How to Export Mail From Barracuda Message Archiver – Resolved

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 26th, 2023 • 4 Min Read

Barracuda Message Archiver

Most businesses nowadays move away from on-premises systems to cloud structures. Or once your business is on the cloud, archiving data always refers to the solution that focuses on the process of capturing data accurately and keeping it secure.

But just like archiving is important, exporting the data from archiving applications is also important when required.
Now, like its tagline, “It’s time to protect your business,” Barracuda is one of the leaders in email and data protection solutions. It also offers a wide range of email archiving solutions for businesses.

So, if you or your business is using Baracuda Backup Software as your email archiving solution and you want to know how to export data from the Baracuda email archive application, then you are in the right place.

Here you will find all of the information you need to export PST from Barracuda message archiver.

Before moving on to the solution part, let’s understand the reason that forces businesses or individual users to export archived data.

Need of Baracuda Archived Data

There are several categories that force businesses to export data from Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service.

For Audit Activities – The very first reason is the export of data to a third party when needed. Also business also need detailed audit logs of the system activities so that time they want to export data from Baracudda email archiving

Email Review- There are many businesses that do review exercises of historical email data on a regular basis. And this time, users need a copy of all archived data on the local drive.

Storing and Switching – To limit the volume of data stored in the operational email archive, many admins start exporting data from Barracuda to offline storage. Also, if a business is merging or doing an acquisition, then they need all data locally to move archive data into the replacement system.

Data Recovery – In the case of data deletion or loss of important mailbox data, users can easily be recovered if they have a backup of archive data.

Important Note:Barracuda Email Archiving Solution archives all the mailbox data like emails, tasks, notes, and calendar items. This means the admin can select and export any of the above mention data locally.
Also, if you are exporting the email data from Barracuda, then you will get either an EML or a PST.

Export Mail From Barracuda Message Archiver

Well, if talk about the exporting process, then, there are three ways in which users can export data from Barracuda.

  • The first one is Scheduled Export, in which users can set up Scheduled Export operations. The second one is
  • On-Demand Export is where users can export the data when it’s required, and in this guide, we will cover this process.
  • Audit Log Export, in this Baracuda exporting process, all the exported data are in CSV file format, and it is sent to the specified email address.

Detailed Steps of On-Demand Export in Barracuda

Point to Note:There are certain things that you have to know before going towards the exporting process, such that this Barracuda email exporting process is only done by limited users, such as:

  • Administrator
  • IT Administrator
  • Auditor
  • End Users ( These users are assigned by Globel Admin)

1. First, go to the ArchiveOne Admin Console and click on the Archive Searches node.

2. Now, Right-click on the search and click on Run.

Note: If needed, then create a new search

3. Once the search is completed, click on the View summary and then click on the OK button.
4. Now, to export mail from the barracuda message archiver, go to the Tool option and choose the Export Messages option.

Note: If you exported the Barracuda archive data, then it can be exported as a PST file or a ZIP file. Now, if you unzip the ZIP file you will get EML files in it.

5. That’s it; the export process has now begun and is running in the background.

6. A download link will be provided after the export procedure is finished so that the exported data can be downloaded.

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Closing Thought

Well, if you search on the internet about this topic, then you will not get any relevant searches. So to fill the gap, we have come up with a detailed guide that provides you with all the answers related to Barracuda archiving and how to export mail from barracuda message archiver.