How to Extract Emails from Outlook Folder to Document Formats, Cloud- Based Email Services ?

Extract Emails, April 21, 2020

So, you have an Outlook folder that keeps all your sales data. Now, you are instructed to send that sales inquiries to each person of your organization. The consideration of having to manually go through all Outlook folders and copying or saving them your desktop is perplexing and you wonder how to extract emails from Outlook folder in a lesser time with accuracy.

As per usual: When it comes to extract emails from Outlook PST files, Outlook itself does not gives facility to do it all at once. Moreover, if you have thousands of email and other data and you intend to extract all attachments from Outlook folder, extract Outlook contacts, extract calendar data from Outlook, then everything messes up.

Before you reach for the standard methods, we have a solution for you! BitRecover PST Converter is the most efficient and suitable application to extract folder from Outlook with attachments, sub-folders, contacts, calendar items.

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Read and refer this article to know how to extract emails from Outlook

Table of Contents

1. How to Extract emails from Outlook folder ?

2. Learn to Copy Outlook emails to hard drive – not one by one

3. How to Extract Files from Outlook to Computer ? – Save emails in document formats

4. How to extract folders from Outlook to Email clients ?

5. How to extract data from Outlook PST file to Cloud-email services ?

6. How to extract contacts and calendar from Outlook data file ?

7. Prime Features of Software

8. Frequently Asked Queries

How to Extract Emails from Outlook Folder ?

Follow these steps to extract folder from Outlook:

  • Run Bitrecover PST Converter.
  • Choose Outlook files or folders.
  • Enable Outlook mailboxes for conversion.
  • Select saving option to extract Outlook folders.
  • Choose destination folder and Start to extract emails from Outlook .

Learn to Copy Outlook Emails to Hard Drive – Not One by One

Most of the organizations depends on MS Outlook for email management and for an efficient client communication. MS Outlook is a personal information manager – a rich email client with versatile features. Still, many Outlook users face issues while handling it. At times, you need to extract emails from Outlook folders to a plain text file. Sometimes, you need to extract Outlook address book to excel or want to extract Outlook calendar. Or simply, you need to extract images from Outlook email.

In any of the scenario, you can extract folders and sub-folders from Outlook one by one. Since there can be thousands of files inside those folders. So, how to handle such problems? Well, you can deal with all these issues with a single application – Outlook PST conversion tool. It has a comprehensive package of features which gives facility to extract text from Outlook email body in few simple clicks.

The default folders like Inbox, Sent, Outbox, Trash, etc all can be extracted from Outlook in a single processing. Also, with this tool you can extract the user-defined folders from Outlook in one go. So, it is your choice how many emails, or folders you want to copy from Outlook to your computer, email clients, document formats. It gives different options to save extracted emails from Outlook folders – MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, and many more.

How to Extract Files from Outlook to Computer ? – Save Emails in Document Formats

Sharing the written text inside your email documents is fairly easy with this software. You can extract emails from Outlook folder to document formats like PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, TXT. Once you extract files from Outlook and save them in these document formats, it will be easy for others to open, view, read or even edit the documents. So, let’s start it how to do it.

Step1:- First of all, download the setup file of the software on your computer. Install and run it properly and read the instructions carefully.

Step2:- Thereafter, there will be two options to import Outlook data into the software panel for the conversion.

Convert configured Outlook mailbox data:- Enables to import Outlook folder from the default storage location automatically.

Let me select my Outlook mailbox data:-

(i)Select files:- Enable it to choose single Outlook files or folders manually.

(ii)Select folders:- Enable it to choose entire Outlook folder for desired conversion.

Note:- Click on this option “Use Recovery mode” to extract corrupted .pst or .ost files from Outlook. Even if you have some missing/deleted folders of Outlook, then choose this option too.

Now, once you selected Outlook folders, press on the Next tab to proceed further.

Step3:- Then, the software will show the selected email files or folders into the panel. Here, enable only those checkboxes whose data you want to extract into document formats.

Step4:- After this, go to the saving options list and pick a desired document format. (Here we are taking PDF format as an example).

Note:- Click on the “Ignore system folders hierarchy” to ignore the structure of folders during the process.

Step5:- Thereafter, choose a destination path for saving the extracted email folders from Outlook at a desired target place.

Note:- Click on the “Save converted messages in same source folder”, if you want to store the extracted files from Outlook in the same original folder.

Step6:- Now, select a file naming option from the list of options given in the software panel. This will help you to arrange the resultant data as per your requirement.

Step7:- Then, click on the Next tab to start the process to extract emails from Outlook folders. The conversion is running and will take some time.

After the extraction of data from Outlook folders and sub-folders ends, the tool will give a completion message at the end. Press on the OK button.

You can analyse the complete process to extract folder from Outlook with live conversion progressive report.

Step10:- Now, the software will automatically open the location where all you extracted data from Outlook is saved.

How to Extract Folders from Outlook to Email Clients ?

Though Outlook is a strong email client, but it isn’t always the same email client in use everywhere. Some organizations prefer to use freeware email clients like Thunderbird. Also, it is a good option to switch from Microsoft ecosystem to sometime more open and free. Moreover, who does not need a fresh start especially when your Outlook is occupied with chunks of old emails, contacts, and history. So, if you want to move from Outlook and extract file attachments from Outlook, then you need a proper solution for this.

