How to Import MBOX File to Google Workspace? Solved

Mark Regan ~ Modified: 26-04-2023 ~ Import Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading
“Hello, my name is David and I work in an IT company. I have several MBOX files that I created from G Suite. MBOX files contain various IDs. However, managing all the account data professionally is difficult for me. Therefore, I need to import MBOX file to G Suite. It provides me with the best features for organizing my data. But I’m not sure how to do it. Please recommend a time-saving solution. “
“I have numerous MBOX files in my system from a previous account. Now I’m considering switching to Google workspace to manage my entire business data. In fact, I’m looking for a way to import all of those files into G Suite so that I can secure all of my data. Is there a powerful solution available that can assist me in dealing with the same issue effortlessly?

Nowadays, users don’t want to lose any data. That’s why they move their data to a safe platform like Google Cloud, so they can easily access their data from anywhere. Many users are migrating their data from desktop-based applications to cloud-based applications.

MBOX has a common file format that many email clients support. It also contains all the data like emails, contacts, and tasks. But for some security reasons, my users chose the cloud platform. So, in this blog, we provide you with the best and most complete information on how to  import MBOX file to Google Workspace.

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Reasons to Import MBOX Data to G Suite

Here we will show you some reasons, why users want to import MBOX file to G Suite.

Corruption Prevention: Desktop-based users migrate their data to the cloud. If your data is saved on a local machine, there is a high risk of corruption. On the other hand, the cloud protects your data from file corruption and local machine corruption.

Access your data at any time: the user can keep an eye on the email at all times. Migrating your data to the cloud is a perfect decision. You are free to access your email when needed.

More data security: The G Suite gives you more security to protect your data from unwanted people. At the same time, there is no risk of getting a malware attack on the cloud.

Direct Way to Import MBOX File to Google Workspace

BitRecover MBOX to Gmail Wizard is a standalone software to import MBOX data into Google apps. This tool can easily migrate unlimited MBOX files in a few clicks. During the process to import MBOX to G Suite, the tool maintains the Meta properties, email components, and internal folder hierarchy.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Important Note: If you face any issues while configuring your Google Workspace account. Then you have to follow the 2-Step Verification steps:

Setting 1: Enable IMAP Setting

enable IMAP setting

Setting 2: Generate Google App Password

After completing the authentication, you will be able to easily import MBOX files to Google Workspace.

Steps to Import MBOX File to G Suite

  1. Firstly, download and install the software and read the instructions carefully.import MBOX to Google Workspace
  2. Secondly, upload the MBOX file from your system by clicking the Select Files or Select Folders option.upload MBOX file
  3. Thirdly, check the mailbox file from the software interface that you want to import MBOX file to Google Workspace.choose the MBOX file data to Google Apps
  4. After that, type in your G Suite account credentials (Username and Password).
    Remember to enter your Google app password rather than your regular password.enter Gmail account details
  5. The migration process will start after you click the Convert conversion to import mbox file to google workspace

After that, users can easily import MBOX to Google Workspace (G Suite). Now, go to your G Suite account and see the resultant data.

Entices Feature of the Software

  1. Users can easily import MBOX data to G Suite in bulk with this software. It is one of the fastest programs to support multiple MBOX files.
  2. The software preserves folder and sub-folder structure while performing the migrating process. If you import sent-mail.mbox, trash.mbox, or inbox.mbox, then it will maintain all the folders in their original intent.
  3. An MBOX file containing attachments like images, documents, PDFs, PPTs, etc. Then this tool is able to import MBOX files to G Suite with attachments in original quality.
  4. The MBOX to Google Workspace migration software supports all types of MBOX files that are created from any email clients like Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Netscape, etc. MBOX files with and without extensions are also supported.
  5. This tool is compatible with all Windows and Mac operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2022, 2016, 2012, and 2008.


If you are worried about the process to import MBOX file to Google Workspace, then this tool is superior for you. Additionally, you can try a free trial version of the software to know the complete working process. The demo version software will help you to import 25 emails from each folder of MBOX to G Suite.