How to Split MBOX into Individual Messages: A Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Warm-up – Take a look at this user guide that simplifies the process to split MBOX into individual messages without copying and pasting the information. So, here we go.

MBOX is the most likely used file format to save emails in a hassle-free way. This file type is not only supported by desktop email applications, but also with multiple cloud email services. For example: Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Poco Mail, Spicebird, and many more. Nowadays, people are looking for a solution to split MBOX into individual messages for many different reasons.

So how can you split MBOX file into single message directly? It is quite easy and possible with the MBOX Converter tool. It is the only solution that allows you to divide MBOX into individual messages with attachments. This reliable solution does not require any supportive application to perform the task. It is fast and direct and can be used on both Windows and Mac OS.

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Before we learn the method, let’s have a look at some queries to split MBOX file into a message.

What People Ask for? – Read Split MBOX File to Single Message User Requests

Hello, we need to submit some MBOX file information as evidence. Someone suggested me that split MBOX file into single messages and then take a print. I am quite new to all this. Please help me achieve this process. Thanks in advance.

–         Tony Charles

“We need to split the information in MBOX file to individual messages. This is for an instigation purpose. How can we do this? Recommend us some professional solutions to get our job done.”

–         Keith investigation team

The most reliable way to split MBOX into a single message is by using the MBOX conversion tool. It enables you to break the MBOX file in individual messages with all information. From a normal user to professionals, all can use this solution to get their job done.

How to Split MBOX into Individual Messages Quickly?

  1. Free download MBOX Splitter utility on Windows.
  2. Upload the MBOX file by dual option in the panel.
  3. Choose the folder to process the task further.
  4. Select EML as the saving file type and add a location.
  5. Click on Convert and wait for the completion message.

Read the Step-wise Instructions to Split MBOX File in a Single Messages with Images

Please Note – Users can use this software without any charges. This is available in a free demo version that anyone can use without any technical skills. With the demo edition, one can split only 25 MBOX files to individual messages with attachments. After the trial, switch to the Pro edition of the utility to split unlimited MBOX files to individual messages with total precision.

Follow the given steps to easily break MBOX file as a single message.

  • Launch the application on your Windows supportive computer.
  • The tool gives you two options to load MBOX in the software interface, Select File to upload a single MBOX file and Select Folder to load bulk MBOX files. So, choose accordingly and click on Next.

  • Now, check the required MBOX to proceed further in the process.

  • Choose EML as the saving file format to directly split MBOX into an individual message.

  • Give a location to get to see the final results after the conversion process.

  • Finally, click on the Convert button to initiate the task. Please wait as you can see the process is running in the software panel. It gets ended after the log report.

Now, you are good to go. The task is complete without any compromise. Go to the mentioned location to see the results.

What’s Next After the MBOX File Split Process ?

Users can use the recommended method for the MBOX file of Gmail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and other mails. It helps you directly divide MBOX information into a single message without losing a single bit of information. The program easily supports the bulk conversion of MBOX files or folders and does not cause a single tamper on email integrity. The format and properties of the email are kept intact throughout the procedure. Also, the app works with MBOX emails that have attachments. Keeps the integrity of the attachment intact and splits MBOX to individual messages with all accuracy.

Using the MBOX conversion tool, you can do the following- 

  1. This professional solution split MBOX file to an individual message in the fastest.
  2. It enables the user to split MBOX by Date, User ID (from), or Split MBOX file to individual message based on size.
  3. The utility allows splitting all types of MBOX files including Thunderbird, Google Takeout, etc.
  4. The working of the utility is very simple that can be understood from a beginner to an expert.
  5. It beat the limitation of copying and pasting the MBOX file with attachments.
  6. It is capable to split bulk MBOX files in single messages to save time and energy.

The Closing Thoughts

There may be different reasons to split MBOX into individual messages. But, the copy and paste method is not the best one to work with. In this technology driven world, choose the advanced solution to split MBOX files in single message using professional tool. It makes the entire process quite fluid and gives you 100% accurate results with all properties maintained. So give it a try and do your job easily.