Process to Export PST Contacts to iPhone

If you have the contact list saved in the Outlook account,then you can centralize the information by importing the Outlook contacts to iPhone, also when you are not aware to install the Outlook app for iPhone. Other iPhone apps can use your Outlook contacts list if you allow them to.

iPhone is a mobile device which is developed by Apple Mac. It supports GPRS and Wi-Fi technology for using the internet and to accomplish the task of emailing and other from anywhere anytime. But if you are an Outlook user and you want to export those contacts in iPhone then you can easily do online search by entering a question "How to Export Outlook Contacts to iPhone?"

If you are a great Microsoft Outlook user and owned an iPhone and need to import complete list of Outlook contact to iPhone, tried but still you have no idea about how to transfer the contacts of Outlook to an iPhone, then the following article will demonstrate different ways to sync Outlook Contacts. You can apply the same process with an iPad or iPod touch:

  • Method One:

    Sync PST Contacts file to iPhone with iCloud

  • Method Two:

    Sync Outlook Contacts file to iPhone via iTunes

  • Method Three:

    Sync contact file of Outlook PST to iPhone through Exchange


Method One: Sync Outlook Contacts to iPhone with iCloud

Note: It is recommended to backup Outlook.pst file before you start synchronizing Outlook contacts into iPhone, also ensure the iCloud control panel for Windows that has been already installed on the computer, otherwise please Download and Install iCloud Control Panel on the computer.

Follow the steps to perform the same:

  1. Run iCloud and sign in you iCloud ID and Password
  2. Copy the default Outlook.pst file to iCloud, and set iCloud.pst as default. Take care of the changes done in the contact list during syncing and updating between Outlook and iPhone.
  3. In iCloud primary window, Select Contact with Outlook, and then tap on "Apply".
  4. From the iPhone screen, go to settings >> iCloud, sign in your iCloud account, then turn on the contacts to enable syncing contacts with Outlook
  5. sync contacts with icloud


Method Two: Sync Outlook Contacts to iPhone through iTunes

Note: Remember to disable iCloud for this method to work

  1. Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes
  2. Select the icon for your device by visiting device entry
  3. Click on "info" tab present in the left panel.
  4. Check the items for sync and choose or. "Sync Contacts with" > "Outlook". (You can choose one option from sync all your contacts or sync only selected groups.)
  5. Click "Apply" to complete the setup.
  6. sync contacts with itunes


Method Three: Sync Outlook Contacts to iPhone Through Exchange

The method is available under the circumstance that your iPhone is connected to your internal corporate network, may be the company have an Exchange server you can sync Outlook contacts with:

  1. On the screen of iPhone, head to "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars".
  2. If you are implementing this for the first time to have set up items in this area, just select "Exchange", otherwise, please choose "Add Account" > "Exchange".
  3. Fill in your email, user name and password and click on "Next"
  4. Now, your iPhone will contact the Exchange Server and you have to enter the address of the server.
  5. Select the required information to sync with Outlook account from options "Emails", "Notes", "Calendar", "Contact".
  6. sync contacts with exchange


Moreover, if you do not want to implement the process by applying this lengthy and one by one method, then you don't have to worry anymore, go with third party utilities which are available in a bulk over the internet. They are developed intelligently by experts using smart algorithm. They are reliable, handy and comes with easy to use interface so that professionals to non-technical users can easily use the tool to execute the required task. Anyone can make use of the software as plethora of software are available over the internet which allow you to easily transfer PST Contacts of Outlook to iPhone without technical support. By clicking on few simple steps you can get all your Outlook contacts in iPhone with accurate detail.


Steps to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iPhone

  • Download & Launch the software on the system
  • Choose the desired File Saving format
  • Select the File Naming option as per need
  • Set the location to save the resultant data
  • Click on Convert button

After successfully done with the above mentioned process, now import the converted contact to iPhone via iCloud .


Steps to Import PST Contacts to iPhone via iCloud

  • Go to iCloud, click on Action pop-up menu in the side bar and choose Import vCard.
  • Select a vCard to import

The vCard contacts will get added to All Contacts group in Contacts. Also you can easily add the contacts to other group by simply dragging them to the required group.

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According to the above mentioned procedure, you can easily move PST file Contacts to Android phone with no loss of data. But to implement the same, it is recommended to take the backup of Outlook contacts and then continue with the required process, because if due to a reason, any error occurs then all your important contacts might be lost.


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