Methods to Batch Export Apple Mail to PST With Attachments

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 25th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Often professionals and businesses switch or migrate from one email client to another for several reasons. However, transferring the email is undoubtedly a complicated and tiresome task for the users. On the other hand, if you’re seeking easy methods to export Apple Mail to PST then, in this article, we will uncover the best go-to solution to transfer your Mac Mail email data regardless of data loss fear and error risk.

Speaking about Apple Mail, one of the renowned email services that can be the default enabled in MacOS or Mac operating systems. Similar to another email client, it is yet another way to manage email data including contacts, calendars, and more. Further, it supports several email protocols such as POP, IMAP, SMTP, etc. On the flip side, exporting the mailbox of Apple Mail to Outlook is considered the utmost practice of professionals and businesses.

Since Microsoft Outlook is the most distinguished email client, it is a widely popular choice for email management. As it supports the PST file format which is conveniently used for the seamless transmission of email data. Further, the intuitive user-centric interface of Outlook is highly preferable to access mail including calendars, tasks, journals, etc. With this, we will briefly talk about the reasons to export Apple Mail to PST before moving to know the methods.

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Most Common Reasons to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST

Undoubtedly, there are several factors due to which users are frequently searching for methods to export Apple Mail data to Microsoft Outlook. Some of the common factors are listed below:-

  • Outlook offers wide accessibility as it retains robust integrated features. Further, it is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Therefore, users find it easy to configure the email account in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Compared to Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook provides seamless management of mailboxes including Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc. Therefore, users can export Apple Mail to PST for more adequate accessibility of emails.
  • Besides the above-mentioned factors, Outlook offers several advanced features for the smooth migration of data. Also, it enables hassle-free connectivity with the Office Suite to better workflow and productivity.

Hence, these are the prominent reasons to export the Apple Mail data. Now, we will move ahead to learn the expert and free solutions to convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST quickly.

Bulk Export Apple Mail to PST with Attachments [Both Mac & Windows]

Before delving into the manual methods, first understand the professionally recommended solution, one of the best go-to choices for flawless transmission of Apple Mail emails. For the same, use the BitRecover Apple Mail Converter; it is among the effective approaches to convert Apple Mail to PST in bulk along with attachments, text formatting, etc.

Further, the uniqueness of this robust tool includes compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems. As the default file format of Apple Mail is MBOX, using this software, users can easily convert .mbox file into .pst file format. Additionally, the functionalities of this tool include a user-friendly interface, support for multiple file formats, data filtration, and maintaining the folder hierarchy.

Step by Step Guidance to Export Apple Mail

Now, let’s learn the steps to convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST.

  1. To begin the process, run the aforementioned tool in your system.
  2. Now, add the file using the Add Files options from the displayed window > Okay.
    insert .mbox file using the Add file
  3. Choose the file format i.e. PST from the Select Saving Option.
    choose PST file format to export Apple Mail to PST
  4. After selecting the file format, select the Destination Path to browse the location of the resultant file then, click on Convert.
    choose the destination then, click on convert
  5. As the process of export Apple Mail to PST starts, users can see the real-time transfer of data. Further, once the conversion is completed, it will display a pop-up message of successful completion.
    successfully conversion of MBOX file to PST

Overall, it is just a countable step, users can convert the Apple Mail data to Microsoft Outlook without any error or risk. With this, users can abstain from tech complexities and time-consuming factors.

Free Solution to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST Using IMAP Account

Here, we will shed light on the manual solution to export Mac Mail to PST. As there is no direct/ in-built method for exporting Apple Mail emails, therefore, users first need to create a new IMAP account. Now, let’s delve into to know the steps:-

  1. First, configure the new IMAP account in Apple Mail and later in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Now, select the emails and then, move them to the configured IMAP account.
  3. Since you have configured the same account in Outlook, therefore, the synchronization in Microsoft Outlook automatically converts/ export Apple Mail to PST.

Undoubtedly, you might find it simple and convenient. However, there are several drawbacks to using the aforementioned free method.

Limitations of Using the Manual Solution

Previously, we have talked about the steps of a manual solution. Here we will list a few drawbacks of this solution to convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST:

  • The limitation of using the free solution includes the time-consuming yet trickiness factor.
  • Additionally, users need to configure the IMAP account multiple times, creating the possibility of error and accidental data loss.
  • Besides these factors, another drawback of the manual method; it doesn’t privilege users to preserve the text formatting and email hierarchy.

To avoid these common error factors, it is recommended to use an expert solution to convert Mac Mail to PST without any risk and flaws. Also, it enables users to export the mailbox data in other file formats as well for better transmission with other email clients.

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have discussed the methods to export Apple Mail to PST. As the manual approaches retain complexities and greater possibilities of error. Therefore, use the aforementioned software for the relentless and hassle-free conversion of Apple Mail to Outlook PST. Further, this tool offers advanced functionalities for errorless and seamless email data transmissions.