How to Migrate HostMetro Email to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 4 Min Read

HostMetro is a US-based website hosting, email hosting, and domain registration company offering affordable web-based services to individuals and companies.  Many HostMetro email users wish to migrate their emails to a professional work suite like Office 365 by Microsoft. If you are amongst hundreds of HostMetro users looking for solutions to migrate HostMetro email to Office 365, this blog is here to help you!

Migrate HostMetro Email to Office 365 in 5 easy steps:

  1. Install and launch BitRecover Tool.
  2. Log in with your HostMetro credentials.
  3. Select folders by checking boxes.
  4. Opt for Office 365 as the destination.
  5. Tap Backup to migrate HostMetro to O365.

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Reasons for HostMetro to Office 365 Migration

Even though HostMetro offers affordable email hosting services, many reasons make its users migrate emails to Office 365, and some of these reasons are:

  • Lack of Extra Features – HostMetro doesn’t have extra features like a word processor, spreadsheet processor, and a collaboration application, while Office 365 offers all these features – Word, Excel, and Teams.
  • Limited Security Options – While HostMetro offers spam and virus filtering and the facility to customize them as your choice, these features prove limited in front of Office 365’s Data Loss Prevention, threat analysis, and protection, data encryption, and other features.
  • Less Storage Space – Another reason to migrate HostMetro email to Office 365 is a limited 10 GB of storage space that feels inadequate to store thousands of emails for HostMetro users. On the other hand, Office 365 plans begin with a minimum of 50 GB of storage space, with a few having the option to extend email storage to a massive 1 TB.

These reasons are strong enough to necessitate an urgent migration of HostMetro emails to Office 365. We will discuss the solutions for the HostMetro email migration to Office 365, so keep reading!

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Features of the BitRecover Tool

We will now discuss some features of the tool in the following points:

  • Selective Folder Migration – The software helps you migrate specific HostMetro email folders to Office 365.
  • Preferred Destination Saving – The tool selects your computer’s desktop automatically as the destination for saving your emails in formats like PST, PDF, MBOX, and others. It also has the facility to select your desired location for saving your HostMetro emails to the file formats mentioned.
  • Advanced Migration Settings – The tool has advanced settings to help you back up specific emails by date, sender, subject and other factors.

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Migrate HostMetro Email to Office 365 – How to Use the Tool?

The following points mention the steps to use the tool for HostMetro to Office 365 migration process:

  1. Enter your HostMetro login details, including email, password, and IMAP info.
    Install and launch BitRecover Tool
  2. The process begins now: the software adds your email folders, displaying them in a clear panel.
    wait for the migration
  3. From there, pick the folders you want for Office 365 migration.
    migrate email to Office 365.
  4. Navigate to the backup section in the top tab after selecting folders. Pick Office 365 as the destination.
    need to click on Office 365
  5. Customize your migration with filters to exclude folders and select a specific size, date, and subject criteria.
     use filters to migrate hostmetro to office 365
  6. Return to the saving options, input your Office 365 email, and tap Backup.
    click on Backup button from hostmetro to office 365
  7. A screen prompts for your Microsoft account password; enter and click Sign-in.
    click Sign-in button
  8. The HostMetro to Office 365 Migration Software Starts successfully; wait a few seconds for completion.
    started the process to migrate hostmetro
  9. Soon, the app notifies you of the email migration’s Success.
    hostmetro email to office 365 is done
  10. Access your emails by opening Microsoft 365 on your computer and experience seamless organization.
    check Microsoft 365 mailbox


The blog explained the reasons and solutions for moving HostMetro email to Office 365. HostMetro users are migrating their emails to Office 365, a more sophisticated suite, for the reasons mentioned here. The lack of a manual solution for the migration process makes an automated tool the perfect method to migrate your HostMetro emails to Office 365. The software discussed in this blog can comfortably migrate emails from HostMetro to Office 365 while maintaining metadata and the content of each email.

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