How to Migrate from Intermedia to Office 365? Top 2 Solutions

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 19th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Are you trying to migrate from Intermedia to Office 365? We know email migration is no easy task, but when it comes to migrating intermedia emails to Office 365 it becomes even more difficult. Since Intermedia doesn’t provide any built-in features, this becomes more difficult than ever.

Because it is a leading cloud application provider that provides solutions to users for communication and collaboration. The cloud application provided by Intermedia is highly integrated, well-managed, easy to use, and secure. Its applications also include features for sharing files, conferencing, creating backups, email collaboration, and email archiving. In the era of mailbox hosting, it has been Office 365’s toughest competitor. However, it still fails to defeat Microsoft Office 365 for several reasons. Because of this most users migrate from Intermedia to Office 365.

So today we have brought this article. In today’s article, we will teach you how to easily transfer your entire email Intermedia accounts to Office 365 accounts. But before that let us know why Intermedia to Office 365 migration process is necessary and what are the reasons behind it. So are you ready? let’s get started.

Simple Steps to Migrate from Intermedia to Office 365

  1. Download and launch the Bitrecover Tool.
  2. Enter Intermedia login details and Tap Login.
  3. Select Email Folders and press Next.
  4. Now, choose Office 365 and fill account details.
  5. Click Backup button to start the process.

Reasons for Intermedia to Office 365 Migration

  • First of all, the top reason for this situation is that Office 365 is a complete Office suite platform that is more compatible with business purposes.
  • Intermedia has only a few limited features, however on Office 365 users are allowed to enjoy a plethora of Microsoft applications such as MS Excel, MS Word, OneDrive, PowerPoint, SharePoint, MS Teams, and so many more.
  • Moreover, Office 365 is famous for its highest storage which is not beatable by email hosting applications like Intermedia.

Best Two Ways to Migrate Email from Intermedia to Office 365

In this article, we will provide two solutions to migrate from Intermedia to Office 365. The first solution is manual which is quite time-consuming and hectic in which you will also need technical knowledge. If you belong to a non-technical background then you can move towards the second solution which is an automatic tool in which you will finish your task very quickly and you do not need any kind of technical knowledge.

Method 1: Use Outlook Application for Intermedia to Office 365 Migration

We have divided this method into 3 phases in the first phase we will explain the configuration, and then in the second phase, we will export the file and in the last phase we will provide the solution on how to import the resulting file into Office 365. Let us now know the three phases one by one.

Phase-1: Configure Intermedia to MS Outlook 

  1. Firstly, open the MS Outlook application on your System.
  2. Now, tap the File tab and then select the Add Account option.
  3. After that, new windows will appear, Enter the Email ID and tap the Connect button.
  4. Thereafter, the Advance Setup screen appears, select the Exchange option.
  5. Now, wait a couple of seconds, then the security screen appears.
  6. Finally, Enter the Password of your Intermedia account and click the OK button.

Phase-2: Export Mailbox Files After Configuration

  1. Firstly, select the File option and then Import/Export option.
  2. Now, choose Export to a file and then click Next.
  3. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and tap the Next option.
  4. After that, select the Account and tap the Next button.
  5. Finally, select the Desired Location and tap the Finish button.

Phase-3: Import Resultant Files into Office 365

Now there are four methods available to import the result file you have received into Office 365. The first method is with the help of an import/export wizard, the second method is network upload, the third method is drive shipping and the last method is an automatic tool. You can use any one of these four methods. We have described these four methods in depth in a separate article, the link of which is mentioned, you can get complete information by clicking on that link.

Link: How to Import PST to Shared Mailbox Office 365 Account?

Method 2: Solution to Migrate Intermedia Emails to Office 365

If you have a large number of emails available in your Intermedia account that you want to transfer to Office 365 without wasting time, download the best BitRecover IMAP Backup Software. This Intermedia to Office 365 migration tool is specially designed to migrate multiple email data to any email platform as users wish.

This application has helped millions of users and business professionals to transfer their email data to multiple formats like PST, MBOX, EML, Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Mail, Exchange Server, etc. Let us now know the complete process of how to use this software.

Steps for How to Use Automatic Tool With Complete Information

To make your migration much easier and faster, we have also explained the steps below:

  1. Install the software and go to the Select email source option. Enter Intermedia account information such as email address, password, and IMAP details.
    intermedia to office 365 migration tool
  2. Next step the software will handle itself, where it will analyze and add your Intermedia email folders after you log in.
    adding imap server folders
  3. Now check the boxes to select the required Intermedia email folders.
    select required folders
  4. Use specific filters to the added folders to manage them according to date, size, subject, and folder.
    advance filters
  5. So, this is the time to choose the saving option for which you need to go to Select saving option >> click on the drop-down arrow >> and choose Office 365.
    select office 365 as saving option
  6. After you choose Office 365 you will notice a box below it. Here you need to enter your Office 365 account email address and touch the Backup button available at the bottom of the page.
    migrate email from intermedia to office 365
  7. Just after you click backup, you will be asked to enter your Microsoft Office 365 account password and Sign in.
    microsoft 365 credentials
  8. Your procedure ends here, now the migration of Intermedia email to Office 365 has already started.
    migrate intermedia emails to office 365
  9. After a few moments, the software will inform you that it has successfully migrated your emails from the Intermedia account to Office 365. Click OK on the screen.
    migrate intermedia to office 365
  10. To view your migrated folders, you can open your Microsoft Office 365 account and check them from there.
    login to office 365

Incredible Features of the Software

  • The top advantage of the Intermedia to Office 365 migration tool is that it can move email data from any email account to any platform users want.
  • In just a few minutes you can migrate thousands of emails from Intermedia to Microsoft 365 without making a single effort.
  • Users can also use the Batch Mode Option with multiple Intermedia user accounts.
  • Users just need to enter their login credentials to move their email data in seconds.
  • The software helps in selective Intermedia to Office 365 migration where you can check and uncheck according to the required.
  • There are numerous filter options available in the software that users can apply to their folders such as date, size, folder, subject, etc.
  • Along with the email data, users are also allowed to migrate multiple attributes, attachments, contents, subjects, dates, times, years, etc.
  • The best part is that users do not require any technical skills and can easily migrate from Intermedia to Office 365 in no time.

FAQs to Migrate from Intermedia to Office 365

Ques. Why should I think about switching from Office 365 to Intermedia?
Ans. Many organizations prefer Office 365 because it provides a full array of productivity tools, improved integration, and scalability. Access to the newest cloud services and Microsoft apps is also offered.

Ques. Will there be any data loss when the move is happening?
Ans. There is very little data loss when done appropriately. To make sure that nothing important is lost during the migration, you must, nonetheless, back up your data before beginning.

Ques. How much time does it usually take to manually migrate data?
Ans. The quantity of data and complexity of your setup affect how long the transfer takes. A complete migration might take a few days to a few weeks on average.

Ques. Will the migration result in the total deletion of my Intermedia data?
Ans. No, following the move, your Intermedia data won’t be deleted. As a precaution, you should keep a backup of your data for a while.

Ques. After the move, how can I teach my staff on Office 365?
Ans. To ensure a seamless transition to Office 365, Microsoft provides online training tools and you can schedule training sessions for your staff.


Today we tried to solve this type of user’s query on how to migrate from Intermedia to Office 365 in this article. To complete this process, we have provided two solutions in this article, out of which you can select any one method as per your need. Users who are looking for a reliable and effective way to transfer Intermedia emails to Office 365 can use the above software. This solution will allow for frustration-free easy migration of your large numbers.