How to Migrate BigRock Email to Office 365 Automatically?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Learn how to migrate BigRock email to Office 365 using a comprehensive tutorial, exploring the most powerful technique available. Resolve BigRock to Office 365 email migration issues and gain expert-level knowledge. Discover the reasons behind migrating emails from BigRock to Office 365 account and follow the step-by-step process to achieve seamless migration.

5 Step Guide to Migrate BigRock to Office 365

  1. First, run BigRock to Office 365 migration Tool.
  2. Enter your BigRock IMAP login details.
  3. Select the required folders for migration.
  4. Choose Office 365 and complete the authentication.
  5. Click Backup to initiate the migration process.

Things to Know About BigRock Web Hosting

BigRock is a leading web hosting and domain registration platform which is based in India. The company is providing several services like Email services, WordPress hosting, Linux, and Windows hosting, Cloud and VPS hosting, etc. Small sizes of businesses avail its services at advanced packages options including 5 GB and 30 GB mailbox storage. The thing that needs to consider is, Company does not provide a separate email service, however, it is part of their web hosting services. Many users would prefer to be in touch with their BigRock email but migrate their email data to Office 365. Moreover, BigRock users certainly decide to migrate to Office 365.

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Reasons to Migrate Emails from BigRock to Office 365

Undoubtedly, BigRock offers a range of services and features, but it still fails to compete with Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s famous office suite platform which is helping all sizes of industries to complete official tasks expertly. Below we have discussed some common reasons to migrate BigRock email to Office 365 account:

  • The primary services offered by BigRock are Web hosting and email registration, so certainly their email services are not so advanced and have an easy and small interface as compared to Microsoft 365. This can be problematic for professional and expert email users.
  • Office 365 offers more dedicated and collaborative email services which involve public holders, standard mailboxes, shared archives, etc. These facilities make the organization’s deals and collaboration more managed and organized.
  • The maximum storage limit of BigRock is 30 GB even with its advanced plans, On the other hand, Office 365 offers 50 GB storage.
  • Professionals primarily use Office 365 because it allows access to numerous Microsoft applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and so on. These applications can be used from anywhere in the world.

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Most Reliable Solution to Migrate BigRock Email to Office 365

IMAP Mail Backup Tool by BitRecover company provides the most reliable solution to migrate BigRock emails to Office 365. This specialized tool ensures quick and reliable migration, whether you need to transfer your entire BigRock mailbox or specific emails to Office 365.

The BigRock to Office 365 migration tool offers various features, including email filtering based on date, folders, sender, receiver, subject, and keywords. This allows you to customize the migration according to your preferences and requirements. Additionally, the tool supports batch email migration, enabling you to transfer a bulk of emails at once, saving you time and effort.

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How to Migrate BigRock Email to Office 365?

Follow the steps mentioned below to use BigRock to Office 365 migration tool for quick and easy migration:

  1. Download the software and install it on your computer. Open it and fill in your BigRock login credentials then enter IMAP Host and Post Number. Afterward, click Login.
    start bigrock to office 365 migration tool
  2. Now let the software add the email folders available in your BigRock account. Once it’s done you review them from the left panel.
    adding folders
  3. Use the checkboxes to specify the BigRock folders you wish to migrate to Office 365.
    select required folders
  4. Navigate to the Backup option from the upper tab and open the list of saving options. Choose Office 365.
    select office 365 as saving option
  5. After the Backup option, you can filter the option which you can apply to your folder accordingly.
    advance filters
  6. Now go back to the Backup >> saving option and enter your Office 365 email address and hit Backup.
    migrate bigrock email to office 365
  7. The software will blink a message to enter Microsoft Office 365 password. After entering the correct password, click the Sign In button.
    microsoft 365 credentials
  8. Migration of BigRock emails to the Office 365 process will start from here, wait for it to successfully migrate all your data.
    migrate emails from bigrock to office 365
  9. The software will pop-up confirmation that it has successfully transferred your email data. Hit the Ok button.
  10. View the resultant data from your Microsoft Office 365 account. Open it and then go to the folders option.
    login to office 365


This tutorial provided a comprehensive guide to migrate BigRock email to Office 365. With the use of the BigRock to Office 365 Migration Tool, users can achieve this task with ease and efficiency. By following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly transfer your BigRock emails to Microsoft 365 and enjoy the benefits of Microsoft’s advanced functionalities and seamless email management.

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