How to Migrate from FastMail to Gmail / G Suite Account Directly ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this post, we will solve the simple query “How to save FastMail emails to Gmail?” Every day, we receive many user queries for different and different email migration processes. And, we always try to help our customers with the best solution as soon as they need it.  You can effortlessly backup Fastmail to Gmail using the smart solution Email Backup Wizard. This tool is a simple utility and only requires login credentials to migrate from FastMail to Gmail. Before proceeding with the step-by-step process of migrating from FastMail to Gmail, let’s look at the full query:


I want to move all my emails from existing FastMail email account to Gmail. The reason why I am switching from FastMail to Gmail is that I am going to India for a month. And, I use Gmail as my personal account. If I will have all my FastMail emails in Gmail things will become a bit easier for me. I want a quick solution to backup FastMail emails to Gmail account. Please let me know how can I do this?

The FastMail to Gmail Backup Tool is a direct way to move FastMail email to Gmail account. The tool preserves the integrity of data throughout the process. If you are performing email migration for the first time, this software is a great choice for you. It’s working is simple and you will feel ease with it. Now, let’s move to the step-by-step process for FastMail to Gmail migration.

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How to Backup Emails from FastMail to Gmail account?

Watch this video to learn the easy steps to download FastMail emails to Gmail or G Suite account.

Follow these five steps to accurately migrate FastMail email to Gmail account.

Step 1: Download the FastMail to Gmail Migration tool on Windows-machine. The tool is compatible with all the Windows-version.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Step 2: Select the FastMail option as the email source. Enter the credentials of the FastMail email account.


Step 3: You will find all the email folders on the left side of the interface. Select the required one.

Step 4: Choose Gmail as the Saving option and enter your Gmail account credentials. Click on the Backup button.


Step 5: If you want to migrate FastMail email to G Suite account, then choose G Suite as file saving.


Step 6: The utility starts migrating FastMail email to Gmail. This process will take some time. 


That’s it. You’ll receive a full conversion message that all your FastMail emails are migrated into Gmail account. Now, you can easily open emails from FastMail account in Gmail.

Free Migrate from Fastmail to Gmail

If you have any kind of hesitation while purchasing the FastMail to Gmail migration tool, you can evaluate the free version. Yes, the tool comes with a DEMO version that allows the user to import 25 FastMail emails to Gmail with all the properties maintained. Once you’re satisfied, purchase the licensed edition of the tool. If you any problem while using the free version or licensed edition of the tool, you can contact support team anytime as they are available 24*7.

FastMail Vs Gmail: Reason to Move FastMail Email to Gmail

Gmail is the first choice of most of the user for the management of their emails. It is free and offers many amazing functions that hold its users for years. Moreover, the update in Google’s Gmail service also attracts many users. Gmail and FastMail both are an online webmail service provider but there differ in many things like:

  1. Gmail offers all its services as webmail and Gmail app, also provided by Google itself. FastMail, on the other hand, is an e-mail service from Opera that provides e-mail services to holders of member accounts.
  2. Many services are provided by Gmail, such as custom folders, captions, asterisks, chat, Google Apps, video and voice calls, and many more free services. While FastMail offers its services according to the plan based solutions.

Some Notable Features of FastMail to Gmail Migration Tool

  1. The software is a fast and simple solution for moving FastMail email to Gmail account without any loss.
  2. The FastMail to Gmail Tool comes with a consistent interface that is very simple to access and itself explains the backup process.
  3. The tool permits the user to choose the selective folder for the FastMail to Gmail migration task.
  4. The application successfully preserves all the email properties, data integrity, attachment formatting throughout the process.
  5. It is an automatic product and requires no external installation for the task.
  6. The utility is 100% secure and does not store any of your personal information.

The Conclusion

Hope your search for “How to migrate from FastMail to Gmail” ends after reading this blog. We have mentioned the most straightforward and simple solution for users needs. You can easily trust the tool for desired results without any alteration. Download the tool and easily view your FastMail email in Gmail account.