How to Migrate from Fastmail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Brief Introduction to Fastmail:-

Fastmail is a popular email service which facilitates paid email accounts for huge number of individuals and organizations. It is available in 36 languages to its clients all over the globe by Fastmail Pty ltd, a company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

MS Outlook on the other hand is kept up-to-date with a high level of security from so many years. Due to the increased cyber threats, Outlook has been keep improving the safety of client’s information.

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Hence, various users around the world frequently want to switch to MS Outlook due to is powerful and rich features. So, we will break down how you can make a transformation of Fastmail emails into Outlook with the help of this blog. It gives a brief insight about how to migrate from Fastmail to Outlook.

Before getting started, we would like to give you information about how you can transfer Fastmail emails to Outlook. The suggested software is BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. So, let’s begin!

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How to Migrate from Fastmail to Outlook ?

  1. Launch software and pick Fastmail email source.
  2. Specify Fastmail email account credentials.
  3. Analyse and enable require Fastmail emails.
  4. Pick saving option as PST and destination path.
  5. Start to migrate from Fastmail to Outlook.

Migrate Fastmail Emails to Microsoft Outlook with this Step-wise Tutorial

Sidenote:- Download the trial version which will allow to convert top 25 Fastmail data items to Outlook PST. Then, switch to the full pro version for unlimited Fastmail to PST conversion.
Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Now, after downloading, installing the utility, run it on Windows OS.

Go to the email sources list and pick here Fastmail. Enter the credentials like Email address and password to migrate from Fastmail to Outlook. Hit on the login button to begin the process.

The tool will analyse all the folders, now you can enable only those Fastmail folders which you wish to import into Outlook.

Then, choose PST as saving option to import Fastmail emails to Outlook.

Thereafter, enter the destination path for saving the Fastmail to Outlook converted emails.

Last step is to press on the convert tab to begin the migration of Fastmail emails to Outlook PST format.

That’t it! Now, open your Outlook application to import the resultant PST files with the Import/ Export option of MS Outlook.

What Benefits you can Relish with this Application ?

A Batch mode feature:-

In the first phase of Fastmail to Outlook conversion, there is a separate feature of Use Batch mode function. This is basically applicable in those conditions under which the user have multiple email accounts. Thereby, the users can transfer multiple Fastmail email accounts into Outlook in a single processing. So, all in all it saves user’s time and efforts. To apply this feature, you need to upload a CSV file comprising all email login details of multiple Fastmail accounts.

Selective email migration:-

It becomes a complicated as well as frustrating situation when you need to convert some specific emails only. Then, there is no requirement to pick insignificant files for conversion. For such scenarios, the software gives a function to save particular Fastmail emails to Outlook. Hence, you can migrate from Fastmail to Outlook PST format in an effective manner.

Store output at a desired place:-

Now, it’s a one-step method to save the Fastmail to Outlook converted files at a location of your choice. By default, the tool saves the resultant files at desktop storage location. However, it completely depends on you. You can alter it with the browse button easily.

Quick and effective email migration:-

No matter how many emails do you have in your Fastmail email account. The utility can migrate thousands of emails from Fastmail account to PST format in few seconds. You can stop or pause the processing anywhere during the conversion. In last, also you can analyse the entire process with the live conversion report.

Have a Look at Some Users Queries and Expert’s Replies

Q1: I am having about 1500 emails in my inbox as well as sent items altogether in my Fastmail email account. Now, due to some technical glitches, I need to migrate from Fastmail to Outlook. Is it possible do it without losing any information and in the same order of folders?

Yes, why not! The Fastmail to Outlook PST Converter is an application which is meant to serve for the same purpose that you are asking. It permits to migrate bulk Fastmail emails into PST format all in a single shot. Also, you don’t need to worry about the folder hierarchy, it will maintain the same throughout the conversion.

Q2: Due to some virus issues, I need to uninstall my Outlook 2016. But, now I need it as I have an urgency to migrate from Fastmail to Outlook. Can I transfer Fastmail data to Outlook without MS Outlook installation again. The conversion is required urgently, so I need a quick and trustworthy solution.

Yes, the Fastmail to PST migration tool will let you to migrate Fastmail email data to Outlook without any hassle. It will convert all your emails in a matter of few seconds.

Time to Conclude

No more hassle while performing Fastmail to Outlook PST conversion. The above solution recommended will enable each individual to migrate from Fastmail to Outlook in couple of clicks. Now, download it and enjoy a smooth migration of Fastmail emails to Outlook.