer after downloading and then go select the email source option. Here you will need to enter your imageway email address and password along with its IMAP details. After this hit the Login button.
    start imageway to office 365 migration tool
  2. After you tap the login button, Imageway to Office 365 migration tool will start adding your email folders from Imageway account.
    adding folders
  3. After the analyzing process is complete, you can have a preview of email folders in the left panel of the software where you can select and deselect the required folders.
    select required folders
  4. Now go to the saving option and click the down arrow. Once you touch the arrow a whole list of formats will appear on the screen. You can choose any of them you want. To migrate your Imageway emails to Office 365, choose Office 365 from the list.
    select office 365 as saving option
  5. To migrate in a more efficient way, go to the filter option and apply them according to your need.
    advance filters
  6. In the Next step, the below saving option software will ask you to enter your email address after choosing Office 365. Enter it wisely then click the Backup option.
    migrate imageway email to office 365
  7. On the pop-up screen enter your Microsoft Office 365 password and click the Sign In button.
    microsoft 365 credentials
  8. The Imageway to Office 365 migration process will begin. Wait and watch, it would not take so much time to complete.
    migrate emails from imageway to office 365
  9. Once the process is complete, you will be confirmed by a pop-up message on the screen.
    migrate imageway to office 365
  10. To check the migrated Imageway emails, you can navigate to your Microsoft 365 account and check them in folders.
    login to office 365


Users can find a reliable solution to migrate Imageway emails to Office 365 in the above article. Each paragraph given in the article contains valuable information for people who are looking to migrate emails from Imageway to Office 365 in an instant way. Users can download the software and follow the step-by-step guide to migrate a large number of emails to any file extension, desktop client, exchange server, or email client they want.

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