The suggested software in this article is appropriate to extract emails from Outlook folders and sub-folders. With this you can extract data from .pst file to different email clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes.

Repeat the step 1-3 to extract emails from Outlook folders and sub-folders to another email clients. Then continue from here

From the saving options list, choose a require email client for the conversion.

Thereafter, select a required target path for saving the resultant extracted Outlook folders.

Press on the Next tab to start to extract emails from Outlook folder to other email clients.

Open the chosen email client (here Thunderbird) to view the extracted Outlook email folders as well as sub-folders.

How to Extract Data from Outlook PST File to Cloud-Based Email Services ?

If you are planning to leave your job where Outlook is the primary email client. And you want to extract emails from Outlook group to a cloud-based email service. So that you can refer to them at a later point. Or maybe your Outlook files are corrupted which is quite often, then it is best to copy all emails, contacts, calendars from Outlook to a webmail.

The recommended software here can efficiently extract emails from Outlook folder to cloud-based email services such as Gmail, Yahoo,, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, IMAP Server, Amazon WorkMail, etc.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 mentioned and proceed from here:-

Navigate your mouse towards the saving options list and choose any desired webmail.

Then, enter Gmail credentials such as Email ID and password.

Thereafter, click on Next tab and done! The extraction of Outlook email folders to cloud-based email service starts here.

Now, open your webmail account to view the extracted email messages from Outlook account.

How to Extract Contacts and Calendar from Outlook Data File ?

Want to email your important upcoming appointment or event to someone? Here, in this section you will get to know about how to extract calendar data from Outlook as an .ics file. You can attach this extracted ICS file to a document you wish to send out. The recipient can then save the appointment to their respective calendar.

Similarly, you can extract contacts from Outlook PST file to CSV/ vCard format. With this wizard, you have the option how do you want to extract contacts from Outlook data file. You have the option to choose some particular contacts, or pick a collection of contacts kept in a folder or categories, or simply want to extract all contacts from Outlook emails all at once!

Go through these steps to extract contact list from Outlook and extract Outlook calendar.

Firstly, choose select files/ folders containing your Outlook contacts and calendars.

Now, enable the required calendar and contacts folders that you want to choose for conversion.

Thereafter, select vCard option to extract contacts from Outlook emails.

Here, enter a destination path and press on the Next button to start the process.

The extraction of email contacts from Outlook folders is running properly.

You can view the resultant folder containing your contacts in the output folder.

Now you have understand how to extract emails from Outlook folder with respective attachments, contacts, calendars, etc. So, let us take a glance at useful benefits of this software.

Prime Features of Software

Save Outlook emails, contacts, calendars easily:- This all-in-one software gives you facility to extract emails from Outlook PST file consisting of all email folders, sub-folders, attachments, contacts, calendars, documents. You can copy all Outlook folders to a chosen format in a simplified manner.

Recovery mode option:- Sometimes by default, few of your PST or PST files becomes corrupt or damaged. In such cases, it becomes difficult to access your Outlook data. Use this software to extract emails from Outlook folders having corrupted data too. It will scan the entire files and folders and provide the output in a healthy format.

Extract emails from Outlook without any limitation:- The software does not impose any restrictions to extract Outlook folders to computer. You can choose any number of Outlook files and folders to extract into the chosen file format.

Save all Outlook attachments in one go:- If you have lot of email attachments with your Outlook folders. Then, this application will easily extract all attachments from Outlook folder in a single processing.

Unbeatable speed for conversion:- This software is programmed in such a manner that it can extract emails from Outlook folders and sub-folders in minimum of time. The entire conversion takes place in a swift manner without any hassle.

Preserves the email formatting:- The tool not just only extract Outlook folders but also assures to intact the email components throughout the conversion. It maintains sender information, receiver details, subject, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, font style, etc.

Maintains the internal folder hierarchy:- While you extract all folder from Outlook with all emails and attachments, the tool keeps the folder structure maintained.

Windows compatible software:- This application supports all Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que1:- I recently got an order from my senior to extract data from Outlook, not only contacts but all emails from Outlook folder structure. I opened the Outlook data file which has about hundreds of emails and huge folder structure. Is there any convenient solution to extract emails from Outlook folder to computer.

Ans:- Yes, the above mentioned software will swiftly extract files from Outlook with all attachments, contacts, etc.

Ques2: – Can I also extract the missing folders from Outlook with this software?

Ans:- Yes, use the recovery mode option to extract the missing items from Outlook.

Ques3:- Does the software supports to extract emails from Outlook folder on Windows 10?

Ans:- Yes, it is a Windows- compatible machine. It supports all Windows OS including Windows 10.

Summing Up Together

In this blog post, we have explained how to extract emails from Outlook folder to different platforms: document formats, email clients, webmails. You can also first try the free demo version of software for evaluation of the tool. Later you can switch to the tool’s licensed version of the software for unlimited extraction of folders from Outlook with attachments. Still struggling with any doubt? Please feel free to contact to our technical support team for further queries.

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