How to Convert MSG to MHT with or without MS Outlook?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

This informative writeup describes 2 best techniques to convert MSG to MHT format. A lot of home and business users may have some unavoidable reasons to convert .msg files to .msg extension. Hence, we have decided to publish an informative article that explains 2 tried and tested ways to resolve this task instantly. The Outlook MSG to MHT conversion solution involves transforming individual email messages in Microsoft Outlook’s MSG format into MHT (MIME HTML) format.

About MHT File Extension

MHT, also known as MHTML, combines HTML content and related resources into a single file. A MHT file is best for simplifying the sharing and preservation of email messages. The process involves extracting the email’s content, including text, images, and attachments, and packaging them within a single MHT file. This conversion aids in archiving, sharing, and viewing MSG emails in a format that retains the original formatting and attachments while simplifying the storage and distribution process.

5 Instant Steps to Convert Outlook MSG to MHT

  • Step 1: Install and run MSG to MHT Converter.
  • Step 2: Use dual modes for adding MSG files.
  • Step 3: Select specific MSG files in software.
  • Step 4: Choose MHT and set destination path.
  • Step 5: Click Convert to convert .msg to .mht.

Note: You can follow these 5 steps to convert Outlook MSG files to MHT format immediately. If you still have any doubt about the conversion process, then read this article till the end but first, this is time to know some reasons behind the conversion.

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Top Reasons to Convert MSG to MHTML

  • Comprehensive Archiving: MHT format consolidates entire email conversations, including text, images, and attachments into a single and easily manageable file. It helps you simplify archiving and retrieval.
  • Reduce Storage Space: After completing the MSG to MHT conversion process, the storage space size will be reduced. Hence, users prefer to store their Outlook messages in MHT compressed format.
  • Attachment Integrity: MHT retains email attachments within the file, preventing issues related to detached or missing files when sharing or storing emails.
  • Preserved Formatting: MHT ensures that the original formatting, fonts, colors, and layout of emails are maintained, delivering accurate representation to recipients.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: After changing .msg files to .mht extension, you can open MSG files in various browsers and email clients. Hence, this is beneficial for ensuring seamless viewing across different devices and software.
  • Interactive Content: MHTML files support interactive elements like hyperlinks and multimedia, allowing recipients to engage with the email content effectively.

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Convert .MSG File to .MHT Extension with Outlook

  1. Go to where your *.msg files are stored and double-click on an MSG file.
    Double click on MSG file
  2. An MSG file will be opened using MS Outlook’s interface, choose File option.
    Select File option
  3. After that, select the Save As option as shown in the below figure.
    Save As
  4. Choose to save as type MSG files (*.mht) from the dropdown.
    Select MHT
  5. Browse the destination path and click the Save button.
    Convert MSG file to MHT file
  6. Get the resultant MHT file from the selected destination.
    Resultant MHT file
  7. Repeat the same steps again to change .msg to .mht format.

Manual Method Limitations

  • The manual technique allows us to convert MSG to MHT format one by one so this is time time-consuming task.
  • Microsoft Outlook should be installed on your machine to perform a manual method that is a paid email client.

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Pro Solution to Convert MSG Files to MHT in Batch

All-In-One MSG Converter Tool has an isolated option to change .msg files to .mht extensions in bulk. So, you can save your valuable time and effort. This is offline software; hence, you can install it on your computer. Like online MSG to MHT Converter, it doesn’t upload your confidential data on any server, so it seems much safer compared to online tools.

Just download this utility on your computer and get 30 days of free trial versions which permits you to change the first 25 MSG files to MHTML files. This is beneficial to get complete satisfaction before license activation.

How to Convert MSG to MHT Format?

  1. Firstly, start MSG to MHT Converter and read some conversion instructions.
    Start MSG to MHT Converter
  2. Use the Select Files or Select Folders button for adding MSG files in GUI.
    Add MSG files
  3. Select the required MSG files and folders and press Next.
    Select MSG files
  4. Use advance filter options for selective email conversion.
    Advance filters
  5. After that, choose MHT as a saving option from the available choices.
    Saving option
  6. The software also provides several file naming options to rename resultant MHT files.
    File naming options
  7. Set the destination path to store output data by choosing the Browse icon.
    Choose destination
  8. Click Convert to begin the process of converting Outlook MSG to MHT format.
    Convert MSG to MHT
  9. The MSG to MHT conversion process has been completed successfully, hit OK.
  10. Lastly, the tool opens the destination folder automatically, now you can get output MHT files.
    resultant data

MSG to MHT Converter Features

  • Best software to change MSG files to MHTML format without size limitation.
  • Several advance filter options to convert specific emails by date, time, year, subject, etc.
  • Suitable to convert MSG files to PDF, MHT, MHTML, DOC, and other standard document formats.
  • Separate option to extract email addresses from MSG files and save them in CSV format.
  • The tool is compatible with MSG files of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all.
  • Dual options for adding MSG files in the software panel i.e., Select Files or Select Folders.

Why Choose Offline Tool Instead of Online

Read the below table carefully to understand the difference between offline and online tools. Experts always recommend using offline software due to security reasons and to avoid data leak-related scenarios.

Aspect Offline Converter Online Converter
Accessibility Requires installation on computer Accessible via the web browser
Privacy & Security Files remain on a local machine Upload files to a third-party server
Advanced Features Batch processing, metadata retention, customizable settings Limited features compared to offline tools
File Size Limitations Usually supports larger files Often imposes file size restrictions
Internet Dependency Internet connectivity is not required Requires stable internet connection
Device Compatibility Platform-dependent Usually No Platform-dependency
Customization Options Offers more customization options Limited customization capabilities

Here we have discussed and learned 2 best techniques to convert MSG to MHT format with Outlook or with software. If you are a home user and want to convert only a few emails, then use the manual method. If you are a working professional and want to change .msg files to .mht files in bulk, then use the professional solution.