How to Search Emails by Date in Gmail Application Quickly?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Summary: Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how to search Gmail by date and size. Read the complete blog and stay tuned with us for more information. This blog will save your time and efforts for filtering out the messages.

Many times, users have to look for specific emails in Gmail account due to many reasons. At that time, it really becomes difficult to find that specific email. Hence, in this situation, you can easily find old emails in Gmail by date, search Gmail by file size, search Gmail by year, search Gmail by date range, search Gmail by sender, etc.

With the passing of time, our Gmail account becomes overloaded with new emails, subscriptions, and a variety of other emails. As a result, many critical emails are buried behind fresh emails. Moreover, you may not have time to clear up your Gmail account and remove those useless emails. Because the email list may be thousands in number.

However, Gmail provides us faster and easier searching facilities. Users can filter Gmail emails by size, more flexible date options, exact match, and more. Users can use words or symbols called search operators to filter out the Gmail search results.

Search Gmail Emails by using Search Operators

Search Gmail by Date Range

If users want to know how to find emails by date in Gmail, then they can easily do so by just entering:

  • before: YYYY/MM/DD
  • after: YYYY/MM/DD

Search Gmail by Sender

Users can also filter Gmail by sender easily. Users have to enter from: in the search field. For example:

  • From:
  • Example: from: Johnson

Search by Category

There is an option for the users to search Gmail by certain category. For example:

  • primary
  • social
  • promotions
  • updates
  • forums
  • reservations
  • purchases

Search by Certain Time Period

If users want to search Gmail by certain time, then users can use following search operators:

  • after:
  • before:
  • older:
  • newer:

How to Find Emails in Gmail by Date Automatically?

If users want to avoid the hassle of searching Gmail by date, size, attachment, sender, etc. then use the amazing  BitRecover Gmail Backup Software for Windows & Mac OS. You can simply find out required messages and backup them to be on a safe side.

This software even helpful to export Gmail folders on computer as well. Users can also perform bulk conversion of several folders with the help of this tool. The best thing about this application is, that it keeps the internal system folder hierarchy during the whole process and recover old emails in Gmail app.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Some Prime features and benefits of Software

Now let’s have a look at some features of this application to filter Gmail by date range. Some features are mentioned below.

  1. Software always maintains data integrity – The original email messages include the metadata and they are entirely preserved during the export process. Moreover, the source emails do not get compromised in any way – it remains in the same way after the post-conversion as well.
  2. Quick and selective export of folders using filters – Moreover, this software allows user to export their selective Gmail emails with the help of filter options. Users can easily find emails in Gmail by date and extract them. This feature will help users quickly export Gmail emails to EML from required resultant folders.
  3. Standalone and best automated software – Likewise, this utility is a completely standalone application. The tool does not require the installation of any external application to export folders. Users can easily select the resultant folders along with all the properties to export Gmail to Excel. This application is completely safe and secure from any risk.
  4. Simple and intuitive interface – This software is extremely intuitive, powerful, and trustworthy to filter out old Gmail messages. It is specially designed to offer a positive export experience for the end-users.
  5. Supported data for migration – In fact, you can easily export data with all information – emails with attachments, calendars, archives, tasks, contacts. This tool has many unique features which attract its users and provide them benefits as well. Later on, you can easily print Gmail email without header with selective data.

How to Export Searched Gmail Data Step by Step?

You have to follow these simple steps to smoothly export searched emails from Gmail application without facing any trouble:

  1. First, download and run the suggested application on your Windows Operating system. Read instructions as well as given on the window screen
  2. Now, enter Gmail account login credentials in the software interface and tap on the Login button.Gmail account login credentials
  3. Once you know how to search emails by date in Gmail app, then select folders that you want to export from the software interface
  4. Now, select the desired saving option from the given saving list to continue the processdesired saving option to search Gmail by date
  5. Additionally, this software provides various file naming options for a extracted file. Choose one according to the need.file naming options
  6. Here, you can also enable the check box of Advance Settings options to apply for selective Gmail messages by date range, From, To, Subjectsearch Gmail by attachment size
  7. Thereafter, enter a required target location where users want to save the exported file search Gmail by label
  8. Finally, click on Backup button to start the procedure to find emails in Gmail by date, size and make a copy of it. search Gmail by date range

Search Gmail by Date – Conclusion

Here, in this blog above blog we have discussed how to filter Gmail by date range and size, search Gmail by sender, search Gmail by attachment size, search Gmail by date received, search Gmail by label, etc. However, there are many users who maybe facing issues while filter them out. Hence, we have shared the best solution when it comes to know how to search emails by date in Gmail app. So, this mentioned solution can be used by both home users and professional users.

We hope after reading this blog users will be able to complete this searching and extracting process easily. Though, we have mentioned the best effective solution here to help you out. But, in case, if the user has some doubts, they can use the trial version of the application as well. After having satisfaction you can purchase the licensed version of the tool as well. In the end, you can smartly handle this issue.