O2.PL IMAP Settings for Android, Outlook, Mac and other

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Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 3 Minutes Reading


Are you looking to set up O2.pl.com account in any Email programs using IMAP Settings? if such is the case then read this blog and you will find all the Information about O2.PL IMAP Settings.  To configure your O2.PL on Android, iPad, Outlook, and other programs or any devices you will require O2.PL IMAP and SMTP Settings you can copy the below IMAP Server Settings for Poczta.O2.pl details in the configuration of O2.PL Mail Application. After Configuration, you can easily access your O2pl account from any device or email program and use your preferred user interface using the help of the below O2.PL Poczta IMAP Server Settings.  

Important Email Settings of O2.PL Account:

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Email Settings Port Number
O2.PL IMAP Incoming mail server:
993, requires SSL (Copy)
143, non-secure (Copy)
O2.PL SMTP Outgoing mail server:
587, requires SSL(Copy)
465, non-secure (Copy)

 How to Download your O2.PL emails to any other Email Application?


If you are one of them who wants to download and convert Emails from O2PL  to any other Email client then use our advanced tool O2.PL Backup Wizard is very easy to use and backup emails without any data loss. it allows you to Save Poczta emails to any Email client, Webmail, any Server, and in different file formats as well. Moreover, this tool converts your data keeping the same folder hierarchy, and also maintains the emails properties like data, cc, bcc, time, etc.

The Advanced feature of the software is that you can perform the selective Migration from O2.PL to any other email according to the data, subject, etc. To know more about our software kindly visit our site. The software will provide you with 30+ saving options like Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Mail, Office365, Exchange Server, Gmail, Yahoo, Gsuite, EML, PST, PDF, EMLX, HTML, DOC, etc. Apart from this, You can also perform batch Migration from  O2.PL Poczta accounts within a few steps.

You can also try the Free Demo version of the software which will convert 25 emails per folder to check the basic functionality and process of the tool, Download O2.PL Backup Wizard. Click on Download Now Button and install the software on Windows Computer.

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Watch this video illustrating complete O2.PL backup process:

Conclusion: Here we have explained the basic O2 PL IMAP Settings so that one can easily configure their account in any device like Mac, Android, and other desktop clients as well because most of the users want to change the User Interface of the program so they can set up their O2PL account to any email without any hassle.

Moreover, if you are searching to save your O2 PL account emails to any other email program or a file format so that you can save them on your desktop for future reference then try out the best utility software O2 PL Backup Wizard, and save your all the O2.PL data within a few minutes.


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