How to do Gmail to Live Exchange Server Migration ?

Mark Regan | September 15th, 2021 | Move Data


Email Management is an important task in a way to manage all the data. It’s not just collecting the emails in the mailbox but it is about managing it in an accurate way, says Gardner, Senior Data Manager in a good firm. Like many data managers, Gardner manages all his clients’ data in a precise manner. However, he had a good experience with data management. As he works in such a firm where they get various client projects. A few days back he got a project on Gmail to Live Exchange Server migration. Therefore, in this discussion, he had focused on the way to migrate Gmail to Live Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.

To find out how to migrate Gmail to Microsoft Exchange Server read on….

Challenges to Migrate Gmail to Exchange Server

Recently I got a project, in which my client told me that in his present organization there were approximately 1000+ employees who utilize Google mail. Now, his organization decided to import all Gmail emails to Exchange Server 2016 mailbox.

There were various challenges to migrate email from Gmail to Exchange Server.

Challenge 1:

The first challenge was the mailbox size to be migrated from Gmail to Live Exchange Server. For the last 5 to 10 years, the employees are using Google mailboxes from the same organization. Therefore, there must be a huge amount of data in the Gmail account of employees.

 Challenge 2:

Another challenge was that from some mailboxes they need only particular emails to be transferred from Gmail to Live Exchange Server. But there were a high amount of mailboxes. Moreover, some are having 2 Gmail accounts also.

After figuring out all the challenges. I started exploring some direct solutions to export Gmail to Live Exchange Server. Performing a manual way will be lengthy as well as time-consuming.

Time to Explore Innovative Solution to Convert Gmail to Exchange

As I found that the task will be somehow challenging. Then, I searched for some direct solutions. I got one solution but it was not having the features that I want. Then, I started searching for something more to migrate Gmail to Exchange Server.

You know what searching for some trustworthy solution is one of the biggest tasks.

Days were passing away and the workload was increasing. Then, one day while going through one forum post, I got Email Backup Wizard from BitRecover.  

I opened their website and go through the application’s features. I found what actually I was searching for. Then, I read the reviews of the tool to know what people say who had used this tool. I got all positive reviews.

Then, I directly contacted their support panel. The person at support guided me completely after listening to my need.

Even she told me that there is a free demo version of the software that I can use before investing in the application to perform data migration. I used the free demo and found the application just wow.

Then, I invested in the tool to start my project of data migration.

How to Migrate Gmail to Exchange Server?

  • Download, and run Gmail to Exchange Migrator on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Select Google Gmail from the list of email sources to migrate Gmail to Exchange Server.

Select Google Gmail

  • Enter credentials of Gmail account to transfer data from Gmail to Live Exchange Server.

Enter credentials of Gmail account

  • Check the Advance Mode option to export data in advance mode. Click on the Login button to move on.

Advance Mode

  • The tool will begin to analyse folders after clicking on the login button to save Google mailbox in Live Exchange Server.

 login button

  • Check required folder to move Gmail mailbox to Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

required folder

  • From the list of saving options, choose MS Exchange Server to export Gmail to Live Exchange Server.

saving options

  • If you need to store the resultant data files in the default folder then, just check the “Save Messages in Default Folders” option

Save Messages in Default Folders

  • Enter credentials of Live Exchange Server to execute data migration.

Enter credentials of Live Exchange Server

  • Check an option of “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” and utilize given filter option to perform particular email backup. Click on backup button to begin the procedure.

Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup

  • Once the procedure is done, you will have a completion message on the screen.

What’s Special in Gmail to Exchange Migrator?

  • It can execute unlimited data migration from Gmail to Live Exchange Server directly.
  • You can export Google Gmail mailbox into Live Exchange Server without letting you practice any sort of difficulties on the operational interface of the application.
  • While backend interface of the application is packed with the technologies that give users with a filter option to filter out desired data that isn’t needed in the process of migration.
  • Support all the versions of MS Exchange Servers as well as Windows editions to implement data migration procedure to Live Exchange Server.

By ending my discussion I end up by saying that the software is remarkable. I simply moved data from Gmail to Live Exchange Server. I am Thankful to BitRecover for helping me with this project. I must say that choosing an accurate solution is the main step of email management.