How to Export Barracuda Archiver to PST Files?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Users’ email requirements are changing every day, nowadays several users wish to export Barracuda Archiver to PST format because PST (Personal Storage Table) files seem compatible with Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 editions.

Several business professionals use Barracuda Networks to get better email protection and archiving facilities. If you are also looking for a solution to export PST from Barracuda message archiver, then don’t worry because this blog post discusses the same information.

Why Do Users Export PST from Barracuda Message Archiver?

  • Users wish to export Barracuda emails to PST format to use exported emails with Outlook email client. Even a lot of emails, contacts, and calendars can be stored in a single PST file.
  • PST is Microsoft’s own format so sometimes users want to import PST to Office 365 shared mailbox and primary mailbox accounts using network upload and drive shipping techniques.
  • Several users prefer to export Barracuda message archiver to PST format to store old data on an external storage drive for future use. This Barracuda backup can be useful for auditing data and switching email platforms.
  • As we all know that PST file is compatible with MS Outlook which is widely used by working professionals. Hence, users wish to export Barracuda messages to PST files.

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Manual Way to Export Barracuda to PST File

Barracuda Administrator/ IT Administrator/ Auditor/ End Users (Permission Assigned by Global Admin) users have rights to export Barracuda message archiver to PST format.

  1. Go to ArchiveOne Admin Console and choose the Archive Searches node option.
  2. Thereafter, right-click on Search and choose Run to continue. (You can also perform a new search if needed).
  3. Once the search is completed, choose View Summary, then hit the Ok button to view search results.
  4. Now right-click the Search Results and choose Change Retrieval Location.
  5. Choose Pub results into a PST and provide a name for the resultant PST file.
  6. Press the Ok button to save configuration export settings.
  7. Right-click the messages and select the Retrieve Message option.
  8. Thereafter, Barracuda messages will be exported to the PST file under AOnePol_PST_for_retrievals shared folder.

Important Note: Above we have discussed the complete steps to export mail from Barracuda message archiver to PST format. However, you can also use Barracuda Message Archiver to export messages in ZIP format, if you unzip the exported file then you will get resultant emails in EML format.

Understand the User’s Concern

I have millions of crucial emails stored in EML format. A few years ago, I exported Barracuda emails to EML format and stopped using Barracuda. Now I want to convert Barracuda exported emails to PST format, but I don’t know how this is possible. Please suggest me the best expert-recommended software or service to resolve my problem.

John Garcia, IT Administrator

Hi John Garcia, thanks for contacting us to get a solution to convert Barracuda exported EML files to PST. We have an all-in-one solution named BitRecover EML Converter Wizard that is authorized to convert EML files to PST format with advanced filters. This software is compatible with EML files exported from any email client, email services, email server, and email archiving services.

Free download this software on your Windows and Mac Computer to convert 25 Barracuda exported emails to PST files. This is beneficial to understand the software working process before upgrading to the pro version as the freeware edition works the same as the pro version.

Convert Barracuda Exported Emails to PST File

  1. Start the suggested tool and choose the Select Files or Select Folders button to add Barracuda exported emails.
    select folders
  2. Now you can see Barracuda exported emails in software GUI, select required files or folders, and hit the Next button.
    select items
  3. Choose PST as a saving option as we are discussing the way to export PST from Barracuda.
    export barracuda archiver to pst
  4. Browse the destination path to save the resultant PST file and hit the Convert button.
    export barracuda to pst
  5. Barracuda exported emails to PST conversion process is running, please wait.
    export pst from barracuda message archiver
  6. After completing the task, get converted emails in PST format and use them with MS Outlook.


Above we have discussed the ways to export PST from Barracuda message archiver using manual and professional techniques. If you are currently using Barracuda email archiving service, then you can manually export Barracuda archiver to PST format. However, the third-party solution is mandatory in some specific cases.

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Questions and Answers

Que 1: how to export email from Barracuda message archiver to PST format?

Ans: We have mentioned the 2 best possibilities to export PST from Barracuda. You can go with any solution depending on your situation.

Que 2: Is there any technique to manage Barracuda exported PST files?

Ans: BitRecover has a complete range of software solutions to manage PST files, exported from Barracuda Archiver.

Que 3: What are the ways to export Barracuda to PST format?

Ans: There are 3 ways available to export Barracuda message archiver to PST:

  • Scheduled Exports
  • On-Demand Exports
  • Audit Log Exports