How to Save Multiple Emails from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 ?

Mark Regan | January 4th, 2020 | Recover Your Data

Summary: Do you want a solution that saves multiple emails from Outlook quickly? Want to save Outlook emails without Outlook installation? If so, keep reading the blog. Here you get a direct way to save multiple Outlook emails with attachments.

Saving multiple emails from Outlook is useful for creating backups. In addition, users often have to save Outlook emails on another platform for professional reasons. You may also have different reasons to save Outlook emails with attachments. The best solution for saving Outlook emails to computer is PST Converter Wizard. It is an automatic program that easily stores multiple emails from Outlook with all the information. You get 100% accurate results without any alterations. Follow these instructions to save Outlook emails to a desktop:

How to Save Multiple Emails from Outlook to a Computer ?

  1. Download & start the program on the Windows machine.
  2. Check the required option to browse .pst files.
  3. Select the Outlook mailbox to continue the process.
  4. Pick an option from saving the list to save Outlook emails.
  5. Enter the destination location and click Next.

That’s it. This way you can save bulk emails from Outlook to USB. The process is simple, quick and accurate. A user can also try the free edition of the edition. It allows to save 25 Outlook emails to desired format along with attachments.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Using Outlook Email Downloader, You Can:

  1. Effortlessly save multiple Outlook emails to a new computer.
  2. Save multiple Outlook emails to USB without limitations.
  3. Move all Outlook emails to Desktop with attachments.
  4. Directly save multiple Outlook emails to Hard Drive.

Take the Help of the Screenshots to know how to save bulk Outlook emails to Hard Drive.

Start the process by downloading the application on the Windows machine. Run it and read the guidelines mentioned:

Select the configured Outlook option if you have MS Outlook installed on your machine. Otherwise, check Select Files/ Folders option to browse .pst files from the system. Then, click on the Next button.


Here, the utility displays all the Outlook mailbox folder. Check the required one as shown in the screenshot and press Next.


Now, from the Saving option list select PDF to save multiple Outlook emails. After that, enter the desired location to save the resultant data.


You can also check the file naming filters to manage data more accurately and hit the Next tab.


The process to save Outlook emails as PDF document started. You can analyze the process.


Main Advantages of Outlook Emails Saving Tool

  1. Direct & Secure Application: The software is 100% error-free to save multiple emails from Outlook to Computer formation. It also supports Outlook email attachments for the process.
  2. No Outlook installation required: Outlook email downloader is a standalone application. You can Outlook data items without configuration of MS Outlook.
  3. Easily Save multiple Outlook emails: The interface of the application is simple and easy-to-use. A user can save multiple Outlook emails to desktop without any trouble.
  4. Support Bulk Outlook emails: The tool provides Select Folder option to load Outlook emails at once. This way a user can save time & effort while saving multiple Outlook emails to Hard Drive.
  5. Work with Outlook’s all Version: You can download the program the save multiple Outlook emails from 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and more. It is also compatible with the latest edition of MS Outlook.
  6. Secure Email Properties: You need not worry about your email properties when saving Outlook mailbox to a Hard Drive. It maintains email elements such as time, date, subject, signature, and more throughout the process.
  7. Retains the Folder Structure: The software maintains the hierarchical structure of Outlook folders during the process. It is the quickest solution to store bulk Outlook emails to a computer.
  8. Compatible with Windows Platform: The user can install the software on all the editions of Windows. It doesn’t support Mac editions. One can run the application on all the latest and older editions of Windows.

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Frequently Asked Queries

What are the steps to save multiple emails from Outlook 2016 ?

Ans. Steps to save Outlook 2016 emails to Computer are as follow:

  1. Start the program on the Windows machine.
  2. Check an option configured or Select Files / Folders to load .pst files.
  3. Pick the Outlook mailbox and press Next.
  4. Choose an option from the saving list to save Outlook 2016 emails.
  5. Enter the destination path and press Next.

Does the tool save multiple Outlook emails with their respective attachments ?

Ans. Yes, the email download application allows saving Outlook emails with attachments.

What are the Saving options available to save multiple Outlook emails on a computer ?

Ans. The program provides the option for PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, XPS, MHT, and TXT file format to save Outlook emails to computer.

The Closure

The above blog explains the detailed process to save multiple emails from Outlook versions. The Email Download utility is capable to store all Outlook email to Hard Drive with attachments. The process is easy and straightforward. Also, you don’t need to install MS Outlook for the process. Therefore, download the application now to save the bulk of your emails to a USB.