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The Real Scenario: – We’ve been getting lots of users request for a solution that directly converts iCloud to PDF file format without any loss. You may wonder with the fact that almost 850 million user’s access iCloud+ service by Apple Inc. There is no second thought in this that iCloud services are best from the time to launch. It offers all the advance technology to manage and share documents, photos, etc. However, it doesn’t convert iCloud file to PDF in batches. Many iCloud+ users wanted to know a simple trick to save iCloud to PDF. If you are also one of them, stay here.

Solution Introduced: – In today’s guide, we are going to explain how to convert iCloud email to PDF with attachments. There is no chance of any compromise with iCloud to PDF converter. It is the immediate solution to save iCloud email as PDF. The utility moves multiple emails from iCloud account to PDF documents in one press. So, here we go!
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Now, let’s learn about the tool that allows you to convert iCloud to pdf in a possible manner.

Read about iCloud to PDF Converter – Powerful, Reliable and Easy-to-use

BitRecover iCloud to PDF converter utility is a professional solution. It let you convert bulk emails from iCloud account to PDF files with attachments. In one press, it saves iCloud+ email as PDF. The interface of this application is simple to use. You can work with it without knowing any specific technical skills. It offers multiple advanced filters such as convert backup iCloud emails by a specific date to date, by sender email address, by receiver email address, or by subject. This software comes into Three versions- Demo (unpaid), Lite, and Pro (Paid.)

Read Me First: – Below, we will explain the step-by-step process to save iCloud emails to PDF using the demo version of the iCloud to PDF converter. It has limitations of saving only 25 emails from your iCloud account to PDF documents. For unlimited conversion, switch to Pro edition. It’s fast and straightforward.

How to Convert iCloud to PDF File Format Directly ?

Start by downloading and opening the iCloud Backup tool on your Windows OS machine. Then, read the guidelines.

Now, select iCloud as your source to convert iCloud+ to PDF. Then, fill the asked credentials such as email address and password. Then, press the login tab.

The software analyses all the files and folders from your account and list them one by one. Here, check the required folder to go on. Choose PDF in the Select Saving option to save iCloud+ emails as PDF.

Enter a location in the destination path where you want to see the final results.

Process the conversion by clicking on the Backup button. It let you see the live conversion of from iCloud account to PDF format by email count.

Check the Final Results: – After the conversion ended, the software gives complete conversion message and log report detailing all the information about convert iCloud+ to PDF process. Later, login to your iCloud email account and you will get a folder containing PDF documents. That’s it.

List of User Queries and Expert Replies

Q 1 – What is a simple solution to save iCloud to PDF?

Reply: Use the iCloud to PDF converter the highly recommended solution for saving multiple iCloud emails as PDF.

Q 2 – How many iCloud files saved in PDF in one go?

Reply: – Using the Pro edition of the mentioned utility one can massive iCloud emails to PDF documents.

Q 3 – What is the best way to save iCloud+ messages to PDF file format?

Reply – One of the best ways to save bulk iCloud+ email messages to PDF documents with attachments.

Benefits and Features of iCloud+ to PDF Converter Tool

Convert iCloud to Adobe PDF: BitRecover iCloud to PDF Converter is the only application that easily converts iCloud email to PDF format accurately.

Email Hierarchy maintaining: – The program maintains the authenticity of iCloud+ emails and saves them in PDF format with all elements.

An easy-to-understand platform: – The program comes with a simple and consistent interface for each type of user so that they can easily understand the process.

Support for all MS Windows operating systems: – The tool works on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, which is less than the versions.

Save iCloud emails as PDF quickly – The program proves to be the fastest and most reliable solution for converting iCloud emails into Adobe PDF.

Who and Why People Use iCloud Account for Email ? Read Something Interesting.

Let’s understand why a significant section of people is going gaga over iCloud email services. iCloud is used mainly by people using Apple products. Also, businesses use iCloud for advanced functionalities. There are many reasons why people change to iCloud email account. Here, we are listing some of the common causes:-

  1. iCloud email gives unmatched privacy that means don’t have to worry about someone spying.
  2. With iCloud, you can sync everything: photos, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, and more.
  3. iCloud email is extraordinarily versatile and allows you to send messages from any shared device or computer.
  4. The iCloud Auto Answer feature is handy when you leave the city or go on vacation. It can be set as per user requirements.

The Closing Thoughts

If you are an iCloud user and want to save iCloud emails as PDF file format, then use iCloud+ to PDF converter. It is the most useful application in converting bulk iCloud emails to PDF with attachments. It is an advanced solution designed for all windows users. This software can be used for personal use as well as enterprise use. If you have any questions in mind, contact our support team.

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