How to Migrate Barracuda Archive to Microsoft Office 365? Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: Businesses are increasingly moving from an on-premises email environment to cloud services. However, it is quite complex to move a large fraction of the user database to cloud platforms without failure. In this post, we will use Barracuda Backup Software to store Barracuda messages to Office 365.

Barracuda is one of the most popular email archiving solutions used by organizations today. It offers email backup, compliance, and e-discovery features to help organizations keep their email data safe and accessible. However, many organizations want to migrate Barracuda archive to Office 365 for its enhanced security and collaboration features.

In the next sections of the post, we will show you the best ways to switch from Barracuda to Microsoft 365. We will also look at the reasons why users want to import Barracuda backup to M365 account. Here are the blog highlights that we will be discussing throughout the post.

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Why Migrate Barracuda to Office 365?

There are several reasons why a company might choose to migrate from Barracuda Archive to Office 365:

  1. Different Server Capabilities: Businesses running on older on-premises server versions, such as Exchange 2003, will face a lack of advanced functionality compared to newer online versions of Office 365. Barracuda services allow you to generate a backup for all on-premises servers in PST and Zip format. Later, one can easily import PST into Office 365.
  2. Company Acquisition: At the time of acquisition, when two companies merge. The parent company backup their premises or cloud data for future use and M365 is the best platform with cross-connectivity to store data.
  3. Value-Added Services: Microsoft provides value-added services for Office 365 users, such as email security and email archiving for Exchange Online. Additionally, with M365 users will get support for OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Yammer.

Barracuda Services to Export On-Premises Data

Barracuda offers multiple channels to export data from the on-premises server or cloud platforms. In addition, Barracuda allows users to select the export option as per requirement:

  1. Scheduled Export
  2. On-Demand Export
  3. Audit Log Export

With all of the export options, users will get the resultant data in Zip Folder (containing EML file) & PST file. Now, let’s check out the solution to import the resultant data file in Microsoft 365.

Migrate Barracuda Archive to Office 365 using ArchiveOne Services

The Barracuda ArchiveOne services were discontinued in May 2018, but users can still access it without technical support, and updates. Although Barracuda offers a native solution to migrate Barracuda archive to Office 365 to his customer. Here are the brief steps that you follow to complete the process.

To migrate Barracuda data to Office 365 using the ArchiveOne solution, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install ArchiveOne on a Windows server that has connectivity to both Barracuda and Office 365.
  2. Configure the Barracuda as a data source in ArchiveOne. This can be done by adding the Barracuda as a “Legacy Email System” in Admin Console.
  3. Configure Office 365 as a destination in ArchiveOne. This can be done by adding Office 365 as a “Cloud Email System” in the Admin Console.
  4. Create a policy in ArchiveOne that specifies the data you want to migrate Barracuda Archive to Office 365. You can specify criteria such as the types of data (e.g., emails, attachments, calendar items) and the time frame for the migration.
  5. Start the migration process by running the policy you created in step 4. ArchiveOne will move the data from the Barracuda to Office 365 according to the criteria specified in the policy.

Well, the manual procedure to migrate Barracuda archive to Office 365 may take some time depending on the amount of data being migrated. If you want instant and safe results, then use the expert solution mentioned in the next section of the blog.

Automated Solution to Import Barracuda Archive to Office 365

The ArchiveOne service by Barracuda is quite complex and takes a long to migrate the data file. Also, users will face a lack of technical support, as the backup service is discontinued in 2018.

Well, for secure & instant migration users can go with BitRecover EML Converter Software. It is an automated program that let users migrate Barracuda to Office 365 with all data attributes.

The software comes out with an easy-to-use graphical interface and supports multiple data filters that let users sort the data as per requirement. Additionally, the toolkit allows to import EML files to over30+ formats & platforms with all attributes.

The availability software is freeware with a licensed edition of the toolkit. Users can easily install this wizard on editions of Windows & Mac OS. Also, a dedicated technical support team is available to assist you around the clock.

Note: The software doesn’t store any user information in the backend, and If you have exported data in PST format, then users can download the BitRecover PST File Convesion Tool to import Barracuda to Microsoft 365.

How to Migrate Barracuda to Office 365? Let’s Check

5-Step Guide to Migrate Barracuda Archive to Office 365 Account

  1. Download & Launch the Software on Mac or Windows OS.
  2. Next, users have to upload the EML files using the “Add File” & “Add Folder” options.
    upload EML files
  3. Afterward, the software will analyze your data and list them in the software panel. Users can select the required folder as per requirements.
    Barracuda data file directories
  4. Next, select the export option as “Office 365”, and provide the required details.
    Migrate Barracuda archive to Office 365
  5. The last, step is to apply the Data Filters and click on the “Next” button to start the process.
    click next to import Barracuda to M365

That’s the automated solution to migrate Barracuda archive to Office 365.

So There You Have It

The procedure to migrate from Barracuda to Office 365 is quite complicated, as users will not get any active support from ArchiveOne native solution by Barracuda. For safe & secure conversion users can opt for BitRecover solutions that let users move Barracuda archive data to multiple platforms with complete accuracy. Additionally, active customer support is available 24*7 via live chat & email support.

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