How to Export Google Vault Emails to PDF Documents?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you among those seeking a solution to export Google Vault to PDF documents? If so, we invite you to join us. In this article, we will present you with a seamless method to convert Google Vault emails to PDF format. Therefore, we encourage you to read the entire article to explore all available options.

So, What Do You Need to Know about Google Vault?

Google Vault is an information governance and eDiscovery tool that is specially built for Google Workplace where you can search, retain, export, archive and audit your emails. It offers easy functionality while ensuring the user’s e-Discovery and compliance needs. However, it is quite expensive.

So, it was a short overview of Google Vault now let’s see how we can export google vault emails to PDF documents. While it is important to know that Google Vault does not provide any in-built feature or option to convert Google Vault files into PDFs. For this, you need to take the help of Google Vault to PDF Converter which provides such an easy process.

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Can We Export Google Vault to PDF Manually?

There is no effective manual process to export Google Vault emails to PDF format. Google Vault itself does not offer any option to extract Google Vault files into PDF file formats. However, you can export Google Vault files into PST, and MBOX. The software we have mentioned below is specially built for this task.

Best Solution to Export Google Vault to PDF

To successfully address these difficulties, we need a sophisticated software solution that can convert Google Vault emails to PDF document format. BitRecover Vault Converter Wizard stands out as an excellent solution to all these issues.

To read Google Vault Exported files in PDF format, use the Free Google Vault to PDF Converter which permits you to convert the first 25 Google Vault files absolutely free. This software is compatible with both Windows Operating Systems, making it widely available.

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Features of Google Vault to PDF Converter

The tool is fully loaded with several advanced and useful features. You can use these options according to the requirements. Following are the features of the software:

Export Google Vault to PDF with Attachments: With this software, users can export emails from Google Vault to PDF while preserving the attachments. All attachment files associated with the emails are seamlessly embedded within the resulting PDF documents.

Convert Specific Google Vault Emails: Upon selecting the Google Vault files, the software displays all the available data within its interface. Users can easily choose the desired email folder and export it in PDF format. Additionally, it supports all the Google Vault files such as MBOX, PST, and ZIP.

Batch Convert Google Vault to PDF: This software offers the convenience of selecting and exporting multiple Google Vault files simultaneously. Additionally, it provides a dual selection option for choosing multiple files at once.

Flexible Options for File Naming: Multiple file naming options are available within the software. Users can arrange the exported data based on email subject, email address, number, date, and more.

Choose Path to Save Resultant PDFs: The utility allows users to select any desired location to save the converted Adobe PDF documents. You have the freedom to choose the storage path that suits your needs.

35+ Saving Options: You get more than 35 saving options to save your Google Vault files into multiple file formats. These formats include email formats, document formats, image files, contacts and calendars, desktop clients, cloud email services, and email servers, etc.

User-Friendly Graphical Interface: The software boasts a simple and intuitive GUI, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users. The entire process can be easily understood without any complications.

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How to Export Google Vault to PDF Format?

To utilize the software, you need to follow two stages. First, you need to export Google Vault files from Google Vault (You can export in any file format that you want, and which Google Vault supports). Do not worry, we are going to explain step-by-step below:

STAGE 1: Download Google Vault Files in Computer

  1. Visit the official site of Google Vault or click on Sign into your Google Vault account using email and passwords.
    click matters
  2. Create a Matter and choose a specific account to export data. Press the Export button.
    click export
  3. Choose any of the file formats from the available options (PST, and MBOX).
    select exporting option
  4. Choose the Download option to retrieve data from Google Vault locally on the computer.
    click download

STAGE 2: Convert Google Vault Emails to PDF File

  1. Download and install Google Vault to PDF Converter, read the instructions then click Next.
    google vault to pdf converter
  2. Click on Select Files/ Folders option and upload the Google Vault files you just downloaded in the above steps.
    select google vault files
  3. You can check on Use Recovery Mode if you have corrupted Google Vault data. Choose a temporary in the bottom then hit Next.
    use recovery mode
  4. Select Google Vault files and folders from the software GUI and hit the Next button.
    select google vault folders
  5. On the next page, you need to select a saving option. You can choose any of them but here you want Export Google Vault Files in PDF then choose PDF from the list.
    saving options
  6. Go to filter option from the top and apply advanced filters based on your need such as date range, subject, folders, meta headers, etc.
    advance filters
  7. Select the file naming option to rename resultant Adobe PDF documents.
    file naming options
  8. To save the PDF file on the computer specify a location by clicking on the Destination Path.
    convert google vault emails to pdf
  9. Tap on the Convert Button from the corner to start converting Google Vault emails to PDF.
    export google vault to pdf
  10. After completion, it will automatically open the destination path. Get converted PDF documents.
    resultant data


That’s all you need to do to export Google Vault emails to PDF documents. We provided you with the most effective and expert solution that professional utilizes. Download the Google Vault to PDF Converter and easily resolve your queries in simple steps.

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