How to Import Apple Mail to Gmail? 3 Best Ways Explained!

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 19th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Various MacBook or iMac users wish to import Apple Mail to Gmail accounts. Gmail comes with a simple graphical user interface and offers advanced security features. Google Mail is a web-based email application, you can configure it with any desktop-based email client using IMAP and POP3 settings.

Apple Mail is the default email client which comes with macOS, iOS, watchOS, etc. Operating System. Apple Inc. develops it, and it comes 100% free of cost. Users can easily migrate Apple Mail to Gmail using multiple techniques.

Gmail is a cloud-based email service by Google Inc. Gmail is a 100% freeware email service with 15 GB cloud storage for home users. While Google Workspace is the pro edition of Gmail, a paid service for corporate users to access their business email IDs on the Google Mail platform.

Apple Mail Vs Gmail

  • Apple Mail is a desktop-based email client. While Gmail is the cloud-based email service by Google Inc.
  • Apple Mail stores the email data in a configured Mac Machine (Local Mac Computer) while Gmail stores the data on Google’s server.
  • It is compulsory to configure Mac Mail with the email account to send and receive email messages while Gmail can be run directly.
  • Mac email client can be run on only configured Mac computers while Gmail can be run on any computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Now that you under the difference between these two email programs, you can easily import Apple Mail to Gmail by using the methods given in this blog.

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Manual Methods to Migrate Mac Mail to Gmail

Several manual techniques are available to transfer email from Apple Mail to Gmail account effortlessly. The upcoming section of this article explores 2 highly recommended manual methods.

#1 Import Apple Mail to Gmail Account via Gmail

  1. First, sign in to the desired Gmail and tap the “Gear” icon.
  2. After that, select the “See all settings” option from the right side.
    See all settings
  3. Then, choose the “Accounts and Import” option as shown.
    Accounts and import
  4. Select “Import Mail and Contacts” to import Apple emails.
    Import mail and contacts
  5. Enter your Apple Mail email address and press “Continue“.
    Fill Gmail credentials
  6. Next, click “Continue” to accept terms and conditions.
  7. Type account credentials for “Authentication successful“.
    Authentication successful
  8. Check the required items to import and press “Start Import“.
    Import Mac Mail to Gmail
  9. See Apple Mail emails being imported so wait for up to 2 days.
    Adding Apple Mail to Gmail
  10. Lastly, login to your Gmail account and see imported emails.
    Login to Gmail

#2 Add Apple Mail to Gmail via Drag and Drop

  1. Launch the “Apple Mail” client on your MacBook or iMac.
  2. Choose “Mail” and then select the “Add Account” option.
  3. Add a Gmail account in Apple Mail using “IMAP” settings.
  4. Select the Apple Mail folders to import into Google Mail.
  5. Drag and drop selected mailboxes in the Gmail folder.
  6. Then, Apple mailboxes will be synchronized with Gmail.
  7. Sign in to your desired Gmail and see added emails.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • Both manual approaches require technical knowledge so non-technical users may face the issues.
  • The first method will take up to 2 days to complete the process of importing Mac Mail to Gmail account.
  • Drag and drop technical also takes much time in synchronization depending on internet speed and mailbox sizes.
  • You cannot filter unnecessary email while adding Apple Mail to Gmail accounts.
  • There is no guarantee for successfully moving Mac Mail messages to Gmail accounts.

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Pro Method to Migrate Apple Mail to Gmail

MBOX to Gmail Converter is an excellent software to import Mac Mail to Gmail accounts including all email attachments and email items. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

It comes with a free demo version that permits to transfer of 25 emails from Apple mailboxes to Gmail with associated components. After getting satisfaction you can grab its license keys to utilize it without limitations.

What to Do Before Migrating: Key Preparations

Export Mailboxes: First, export Apple Mail mailbox to MBOX format manually using the built-in Export Mailbox option. This is an unavoidable pre-migration step because the software works with Apple mailbox files.

Create App Password: Please generate Gmail App password for your destination account. This is a mandatory task because the software requires an App password instead of a regular password.

How to Import Mac Mail to Gmail in Bulk?

  1. The tool offers dual options to add Apple Mail exported mailbox files.
    Add Apple Mailboxes
  2. Select the required Apple mailbox files and press the Next button.
    Select required mailboxes
  3. Fill Gmail credentials and click on Convert to continue.
    Enter Gmail credentials
  4. Importing Apple Mail to Gmail account, please wait.
    Import Apple Mail to Gmail
  5. The process of moving Mac Mail messages to Gmail is completed.
    Migrate Mac Mail to Gmail
  6. Now login to your Google Mail account to access imported emails.
    Login to your Gmail

Software Features and Benefits

  • Mac Mail to Gmail converter permits to import Apple Mail to Gmail directly by avoiding manual import, and export-related processes.
  • This application maintains all email items and components while transferring email messages from Apple Mail to Google Mail.
  • Apple Mail to Gmail software gives dual options to choose mailbox files like Select File or Select Folder.
  • Fully automated software to migrate Apple Mail to Gmail by asking for the account credentials.
  • There is no size limitation to transfer email from Apple Mail to Gmail, it is tested with large mailboxes.
  • Batch import Apple Mail to Gmail by maintaining folder hierarchy and structure effectively.
The Conclusion

After reading the above information, anyone can import Apple Mail to Gmail. This blog is written with actual screenshots which are easy-to-understand processes. We have disclosed the top 3 ways to migrate Mac Mail to Gmail. You can use any solution according to your choice by understanding the features and limitations.

Commonly Asked Questions with Expert Replies

Q 1: How to forward Apple Mail to Gmail account?

  1. Start the Apple Mail Application.
  2. Next, select Mail << Preferences << Rules.
  3. Set a rule to forward Apple Mail to Gmail.
  4. Now upcoming emails will be forwarded.

Q 2: Can I sync Apple Mail with Gmail?

Yes, first add your Gmail account to Apple Mail client and then you can sync Apple Mail with your Gmail account.

Q 3: Can I use your software on Mac OS?

Yes, you can separately download this software for Mac and Windows so don’t worry.

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