How to Export Google Vault to Outlook PST Format?

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 7th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

If you want to export Google Vault to Outlook PST format but you are not getting the right solution, then don’t worry now you have come to the right article here you will get a complete solution to your query. Today we will tell you such a solution without spending money, with the help of which you will very easily convert Google Vault emails to PST files for Microsoft Outlook client.

If you had landed on some other article, they would have asked you to buy their software, but when Google Vault itself gives the option to export its data into PST format, then how can we recommend buying the software? So today we will export Google Vault to Outlook PST format with the help of a manual solution. However, some of the users who are currently not using Google Vault, but they have Google Vault exported data in other formats (ZIP or MBOX) then they can use the suggested software.

Google Vault eDiscovery program not only exports your emails but also more data and it has more features which we have explained in the next section.

Best Features of Google Vault

Google Vault not only exports data but also serves as retention and eDiscovery for the organization. Google Vault is the information governance and eDiscovery tool for Google Workspace. You can back up, hold, search, and even export your Google Workspace data using Google Vault. You can export the data of many Google applications, whose names are as follows:

  • Gmail Messages
  • Google Drive Files
  • Google Group Messages
  • Google Chat Messages
  • Classic Hangout Messages
  • Recordings from Google Meet and related chat, poll, and Q&A logs
  • Text messages, voicemails, and their transcriptions call logs and voicemails from Google Voice for Google Workspace

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Reasons to Convert Google Vault Mailboxes to PST File

Let us know about the reasons due to why users want to export Google Vault emails to PST files:

  • Many users wish to import Google Vault data to Outlook accounts. The PST file format is supported by Microsoft Outlook, as is well known. So, every user first export Google Vault data into PST format and then import it into an Outlook account.
  • Users must export the data in the event that they need a certain archived data file back. The requirement is that users require that data locally.

You can export all these data in PST format with the help of Google Vault. Let us now know how this task can be accomplished very easily.

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#1 Manual Way to Export Google Vault Emails to PST File

There is a manual solution available to export Google Vault to Outlook PST format, with the help of which you will be able to export Google Vault emails to PST format very easily. It is very easy to use Google Vault, whose steps to export archive emails from Google Vault, we have explained in full brief in another article. If you follow our mentioned steps without skipping, then we claim that you will be able to export your data in 5 minutes.

How to Export Google Vault Emails to PST Format?

  1. Login to your Google Vault account and choose the Matters option.
    choose matters
  2. Select the Create option to create a new matter in Google Vault.
    click create
  3. Give a name to matter and hit the Create button.
    enter matter name
  4. Select a service from which you want to export emails i.e., Gmail, Drive, Groups, and Chat.
    choose a service
  5. Now this is time to choose a data source from multiple choices like All data, held data, and unprocessed data.
    select source
  6. Select an entry as per export needs from All accounts, specific accounts, and organizational units.
    select specific accounts
  7. Enter a specific email address to export data, use filters, and press the Search button.
    enter email address
  8. Now you can see your email data and choose the Save option to continue.
    save button
  9. Enter the name of Save Query and press Ok.
    save query name
  10. Next, choose the Count option to count your emails and mailboxes.
    count option
  11. After that, click the Export button as shown in the figure.
    export google vault to pst
  12. Enter a name for Google Vault exported PST file.
    enter a name
  13. Choose PST as a saving option from the drop-down.
    export google vault to outlook pst
  14. Hit the Download button to export Google Vault mailboxes to PST format.
    click download

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#2 Automated Way to Convert Google Vault Emails to PST

After retrieving data from Google Vault to ZIP, MBOX, and PST format, if you want to convert Google Vault extracted data, then you can use BitRecover Vault Converter Wizard. This software is very easy to use, and any non-technical user can use it very easily.

This is an all-in-one solution that supports all Google Vault exported file extensions. Even this Google Vault to PST Export Tool provides 35+ saving options, you can choose any option according to your choice.

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How to Convert Google Vault to Outlook?

  1. Launch Google Vault to PST Export Tool and add Google Vault data in the software panel.
    google vault to pst export tool
  2. Select the required folders and items and press the Next button.
    select google vault folders
  3. Choose PST as a saving option from the listed options.
    saving options
  4. Use advance filters to convert selective Google Vault data to PST files.
    advance filters
  5. Enable the Split PST option and choose the maximum size for the resultant PST.
    select pst file size
  6. If you are using Outlook in a foreign language, then enable the change language option to rename folders under the PST file.
    change language
  7. Set the destination path to store exported PST file and click the Convert button.
    convert google vault to pst
  8. Google Vault to PST conversion process is running, please wait.
    export google vault to outlook pst file
  9. The process to export Google Vault to Outlook PST has been completed.
    completed successfully
  10. The software will open the destination folder at last, now you can get the resultant PST file.
    resultant pst
  11. Run the MS Outlook client and choose the Open Outlook Data File option to access PST under Outlook.
    open outlook data file

Manual Method Vs Professional Method

  • Google Vault allows you to export emails in *.pst, and *.mbox formats. While professional software can convert Google Vault exported data to PST and other 35+ formats.
  • The manual method of exporting Google Vault to PST provides limited filters i.e., Date sent, Terms, and Exclude email drafts. While pro software has several filters i.e., Create PST Year Wise, Date Range, From, To, Subject, Exclude Folders, Organizer, Root Folder, Exclude Empty Folders, and Exclude Meta Header Items.
  • The manual method does not provide any option to set a specific size for the PST file. While the mentioned software permits you to choose a maximum of 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, and 20 GB sizes.
  • There are no additional settings available in the manual method while the software provides you the option to change language, ignore system folder hierarchy and separate PST per user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: My Google Vault subscription has ended, and I have several Google Workspace accounts. Is there any way to export emails in PST format?

A: Yes, follow these steps to export Google Workspace emails to PST files without Google Vault.

Q 2: Does your software allow to convert Google Vault to Outlook with all email attributes?

A: Yes, this software maintains complete email items during the export Google Vault emails to PST files.

Q 3: Does your software create Unicode PST files?

A: Yes, the tool creates Unicode PST files that seem compatible with Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.


In this article, we have explained the manual and professional solutions to export Google Vault to Outlook PST format, with the help of which you will get your work done without spending any money. We also recommended Google Vault to PST Export Tool in this article, if you want to convert the exported files to other formats.