Export Archive Emails from Google Vault | All-inclusive Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 19th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Export Archive Emails from Google Vault

Looking for a solution to export Archive Emails from Google Vault, then this write-up will help you a lot. In this blog post, we’ll walk through all the details about Google Vault and the procedure to export archive data from Google Vault.

If you are a user of Google Workspace, then it is very definite that you know about Google Vault. Which is one of the most used retention and eDiscovery tool for Google Workspace users. Basically, Google Vault helps users in three-way such as:

  • Search Data: This will help you in order search through your Google Workspace data if you are looking for specific content.
  • Retain Data: This is an archival program by Google this will help you to save the data for as long as you need.
  • Delete Data: This program helps you to delete the data that is no longer in use.

As we said above through this blog post you will learn all the details about how to export data like emails from Google Vault. So before learning the export archive emails from Google Vault process first let’s learn about the Google Vault Retention policy.

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What is Google Vault Retention Policy and How it Work

Google Vault provides two retention policies that users can choose from when preserving sensitive data.

  • Default Retention Rules: In this rule, the admin sets a rule for all their licensed users. By default, the retention rules the data for a particular service for a set time.
  • Custom Retention Rule: In this retention rule, the data is saved for a set period of time with specific terms and conditions depending on the service you are using.

There is only one default retention rule that can be used for each of your Google services, even though you are free to set as many custom rules as you like. Additionally, default rules cannot be applied to any particular accounts or time frames.

How to Export Archive Emails from Google Vault

Here in this section, we are going to elaborate you the step-by-step process to export all archived data from Google Vault. including all the important points that you have to keep in mind during the export process.

  1. First, go to https://vault.google.com and sign in if you haven’t signed in.
    go to google vault website
  2. After this, Click the Matter option, for exporting the data
    click matter option
  3. Click the Create option for creating the matter.
    click create
  4. Now, will open automatically a new pop tab, then enter the Matter Name & Description and click Create button.
    enter matter name or description

    Note: Do not use special characters in the name because it will prevent you from starting the download process.

  5. Thereafter, Click the Service dropdown button and then select the Service Which you want to download
    select service
  6. After that, select the Source as per your Need
    select source
  7. Choose the Entity according to your choice
    • If you want to download all accounts data click the All Account option.
    • Click the Specific Account option, If you want to download any specific account’s data.
    • If you want to download full organizational unit data then click the Organizational Unit option.
      select entity
  8. Enter the Email Address in the search bar and then enter any other information as per your need or not.
    enter the email address
  9. After that, click the Search Button
    click search button
  10. After this, you can see the data of your email address which you entered in the previous step
    view the data
  11. Click the Save button to start the exporting process
    click save button
  12. Enter the Query Name and then click the Ok button
    query name
  13. After that, Click the Count button, if you want to count your data
    click count
  14. Hit the Export button for exporting the Google Vault Archive data
    export button
  15. Now, Enter the Exporting File Name
    file name
  16. After that, you can select the Format in which format you want to download your data and then click the Export button
    select format
  17. Click the Exports button to download your data
    click exports button
  18. Now, you view the live creating download file process
    live process
  19. Move your cursor on the given file name at the end, after that your download button will appear, then click on the download button
    click download button
  20. Finally, a new popup tab will open in front of you, in which the download button of all your files will be showing, now you can download all the files by clicking on the download button one by one.
    download files

Note: Exported files are available for 15 days after you start the export process, after which the data will be deleted, so save the data. Otherwise, after 15 days you will have to follow all the steps again.

Import Google Vault Archived Mail to Different Platforms

If you are in a seek of methods to import or migrate Google Vault archived emails to various other email platforms, then in the below section, we have mentioned some of the blog posts that help you in the same.

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Wrapping Words

Well, that is all from this blog post, here we have discussed all the Google Vault. Including the process of export archive emails from Google Vault. So, go through the write-up and download all the needed data from Google Vault.