How to Split VCF File to Multiple Contacts?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Do you want to split VCF file to multiple contacts? If your response is yes, then read this complete blog post to learn 3 excellent expert-recommended techniques to split vCard files.

Various home and business users have a desire to break and split VCF file into individual contacts (single VCF files). If you are one of those who is facing this problem, then stay tuned with this write-up and get free ways to resolve your issues.

Why Split vCard Files?

We know the vCard (contact file with VCF extension) file can store single and multiple contacts accordingly. Sometimes users have a VCF file with multiple contacts and want to divide vCard file contacts into individual contacts. There are multiple reasons to break VCF files into single contacts.

  • Sometimes users want to filter unnecessary and necessary contacts from the vCard file.
  • Users want to share desired contacts from whole contacts available in the VCF file.
  • Working professionals want to organize vCard files by deleting unnecessary contacts.
  • Various users prefer to reduce VCF file size, so they split VCF file to multiple contacts.
  • Users want to increase contact performance in multiple devices and applications.

Manual Ways to Split VCF File to Multiple Contacts

However, I know several manual methods to break VCF files into multiple individual contacts. Here, we will discuss 2 best and free solutions to split vCard into multiple files using Windows Contacts and Google Contacts.

Split vCard into Multiple Files Using Windows Contacts

  1. Open Windows Run Command using Windows + R.
  2. Type Contacts in Run Command and click OK.
     Run Command
  3. Choose the Import option from Windows contacts.
    Import option
  4. Select the vCard (VCF File) option and click Import.
    vCard file
  5. Browse a vCard file from your PC and Open it.
    Browse vCard file
  6. See contact properties and click OK to import.
    Import contact
  7. Again, repeat and press OK to import each contact.
    Import another contact
  8. See all contacts imported to Windows contacts.
    Contacts imported
  9. Here see imported contacts and click Export.
    Export individual contacts
  10. Select vCard (folder of .vcf files) and press Export.
    Split vCard file
  11. Choose a folder to save individual contacts and OK.
    Destination folder
  12. Your contacts have been exported, tap OK to confirm.
    Contacts exported
  13. Go to the destination path to get individual contacts.
    Split vCard into multiple contacts

Break VCF Files into Individual Files Using Google Contacts

  1. Login to your Gmail and choose Google Contacts.
    Google contacts
  2. After that, choose the Import option from left.
    Import option
  3. Use the Select File option to select a vCard file.
    Select file
  4. After selecting VCF file, choose Import option.
    Press Import
  5. Importing VCF contacts to Gmail, please wait.
    Importing contacts
  6. All done message after completion of the import process.
    All done
  7. Now you can view VCF contacts in Google Contacts.
    Imported contacts
  8. Select required contacts to split and choose More Actions.
    Select contacts to split
  9. Click the Export button to split vCard into multiple parts.
  10. Enable vCard (for iOS Contacts) and click Export.
    vCard (for iOS Contacts)
  11. Get splitted vCard contacts from the download folder.
    Split VCF file

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • Both manual methods are lengthy and time-consuming to split VCF file to multiple contacts.
  • Non-technical users may face the problem while splitting vCard files into multiple contacts.
  • There is no guarantee for data integrity when splitting VCF file into individual contacts.
  • You will need to use different applications to divide VCF file into multiple contacts.
  • Manual ways allow to break only a single vCard file into multiple contacts at once.

Automated Way to Split VCF into Multiple Files

vCard Contacts Converter is a perfect solution to break VCF files into individual contacts. This software has an isolated option to split vCard files and merge vCard files into one. You can enable any option according to your work requirements.

This vCard Splitter Software supports vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 versions and quickly splits VCF files into individual contacts. The tool also maintains complete vCard contact information during dividing VCF contacts. Just download this VCF Splitter and test it free of cost.

How to Split vCard Files into Individual Contacts?

  1. Launch vCard Splitter Wizard on your computer.
    vCard splitter
  2. Use dual options to add vCard file(s) in software GUI.
    Add vCard contacts
  3. Select desired VCF files to split and click Next.
    Choose specific VCF files
  4. Choose vCard as a saving option from the available options.
    Split options
  5. Enable the Split vCard option to divide vCard into individual contacts.
    Split vCard file
  6. Browse the destination folder to store the resultant data.
    Browse destination path
  7. Click Convert to split VCF file to multiple contacts.
    Split VCF file to multiple contacts
  8. The process to split vCard files has been completed successfully.
    Split VCF into multiple files
  9. VCF splitter opens the destination path so you can get individual contacts.
    Individual contacts

vCard Splitter Software Premium Features

  • Convert VCF to vCard, CSV, PST, MSG, EML, HTML, and other standard formats.
  • Split large vCard files into multiple small parts (individual contacts).
  • VCF splitter tool is compatible with vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 editions.
  • Selectively break vCard files into multiple small parts with ease.
  • vCard splitter utility preserves complete VCF file items and components.
  • Batch divides vCard files into multiple individual contacts.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: How to split a VCF file?

Above we have disclosed the top 3 ways to split a VCF file into single contacts. You can use any method according to your preferences.

Q 2: Does your software allow to break VCF files exported from smartphones?

Yes, vCard Splitter Software supports all VCF files exported from any device and application.

Q 3: Can use your software on Windows 11 OS?

Yes, the VCF splitter supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, and all.

Winding Up

Now this is time to finish this blog post, we have explored excellent methods to split VCF file to multiple contacts. You can also complete this task manually using Windows Contacts and Google Contacts as the mediator program. However, manual methods come with some limitations but work perfectly. You can also use vCard splitter software on your Windows and Mac Computers. Software is capable of breaking multiple VCF files into small parts.