How to Migrate from FastMail to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

Today, in this blog we are discussing how to migrate from FastMail to Office 365 subscription-based account. Here we are using the 2 best solutions which are manual as well as professional approaches. Before, moving towards the solution, let us take a little intro to FastMail and where it uses.

FastMail allows custom spam rules of settings that enable you to discard messages without the need to see them instantly. Or you can configure other messages to go into a specific spam folder. However, no message that goes through FastMail can escape Apache Spam Assassin, an open-source anti-spam filter.

5 Steps to Migrate FastMail Email to Office 365?

  1. First, install and run the tool on computer.
  2. Select FastMail as a source and log in.
  3. Enable necessary folders and click Next.
  4. Choose Office 365 and verify authentication.
  5. Last, click Backup to migrate FastMail to O365.

Where Do You Use FastMail?

For using FastMail you should always be able to access your account and fully control your data and identity. FastMail makes it easy to access your account wherever you go.

  • Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Use Fastmail in your web browser.
  • Continue to use your favorite desktop apps like Outlook or Apple’s Mail app.

Now, let us know some common reasons behind its migration from FastMail to Microsoft 365.

Reasons for FastMail to Office 365 Migration

Several users are finding the best solution to migrate from FastMail to Office 365. But, because of some reasons, they need to migrate FastMail to O 365. Follow some common reasons listed below:

  • Office 365 is one of the greatest safety and protection safeguards available in any set of applications.
  • When compared to Office 365, this is a significant improvement in functionality. This not only enables Microsoft’s various products but also allows third-party apps to expand their possibilities even more.
  • It provides improved anti-malware and anti-spam security. Overall, Office 365 is available at less price than a FastMail membership.

After understanding the reasons behind it why it happens. So, without wasting the user’s time. Let our first move towards the automated solutions which help you to make your task easy.

Best Tool to Migrate FastMail to Microsoft 365

Grab the best Email Backup Software by BitRecover is one of the most powerful and amazing utilities to migrate from FastMail to Office 365. This tool may easily migrate from 80+ could servers to multiple types of file formats, applications, and other servers. Users can easily use this software without having any technical skills. Also do multiple migration processes in just a single click, which saves user time & effort.

Both technical and non-technical users can easily migrate their FastMail to Microsoft Office 365 without losing any data information. So, this is how our software works. In the below section, there is the software working steps for FastMail to Microsoft 365 migration.

Mandatory Settings:

  • IMAP should be enabled
  • Use App Password instead of a regular password

Go to:

How to Migrate FastMail to Office 365 Account?

Use the below-working steps to complete the migration process in very simple & quick steps using automated software. Let’s begin with the same!

  1. First, start FastMail to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool and pick FastMail as the source account.
    select fastmail
  2. Thereafter, enter FastMail login details and click on the “Login” icon.
    Enter FastMail credentials
  3. Then, the tool will load the data and select the required folders/subfolder from the screen.
    select required folders
  4. Hit on the “Select Saving Option” and choose Office 365 as the saving option.
    select office 365
  5. After that, fill M365 account credentials and use advance filter for selective migration.
    migrate from fastmail to office 365
  6. Click on the Backup button to migrate from FastMail to Office 365 and wait for completion.
    FastMail to Microsoft 365 migration
  7. Lastly, after completing of the process, login to your Microsoft Outlook 365 account. Now you can see FastMail emails under the O365 account.

This is the complete software working steps which are an easy & simple way to migrate from FastMail to Office 356 hassle-free. I wish your all issues are clear after performing the automated solution. Or if you want to perform the same method using a manual method then, you can follow the below working steps for the same:

Manual Way to Migrate from Fastmail to Office 365

In the above section, we learn how professional works and its working steps. Which provides multiple benefits to its users. As you want to perform this task using the manual method. So, in the below section, we discuss the same.

But manually you cannot migrate multiple Fastmail into Office 365. Because the user can migrate their FastMail mailboxes one by one through this method. And, it also consumes a lot of user time. Following are the manual working steps let us learn about same:

#1 Stage: Use IMAP App Password in FastMail

  1. First login into your FastMail account and open the settings page.
  2. Next, go to the Password & Security tab and hit the link in App Passwords
  3. Now, confirm that you want to add a New App Password
  4. In the next screen, name your app password to whatever you like. In this instance, I named it “Exchange Migration“. Then, the access menu, click “IMAP“, and hit “Generate Password
  5. In the end, it will be shown your app password. Take note of this as well will need it for the Exchange Migration.

#2 Stage: Configure FastMail with Desktop Outlook

After creating FastMail App Password, you need to setup FastMail account with desktop-based Outlook. Thereafter, click on Send/Receive to start receiving FastMail emails to Outlook. It can take up to a few hours and days to completion of step 2.

#3 Stage: Connect Desktop Outlook with Office 365

  1. Run Desktop Outlook and choose File >> Add Account.
  2. Enter your Office 365 email address and password.
  3. Connect Outlook with Office 365 and wait for synchronization.
  4. Go to Office 365 and access FastMail data.

Now, below are some manual limitations to migrating Fastmail into Office 365.

Limitations of Manual Method
  • Office 365 Mailbox Mapping with Fastmail: To migrate mailboxes to O365, FastMail servers must be specified. If you’re FastMail accounts are currently linked to Outlook, So, it may locate them under the POP and IMAP options. Collect all FastMail login details in an Excel file and replace it using an individual who possesses admin privileges.
  • Redirect FastMail Message to Office 365: It ensures that consumers get all emails in their Office 365 mailboxes as soon as they are sent. And, change the MX record so that it points to the Exchange server. It may take up to 72 hours. The messages have been delivered to the Office 365 mailboxes; the migration groups should be removed.
  • Set up Bunches and Migrations to Migrate FastMail to O365: You need to separate mailboxes into bunches which are based on several mailboxes to be migrated to streamline the migration. To link the FastMail server with office 365, the user must first establish a migration endpoint. It may be accomplished via the Exchange administration center. The Combinations should be named properly, and they should be run.

With the above manual method, you see a very long to migrate from FastMail to Office 365. It is also consume-time. So, we recommended you go with the automated software which is easy & straightforward in all manner.

Observational Verdict

In this write-up, we discussed a complete solution to migrate from FastMail to Office 365. Using the manual as well as professional methods, these two ways provide you with the resultant result for your problems. The manual process we suggest is easy but creates difficulties for new beginners and consumes a lot of user time. Also required technical skills to perform it manually. On the other hand, we recommended our automated software which has no limitations to performing the tool. And, both technical and non-technical can easily finish their task on time hassle-free. Choose the best ways to your problems.