Learn How to Retrieve Data from Google Vault – Complete Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Google Vault is one of the Google apps that allows a user to search, maintain, and save data from his or her organization. Google Vault is used for e-discovery and data restoration. After retrieve data from Google Vault, the user can save his data on his local pc and can easily share his data with anyone according to his need.

Google provides a manual solution to restore data from Google Vault, with the help of which the user can retrieve data from Google Vault at any time for free. Admin user can manually save their data in two formats with the help of google vault PST and MBOX format. After which if the user wants to import these files into any other email application, then he can do it very easily.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Retrieve Data from Google Vault by Manually

  1. Open the Google Vault on your browser and then Click the Matter option, for extracting the data
    click matter
  2. Press the Create button for generating the matter.
    create button
  3. Then, it will open a new pop tab automatically, now enter the Matter Name & Description and tap Create button.
    create buttton
  4. After that, Hit the Service dropdown option and then select the Service Which you want to download
  5. After that, Click the Source Drop-down option and then select the Source as per your Need
  6. Choose the Entity as per your need
  7. Then, Enter the Email Address in the search bar and then click the Search Button
    enter email address
  8. Press the Save button to continue the retrieve process
    save button
  9. After that, Enter the Query Name and then Tap the Ok button
    query name
  10. Click the Export option to retrieve data from Google Vault
    export button
  11. Then, Enter the retrieving File Name
    file name
  12. Thereafter, you can choose the Format in which format you want to download your data and then click the Export button and then Hit the Exports button
    choose format
  13. Place your mouse at the end of the provided file name to bring up the download button, which you should select.
    download button
  14. Finally, a new popup tab will appear in your browser window with all of your files’ download buttons visible. You may now download each file individually by clicking on its download button.
    download files
Note: If you want to know the process to retrieve data from Google Vault in brief, then you can go to our next blog, where we have briefly explained the process of restoring data from Google Vault, we have mentioned the link to that page below. Link: How to Get Emails from Google Vault

Quick Note: Save Data into Other Format After the Retrieving Process

After retrieve data from Google Vault, if you want to convert that file format to any other format, you will need an automated solution for that. If you have extracted data in PST format from the Google Vault application then you can use BitRecover PST Converter Software. Or if you have extracted the data in MBOX format, you can use the MBOX Converter of the app BitRecover. Both software is available in both Windows and Mac, no matter which system you have, you can use this software.

Key Features of Both Automatic Software

  • With the help of both software, you can convert in bulk without any size restriction.
  • Both software come with advanced filter options, with the help of which you can make your task even easier.
  • With the help of both software, you can directly import your data in different email file formats, IMAP email applications, and document formats.
  • This software maintains the formatting of your data and the hierarchy of the files or folders.


In this article, we have explained to you how you can retrieve data from Google Vault, that too free of cost. If after retrieving your data you want to take it in some other format or import it in some other email application and in that condition you will have to use automatic software and in which situation you should use which software. We have told you that in a quick note. You can use any of the two software as per your need.